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How to Think & Act Greater Than You Feel eBook by Jackie Capers-Brown

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How to Build Career and Leadership Success with Jackie Capers=Brown

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Jackie's New Book

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The Go Be Great Blueprint shows you what you need to know and do to identify, activate and leverage your unique gifts of greatness to build influence, create positive impact and accelerate your authentic success.

It is a practical, heart-centered plan of strategies backed up by heart intelligence and neuroscience research. It will empower you to elevate your manifesting power by creating shifts in your energetic vibe. Everything is energy. Increasing your ability to create and sustain inner coherence with your goals will enable you to improve the quality of your life, relationships and career success.

It inspires you to embark on your personal quest for greatness.  It empowers you to be the hero of your story and transforms how you think, feel and act to show up with greater intentionality for yourself and your dreams and goals, and towards those you love and serve, and your personal and professional goals.

After years of building an award-winning corporate career for more than two decades, becoming a successful commissioned sales professional with no prior experience and training and coaching thousands through her books, speaking gigs, masterclasses, masterminds and leadership training programs, Jackie Capers-Brown reveals her self-leadership success system for leading with curiosity, pivoting with purpose and thriving through change to attain long-term success and flourish in life.

Order your copy of The Go Be Great Blueprint today to embark on your quest for next-level greatness!

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Additional Books by Jackie Capers-Brown

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Find Your Brave

Find Your Brave shares eight strategies women can use to develop a more liberating and empowering perspective on fear

so they show up courageously to shine and succeed at achieving their dreams and goals.

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Get Unstuck Now

Get Unstuck Now  is inspired by several life changing adversities that Jackie was able to overcome. In the book, she reveals how she was stuck for several years after the unexpected death of her son, Blease and shares the insights and strategies that enabled her to find a deeper purpose for her life and live forward with greater zeal.

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Lead to Succeed  eBook

Lead to Succeed provides students and emerging leaders with insights on highly effective personal development habits and skills that are critical to building a foundation for success in any aspect of your life. 

Digital Products by Jackie Capers-Brown

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The Go Be Great Blueprint


The digital copy of Jackie's new book The Go Be Great Blueprint can only be purchased here.

You Are Stronger than Your Struggle  Ebook Cover.png

You Are Stronger Than

Your Struggle

You Are Stronger Than Your Struggle Includes a digital book and audio messages created to help individuals manage life difficulties with the emotional agility, resilience and grit necessary to overcome them!

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Believe You Are Enough

Believe You Are Enough is a mindset and career success program  for women.  It empowers

women on how to reconnect to the strongest and smartest version of themselves to live forward with a greater sense of their worth and value to level up their life and career.  

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