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 Embrace Your Power to  Activate Your Gifts of Greatness
and Build A Life and Career You Love.


Award-winning corporate leader Jackie Capers-Brown worked her way up through the ranks within three divisions of Marriott Hotels to become a Best of the Best Manager and award-winning executive leader. After she resigned from Marriott she worked with two YUM food franchise companies helping them to turn around low performing restaurants. Jackie worked closely with individuals on her teams to build inclusive workplace cultures,  high-performance teams, next-generation leaders, and successful 7 figure businesses.

Today, as the CEO of Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting she creates and facilitates personal empowerment  and career development workshops, and group programs to equip and empower career professionals, teams and leaders with essential practices, strategies, and tools that enhance their mindset, emotional wellbeing, self-leadership mastery, service excellence, engagement, productivity, and work performance.  By equipping professionals with her self-leadership success system The Go Be Great Blueprint™ and supporting them on their journey to become the hero of their story, she helps them identify and execute strategic actions that enable them to experience the change they want to see in their life and career.

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 How Good Leaders Take the Leap to Be Great

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I work with organizations like yours to build the self-leadership
skills of individuals, teams and leaders to improve their ability to identify and activate their gifts of greatness, adapt faster to change, cultivate a curious mind toward new possibilities, nurture an inclusive workplace environment, and embrace collaboration as a superpower to achieve success on repeat.

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Equipping You with A Game Plan to Take
Your Life & Career to New Heights

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New Book Coming Soon...

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Lead to Succeed

In this eBook, Jackie shares the foundational self-leadership mindsets, habits, and skills that empowered her to serve her way to building a successful career.

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Get Unstuck Now

In this eBook, Jackie shares insights from her lived experiences of overcoming several life-changing adversities, and how she used her signature self-leadership success system to not only overcome them, she figured out how to leverage them and come back better, stronger and wiser.

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Find Your Brave

In this eBook, Jackie dives deeper into the process she used to overcome several of the fears that she shared in her book Get Unstuck Now while providing readers with the step by step process she uses to see fear as a gift so that she continues her 20 Mile March to living her life in a way that creates a legacy of positive impact.

 Build Influence. Create Impact.
BE the Change You Want to See In Your Life.

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