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Become A Leader

of Influence


Are you looking for tried and true strategies to follow for a higher likelihood of becoming a successful leader and building a winning team? 

This 1.5 hr webinar training with Jackie Capers-Brown is packed with tips, tactics, and habits of mind strategies that helped her to develop several successful teams during her award-winning corporate career.

Leadership is influence. Each level of your career requires you to expand your influence. You will need to build a  leadership toolkit of influence and persuasion strategies that can be applied to diverse situations to produce consistent and noteworthy results.

No two people are alike. People may have similar aspirations but that doesn't mean that your approach to those you serve as a leader should be cookie cutter. What might motivate one person to take action may not matter to another team member.

The insights and strategies shared in this pre-recorded webinar are designed to help you deepen your level of trust and connection with those within your circle of influence, increase the effectiveness of your communication and delegation, and increase the level of teamwork or collaboration within your team, department or business to achieve business outcomes.

They represent many of the ideas and strategies Jackie delivers in her 4 C's to Brave Leadership presentation to organizations. You can check out what the event organizer and an attendee had to say about her SCGMIS presentation here.