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In order for women of color, such as yourself, to achieve their biggest and boldest aspirations, they will need to be equipped with actionable strategies that take into account their unique challenges and opportunities to gain the clarity, confidence and courage needed to advocate for their vision, voice and value in the workplace and marketplace. Otherwise, their strengths, talents, knowledge, and skills will remain a reservoir of untapped potential.


Since you will spend over half of your waking hours in the workplace as an employee or business owner, you want opportunities that allow you to discover how much you can do, how far you can reach, and how far you can stretch into realizing more of your potential. Right?


Many of the challenges faced by women of color in the workplace, especially Black women, have been noted in the research conducted by LeanIn.Org & McKinsey & Company during the past four years. These challenges in the workplace include:


  1. Women in corporate workplaces, Black women, in particular, deal with a greater variety of microaggressions and are more likely than other women to have their judgment questioned in their area of expertise and be asked to provide additional evidence of their competence.

  2. Women of color generally receive less support from managers - and Black women receive the least support.

  3. Women of color rarely interact with senior leaders and key decision makers which makes it difficult to gain the sponsorship most often needed for promotions and advancement in corporate environments.


Black women are opening businesses at a higher percentage than any group in the US according to the Black Women Business Startups report by The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, yet their sales receipts are the lowest of any group. The research found that black women startup business owners are most challenged with the following:


  1. Lack of general business knowledge

  2. Lack of financing and resources

  3. Understanding how to effectively identify and market to key markets

  4. Fear and lack of confidence



In the face of these daunting odds, I believe and know that if you are equipped with actionable strategies that address how you show up to navigate these and other challenges in the workplace and marketplace, it is possible for you to achieve great success. Why am I so optimistic about your ability to make this happen?


Because, for over 20 years, I was able to defy the odds as a woman of color to go from the humble beginnings of earning minimum wage working for Marriott Hotels to become an executive leader of high-performance teams and several successful million dollar businesses during my award-winning career in the hospitality industry. If I can do it, so can you.


As a former charter member of the Courtyard by Marriott Mid-Atlantic Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I know first hand the impact an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, quality leadership training, sponsors and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset can have on the progress and success of high potential  and growth-minded women of color, at all levels, in corporate America, and in the marketplace.


Today as the founder and CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy and The Leadership Table for Women of Color Network, my work involves supporting ambitious, growth-minded individuals, leaders, and teams as a leadership performance consultant, leadership trainer, speaker and author.


I believe one of my obligations as a result of my experiences is to pay it forward to the next generation of growth-minded women of color who aspire to dream bigger and embrace and embody the truth of their enoughness to slay their greatness in unique ways.


I am certain that when you are connected to your inner-authority and you are able to maintain a conviction in your heart to the truth of your enoughness and you  develop the mindset, habits and personal leadership skills required in the 21st Century to navigate the challenges you’ll face in pursuit of your professional aspirations, you will be able to create sustainable success. My aim with my upcoming training event is to help you do just that.


The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class is a one-day personal development and leadership training experience designed to inspire, educate, equip, and empower women of color with personal mastery skills that enable them to strategically prepare and position themselves to overcome obstacles and optimize opportunities as they pursue and achieve their personal and professional aspirations.


Not only will you experience insights and breakthroughs as a result of your own thinking, but the conversations you’ll have with diverse women of color from other industries can also be mind-opening. It’s going to be an inspiring and exhilarating day!


During this training, you will experience two interactive master class sessions, plus a mastermind session designed to specifically help you navigate a “next level success project” with clarity, courage ad confidence. Each training session will equip you with thought-provoking insights, actionable strategies and tangible takeaways that you’ll be able to implement immediately to create progress toward your “next level success project.”  


At the end of this master class you will have a clear understanding of the mindset and behavioral habits, skills and strategies that are key to you BE-ing BOSS of your life, career and business while navigating your way forward with a proven personal mastery system that equips you to overcome challenges and optimize opportunities in pursuit of your goals.


I respect the investment of your time and money to participate in this training. With that being said, this training is backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means, if at the end of this training you are not completely satisfied with the training experience, all you have to do is return this workbook to a member of the Level Up Success Squad and all of your money will be refunded back to you within 5 to 7 business days, no questions asked.


I am offering this guarantee because I stand behind my ability to deliver training and coaching that helps individuals gain the clarity, courage and confidence to make progress, build positive momentum and achieve goals when they are willing to put forth the consistent effort required. And, I have had the privilege of witnessing small and life-changing breakthroughs when individuals I’ve trained or coached on implementing The D.R.I.V.E. Method™ apply it toward personal and professional goals.


Included with your investment, is the option to receive additional support from me by participating in four weeks of my Momentum virtual group coaching that will help you implement what you’ve learned at the LIVE event and execute your roadmap for success. The FREE group coaching is available ONLY to those in attendance at the event. You will receive information about the group coaching within 3 days of the LIVE event. At which time, you have the option to opt-in as an attendee for the four weeks of my Momentum group coaching which is valued at $150.


My support team and I would love to have you join us for this breakthrough training experience designed to help you embody and embrace the truth of your enoughness in order to step into your power, redefine your possible, and succeed on your terms.


Learn more and reserve your seat today at



With gratitude,


Jackie Capers-Brown


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Philanthropy & Giving Back

It was at a  FREE meeting that I attended decades ago hosted by the Sistercare organization in Columbia SC that I received information that would help me gain clarity and have the courage to create a plan to leave a relationship in which I was being abused. Thankfully. the opportunities I took advantage of while working for Marriott Hotels provided me with the income necessary to do so. I am aware that this is not the reality for many women who are in domestic violence relationships.


Donating a portion of the proceeds from my online courses toward purchasing copies of my book - Get Unstuck Now and donating them to women shelters in my home state of S.C and beyond provides me with an opportunity to share a practical tool that can help them gain clarity and tap into the courage in their heart to take action that enables them to redefine what's possible in their lives. 

Slay Your Greatness Academy is a personal development and leadership training company dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and leaders embody the authentic power of their best self to slay their unique brand of greatness in ways that enable them to grow and flourish.


Jackie does this by providing empowering content, actionable training, coaching and team building and leadership development programs that enable clients to level up their well-being and success.

About Jackie Capers-Brown


Jackie Capers-Brown built a 20-year award-winning leadership career working her way up from a minimum wage position with Marriott Hotels then transferring to Marriott's Courtyard division where she achieved five management promotions in six years while developing several high-performance teams. She transferred to Marriott's Fairfield Inn division to take on a General Manager position.  When she resigned from Marriott she went on to become a General Manager for two restaurant franchise companies. She was the General Manager of six million-dollar businesses during her corporate career.


Today, Jackie is the CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy, and the founder of the Level Up HER Leadership Initiative for Women of Color. She's an author, speaker, trainer, mindset coach, and leadership performance consultant.