I don't believe in luck. I believe in aligning my actions with my faith towards a vision of a new possibility and doing the work to find out how to prepare and strategically position myself to BE the person capable of DOing what it takes to HAVE what it is I want to experience.


I believe that everything is energy.  From my experience, I know that when I match my energy with the frequency of a new reality I want to experience and I do the work to consistently show up in the vibration of that which I desire to experience - synchronistic experiences will occur to help direct my steps towards achieving what I desire.


I understand and know how to help you strategically connect the dots in an arena to recognize how to best position your unique code of greatness in the best light to secure consistent wins to build sustainable success.

I am a warrior. I am wise enough to know that there will be times when I have an idea and pursue it and it doesn't work out as I hope, I know that the wisdom gained from the experience will help me towards the accomplishment of another goal. I know how to grow and thrive from adversity.

I understand and know how to help you to press the reset button after personal adversity, a life transition, or a professional setback.

The question I  have for you is, "Is your current actions helping you to get "more of"  what you want, and "less of" what you don't want in your life?"

If not, why not?

Are you ready to commit to showing up as the person you need to BE and DO what it takes to make positive progress and build the momentum towards your desired personal and professional goals?

My best coaching work is reflected in the fact that my clients make a decision to go from being a dreamer to a doer. They understand they have to work hard and work smart. They don't rest on their laurels and think that their previous success automatically ensures future success.


My long-term clients are brave enough and wise enough to use my services to hold them accountable for doing what they say to elevate their personal influence, impact, and career success.

My most successful  "press the reset button' clients are those who implemented what they learned immediately to develop a practice they could assess and tweak as needed to increase their effectiveness towards the progress and change they want to see in their lives.

I provide personal coaching experiences that are tailored to the needs and goals of adult women and men.

My leadership and business expertise enable me to conduct personal coaching on the following topics:

1. Redesign Your Life - Ideal for individuals feeling stuck and want to "press the reset button". 

2. Brand YOU for Career Success - Ideal for professionals seeking an effective personal branding strategy.

3. Position Yourself for Promotion - Ideal for professionals with a specific promotion aspiration.

4. Leader As Coach - Ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their relationships and team performance.

5. Lead Like A Boss - Ideal for professionals aspiring to become an executive leader, or start-up biz owner.

6. Learning Application Coaching - Only available to individuals who have invested in a training workshop I have conducted for my business, or as a speaker/trainer for an organization.

















Take your personal, career, and leadership to a deeper level.

Be more intentional towards your success.


Personal coaching conversations customized to help you with specific challenges and opportunities that you are facing right NOW.

Get clear about the objectives you want to achieve and what success looks like for you and your situation.

Create a safe, and confidential space to assess where you are now, and explore where you want to be.

Develop a plan of action that includes effective habits of mind, and skills to enhance your ability to make positive progress and build momentum towards the achievement of a specific outcome(s). 

Improve the effectiveness of your leadership, decision-making, communication, influence, and impact.

Receive timely advice and guidance that can have an immediate impact on your success.

Have a personal ally who will support and challenge you to confidently show up as the best version of yourself toward your dreams and goals.

Positive progress in your life serves as a source of great JOY and it enhances your sense of value and meaning of life.


I LOVE helping people succeed. It brings me great JOY to help my coaching clients connect to and express their greatness in an authentic and strategic manner that enables them to create positive progress toward their personal and professional goals.

I am fully committed to building a supportive relationship with you so that I can help you to connect with your unique code of greatness and up-level your relationships, productivity, execution, follow-through, and leadership.


I geek out on being my coaching client's secret weapon, their side-line cheerleader as they move forward with clarity, courage, and confidence toward the achievement of new possibilities in their personal and professional life.

Is my Next-level Coaching for you? If you answer YES to any or all of the following questions, YES, it's for you.

1. Are you ready to trust the process of creating a new possibility in your life?

2. Are you willing to receive the support that you need to prepare and position yourself to acquire next-level success?

3. Are you ready to disrupt assumptions that have caused you to believe more in your limitations versus more in your possibilities?

4. Are you ready to consistently dedicate time and energy towards achieving your goal (s)?

5. Are you ready to make positive progress and build momentum to achieve sustainable success?

6. Are you ready to develop a start-up business strategy?

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