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I am on a mission to help people talk about matters of their heart and spirit,

 merge with the consciousness of what they want, and leverage their strengths

 to achieve their go-be-great dreams.

Most of my training & group coaching programs focus on helping professionals

go from good to great leaders so I can play a role in transforming the way the world works. 

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Your Life Reignited | Your Career Reimagined

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Your Next Level Greatness Awaits...

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You May Not Be A Marvel Comics Super Hero...

But You Do Have A Unique Greatness That Enables You to Be the Hero of Your Own Story.

Your next level of success depends on you owning the power, potential, and possibility that is dwelling in the seeds of greatness within you. The progress that you want to see and experience personally and professionally has to be initiated and be sustained by you.

Did you know that developing an agile mindset and adaptive self-leadership habits increases your productivity and the productivity of your work team?

Did you know that developing agile leadership habits increases your capacity to create a workplace culture of belonging that increases your ability to tap into a greater measure of the potential and possibility in your workforce?

Did you know that organizations that do not develop their workforce's ability to adapt faster to change will not have the cooperative and collaborative culture necessary to shift quickly and handle marketplace disruptions and succeed?

Imagine if there was a systematic process that helped you to develop an agile mindset and the self-leadership habits and skills to increase your productivity, helped you to build a culture of belonging that increases your team's engagement and ability to adapt faster to disruption by increasing cooperation,  collaboration, and oneness of purpose among workgroups to succeed in the face of marketplace disruptions.

You don't have to imagine it. My Go Be Great Blueprint™ is a proven methodology cultivated over the course of my adult life and career that helped me to go from living below my potential to become an award-winning "Best of the Best" Marriott manager and executive leader. It's simple, pragmatic, intuitive, and straightforward. And, It helps individuals and teams experience more flow states. 

I believe in focusing on leveraging our natural strengths while managing our weaknesses to achieve and sustain success. My Clifton Strengths recognizes the natural abilities that I bring to serving others as a coach and trainer and how they benefit those I serve.

My natural strengths enable me to help professionals:


1. Get to the heart of a matter so that they can move forward by bringing emotional clarity and decisiveness to a situation.


2. Stimulate a desire within clients and students to achieve personal and group excellence.


3. Inspire professionals to be and do more with the application of my signature success system: The Go Be Great Blueprint. Clients find that as they make progress, they feel a renewed sense of energy and begin to expand their perspective about themselves and what else they can achieve personally and professionally.

4. Instill confidence and boldness in the hearts and minds of professionals toward their dreams and goals.

5. Communicate the importance of my clients and students owning their commitment to being their best selves.

I approach all of my work with a  heart-centered, strength-based perspective shaped by my belief and conviction that each person has the power within to achieve personal greatness.

Greatness is not in a few of us, it's in each of us. Those individuals and organizations who achieve greatness demonstrate the discipline of consistent action aligned with specific outcomes. They are clear about what they are good at, how they can become great at what they do, and execute with a strategic plan that helps them to leverage and scale their strengths, knowledge, experience, and ideas to contribute massive value and achieve noteworthy success.

Through the use of empowering self-inquiry questions with each habit of mind in my signature framework, I help professionals avoid assumptions by facing brutal facts while at the same time create a Go Be Great Strategic Plan™ that educates and empowers them to maintain faith that they can win and be successful.

This framework of highly effective habits of mind combined with empowering self-inquiry questions for each step can be customized for an array of personal and professional experiences to ensure that professionals and organizations get to the heart of "what Is" while creating a vision of greatness and identifying the habits of mind and behavior that will help them to develop the disciplined thought and disciplined action necessary to succeed.

My strengths and expertise help professionals and organizations achieve results. 

If you are just starting out in your career, I do my best work with individuals who are self-motivated, passionate about serving others with excellence, and being their best selves to achieve personal greatness in their careers.

If you are in a leadership role, I do my best work with organizations whose leaders support diverse, inclusive, equitable, and service excellence workplace cultures. Leaders who are passionate about serving others with excellence, growing leaders within their workgroup with or without titles, and who are motivated to be their best selves, become great leaders and level up their career success.

If you are ready to go from good to great, let's get after it! Contact me today.

Here's How I Help Clients Celebrate More Wins!

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Develop A Growth Mindset & Emotional Resilience

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Quarterly 3 Half-Day Leadership Training Series

Website Good to Great Leaership Training

Bi-Annual 6-Week Leadership Program for Woman

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 Corporate Workshops

Signature Training Provided to the Public and Organizations 

Interactive Group Training to Skill Up Faster & Accelerate Your Success

Corporate Workshops Everyone Matters Ima


A  Virtual Workshop Experience Designed to Help Teams & Leaders  Develop the  Mindsets, Habits, & Skills Essential for Modeling Behaviour that Builds  High-Trust and Communicates A Sense of Belonging Within the Workplace Culture. 

Corporate Workshops Grow Leaders at Ever


A Virtual Workshop Experience

Designed to Empower Employees with Highly Effective Self Leadership Habits, and Skills to Up-Level their Workplace Engagement, Performance, and Professional Success.

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A Virtual Workshop Experience that Enables Employees to "Walk In the Customer Shoes, and Identify Key Moments of Impact Based On Their Role to Elevate the Delivery of "WOW" Customer Experiences.



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 Be the HERO Of Your Story

with These Books

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Lead to Succeed

Leadership is not about a position or title. Leadership is about integrity, character, service excellence, and humility. In this leadership guide, I share the fundamental skills that helped me to build a foundation of habits of mind and execution that helped me to build my award-winning leadership career in the hospitality industry.

Get Unstuck Now book phone and

Get Unstuck Now

In this part memoir, part self-help book, I share details about how I forged my strong inside-out mindset, the dark night of the soul I experienced after losing my son, and the process that led to my breakthrough which has become my signature "Level Up" Theory.

Find Your Brave Embrace Fear As a Gift S

Find Your Brave

Fear is a way that our brain signals to our body that we are in danger, real or imagined. In this book, I share the eight foundational principles that continue to empower me to shift my relationship with fear, and how doing so has enabled me to experience the freedom and expansion fear offers to each of us.  

Jackie's New Book Release Date is June 22, 2021

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