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You May Not Be A Marvel Comics Super Hero...

But You Do Have A Unique Greatness That Enables You to Be the Hero of Your Own Story.

Your next level life depends on you owning the power, potential, and possibility that is dwelling in the seeds of greatness within you.

The spiritual powerhouse, soulful and self-assured version of your best self dwells underneath the assumptions and perceptions you have about yourself or your circumstances which causes you to question and doubt the whispers of the call to greatness in your soul.

This voice will not go away. Its purpose is to help guide you on your path to the next level of your personal evolution for you to become the fulfilled, powerful and wise person you were born to be. You are to use your gifts and talents in unique ways that liberate your soul, serve others, and support your capacity to be receptive to allowing abundance to flow in each area of your life.


Your life is sacred. The great work that you are called to do requires you to evolve in order to BE the person capable of DOing what it takes for it to become a part of your reality. You are meant to grow forward and flourish in life.

Perhaps, because of heartaches, disappointments, adversities, hurts, and fears that have accumulated over the years, you haven't challenged yourself in ways that would require you to show up, shine and succeed at the next level.

Perhaps, you have not had any major life-changing experiences that make it difficult for some to move beyond the past until they embrace a process of healing their soul wounds. You haven't challenged yourself in ways that require you to show up, shine and succeed because of a lack of clarity of intention, direction, and strategy to succeed at the next level.

Whether your situation is one of the scenarios or a combination of a little bit of both challenges, this moment is daring you to look at what's holding you back from being the bravest version of yourself. Because deep down you know that you are capable of more.

When you dare to meet this moment with a steadfast belief in your power, your potential, and your possibility - you will begin to liberate your unique code of greatness and create thriving experiences beyond what you imagine.

You will own your power to make conscious choices that lead to strategic decisions that will be carried out by an inspired soul seeking to express the fullness of itself through you. Your life becomes poetry in motion as you embrace the wisdom spoken by the whispers in your soul.

Your heart and soul will be activated by mindful actions to express your unique code of greatness. This new level of aliveness will expand your energy and presence to take your life, your relationships, and your career to the next level.

It's time for you to embrace and embody the greatness dwelling within you, unapologetically. 

My great work involves helping professionals like yourself be great leaders of themselves and be great leaders for those they serve. This is the work that enabled me to build an award-winning leadership career for two decades in corporate workspaces. This is the work I was born to do. 

I am committed to helping you get unstuck, find your brave, and harness your authentic voice and power to BE GREAT, UNAPOLOGETICALLY in order for you to show up in the arena where you most want to win with the clarity, courage, conviction, and confidence necessary to achieve your next-level greatness, whatever that means for you.


Your next level of greatness is possible. There is no better time like the present moment for you to equip and empower yourself with insights and proven real-world strategies that enable you to quantum leap your professional success. I can help you take new ground and experience the next level life that's possible for you.

Let's get after it!

Here's How I Help Clients Celebrate More Wins!

Build Your Mindset & Emotional Mastery

Greatness Made Simple

Emerging Women Leaders Program

Greatness Made Simple Corporate Workshops

Signature Training Provided to the Public and Organizations 

Interactive Group Training to Skill Up Faster & Accelerate Your Success


A  Virtual Workshop Experience Designed to Help Teams & Leaders  Develop the  Mindsets, Habits, & Skills Essential for Modeling Behaviour that Builds  High-Trust and Communicates A Sense of Belonging Within the Workplace Culture. 


A Virtual Workshop Experience

Designed to Empower Employees with Highly Effective Self Leadership Habits, and Skills to Up-Level their Workplace Engagement, Performance, and Professional Success.


A Virtual Workshop Experience that Enables Employees to "Walk In the Customer Shoes, and Identify Key Moments of Impact Based On Their Role to Elevate the Delivery of "WOW" Customer Experiences.


GO BE GREAT Podcast with Jackie Capers-Brown

 Be the HERO Of Your Story

with These Books

Lead to Succeed

Leadership is not about a position or title. Leadership is about integrity, character, service excellence, and humility. In this leadership guide, I share the fundamental skills that helped me to build a foundation of habits of mind and execution that helped me to build my award-winning leadership career in the hospitality industry.

Get Unstuck Now

In this part memoir, part self-help book, I share details about how I forged my strong inside-out mindset, the dark night of the soul I experienced after losing my son, and the process that led to my breakthrough which has become my signature "Level Up" Theory.

Find Your Brave

Fear is a way that our brain signals to our body that we are in danger, real or imagined. In this book, I share the eight foundational principles that continue to empower me to shift my relationship with fear, and how doing so has enabled me to experience the freedom and expansion fear offers to each of us.  

Jackie's New Book Release Date is June 22, 2021

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