Brave New You

Virtual One on One Sessions For

Ambitious + Soulful Women Leaders




I love working with ambitious female leaders (and courageous men) who see their leadership as an outlet for expressing their authentic self. They are ready to develop, nurture and leverage their inborn greatness into next level personal and professional success.


If you are a female leader (or a courageous man) who is ready to get clear and certain about the “how-to” towards advancing your vision, voice and value at the leadership table in your organization, industry and/or community then this strategy session is for you.


No matter how many professional accolades we achieve, you and I can benefit greatly from personal guidance and support that is tailored to our specific situation and need.


If this statement resonates with you, know that you can receive the guidance and support you need right here to create a plan of action and execution strategy to build momentum towards the achievement of a specific aim in your personal or professional life.


I built an award-winning corporate leadership career from the grounds up when I went from earning minimum wage to becoming an award-winning leader of high-performance teams to a general manager of several successful million-dollar businesses. Today, I’m an author, speaker, women’s leadership adviser and CEO and founder of Slay Your Greatness Academy and The Leadership Table for Women Network.


I know what it takes to develop the street smarts essential to creating a successful career progression campaign. I’m using similar tactics to build and grow my businesses. And I know what it takes to stay motivated, passionate and resilient in the face of daunting circumstances on the path to creating a new reality in one’s life.


Over the course of my corporate career and through my writing, consulting, speaking and training gigs, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds get unstuck, get clear and certain about their goals and embody their inborn greatness (some for the first time) and take their personal and professional life to the next level.


This energetic and soulful conversation requires that you show up with an open mind and open heart to the possibilities of new possibilities in your life for it to have a positive impact in your life.


The one on one nature of this call provides a safe space for you to own your truth, befriend your fear and step into your power. My highest intention for this session is that you own the truth of your power and start to initiate inner-game shifts that are expressed through your winning approach towards life.


A Brave New You Virtual Clarity Sessions Is For You, If:



1. You Want to Brave Boldly towards Your Passionate Purpose. 
2. You Want to Unhook from Praise & Criticism.
3. You Want to Transform Your Relationship with Fear.
4. You Want to Build Supportive & Resilient Relationships.
5. You Want Support towards Executing Your Next Bold Moves.





Here’s What You Can Expect When You Sign Up for A Brave New You Virtual One on One


  • The Call: One 90-minute clarity session that takes place on the phone or on the Zoom online platform at Eastern Standard Time

  • Investment: $50

  • Method: Coaching is based on my love for people and the endless possibilities that dwell in the seat of their soul, my ongoing research on topics related to personal development, high performance, intentional living and leadership success,, and my knowledge and award-winning experience as an executive leader

  • The Results: Clarity towards your next bold moves and how to successfully execute them to achieve next level success


Are you ready to embrace your inborn greatness, transform your relationship with fear and develop systems of living that promote your personal and professional success?


If the answer is YES, then you are ready to register for a virtual one on one session with me!














Note: Once you pay for a session, you will receive a client coaching questionnaire via email that you will need to complete and prior to your session.  Jackie will contact you via phone to discuss available dates and times (EST) for your session.





By trade and title, I’m an award-winning executive leader, speaker,  teacher, trainer, women’s leadership adviser and an author on a mission to help individuals, especially women, end their allegiance to the myth of “not enough” and begin to embrace the truth of their divine enoughness and inborn greatness.


BUT without my labels of title and trade, I’m just a woman who deeply believes in the power of God’s word, the strength of the human spirit and the courage that ALREADY dwells in our heart to be the change we want to see in our life, families, communities and the world.


I’m a woman who has experienced numerous life-changing adversities and successes. It is my faith in God and the ability to tap into the grace of resilience that I’ve been able to develop a resolve to honor my pit moments while magnifying and teaching the insights and strategies that led to the breakthrough success moments in my life.


I’m a woman who is focused on building a healthy and flourishing lifestyle and a body of work that creates a legacy that leaves the world better because of how I lived my life.


I believe Marianne Williamson when she writes, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


During each moment in my life when I felt hopeless, fearful and powerless and believed that I did not have what I needed to change or effectively handle a situation…each of these moments reflect a time in my life when I was afraid to embrace my truth and my power.


I believe that as long as we live, we will experience moments of fear and mountain moving faith. Developing our capacity to ground ourselves in our truth and power helps to stabilize our mental and emotional distress thereby increasing our effectiveness to live boldly and bloom.


I have had to face my greatest fear: the loss of a child. The denial of the truth of my feelings led to a “dark night of the soul” experience. I wrestled with a mental and emotional hell I would not want anyone to experience. I suffered needlessly for three years after my son’s death because I was unwilling to honor the truth of my grief.


Honoring the truth of my grief meant acknowledging the truth of my feelings, emotions, and fear. At the time, I believed if I allowed myself to feel the depth of my grief, my heart would not be able to withstand it and I would die from a broken heart over the loss of a child, like my mother.


When our heart is open, and our mind is receptive to consider another perspective on our situation, we create space for a miracle to happen in our life.


Such was the case when I recognized myself in another mother’s grief over the loss of a child and began to realize that I would remain stuck if I didn’t figure out how to grieve my loss in a way that honored the truth of my feelings and emotions.

Every breakthrough experience in my life preceded a shift in my perception of myself, other people and a situation. Thus, my perspective of what else could be possible in life expanded too.


The loss of my son shifted my life and energized my passionate purpose towards helping others experience the truth of who they are, whom they can become and what they are capable of achieving.


I began the journey of reclaiming my inner power, strength, and courage by sharing my experiences, knowledge and ideas through public speaking, writing, life coaching and conducting small group coaching programs for women.


Today, the journey continues to evolve as I share messages that debunk the myth of “not enough”, help people embrace their divine enoughness, get unstuck and befriend fear to unleash their inborn greatness.


There is a magic that happens in our life when we own the truth of our feelings, the truth of our power and the truth of what we really want in life.


Our life literally opens up to new possibilities.