I love to engage with leaders.  While I love teaching through content, I geek out when I have an opportunity to serve leaders in-person and online.

This passion is WHY a few years ago, I started The Leadership Table for Women Lunch n Learn monthly events. It was the inspiration for me hosting my Lean In Circle "Braveheart Women Circle". Although these experiences did not last as long as I had hoped, I became hooked on the idea of gathering women leaders together to learn from each other, support each other, hold each other accountable for showing up for themselves, dreams and goals.

I am so looking forward to the opportunity when I can train and speak in person. My sense of mission and the  passion for it didn't disappear because of COVID-19, so I had to pivot and face my insecurities about training and coaching online. After seven months, I've come to LOVE IT!

Today, my Braveheart Women Leaders Success Alliance provides me with weekly virtual opportunities to support, encourage, coach, mentor, and be an accountability partner for growth-minded women who understand the importance of having someone in their corner that wants them to win as much as they do.

As the founder of The Level Up HER Leadership Initiative for women of color in corporate environments, I am proud to be hosting and facilitating my virtual  Level Up HER Leadership Group Coaching Program for four-months starting in January 2021.  There are only 16 spots available. Those interested in the program can begin to submit their applications on October 12, 2020, through November 23, 2020.

Because I know and understand the importance of personal growth and self-leadership, I currently facilitate my Sacred Pause Circle monthly virtual experience to provide space for seekers of growth and abundance can come together to learn and engage in discussions about a variety of personal growth topics.

In addition, I teach my Level Up Your Success Master Class each quarter to women, men, and teens ages 16 and above who seek to develop and expand their self-leadership which is the cornerstone for developing the mindsets, habits, and skills that increases personal mastery and personal effectiveness towards the achievement of goals.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve and engage with you with the intention of educating and empowering you to become a person of influence who is able to strategically build a personal brand that helps you to stand out and position you for stretch and promotional opportunities within your workplace environment and in the market place as a start-up business owner.

Your Level Up Success Coach

Jackie Capers-Brown