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Rapid, constant, and disruptive change is now the norm.


What guided the leaders and employees in your organization to success in the past may no longer guide them to success in the future.


No matter the talents, skills, and experiences of an individual, if a person is unable to effectively lead themself, they will not tap into the full power of their potential and achieve the level of success that’s possible for them.


However, when people are empowered with beliefs in their competency, develop their ability to relate to diverse people, and feels a sense of autonomy toward their work, they will feel more determined to be their best self and unleash the creativity of their unique code of greatness within your organization. My forward-thinking framework inspires individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations to believe the impossible is possible because it focuses their attention and energy on that which they can control.


Hi, I’m Jackie Capers-Brown. This page is a brief summary of my signature workshop training that I provide to corporations and other groups of 20 or more people. 


My award-winning corporate career path to working in diverse industries plus my work as a corporate trainer, speaker, and coach have provided me with diverse opportunities to see and experience inclusive leadership in practice where it multiplied the talents, skills, and success of others and other models of leadership that diminished the skills, talents, and success of others.

As someone who worked her way up through the management and leadership ranks within three hotel divisions of Marriott, became a restaurant turnaround specialists, took on a professional sales position with no experience, and built a solid book of business and referral system in three years to become a start-up business leader, I have learned and observed that when people from all walks of life experiences have an opportunity to work in an inclusive workplace environment, they are more apt to demonstrate the following traits on a consistent basis.

Inclusive Workplace Culture Employee Success Indicators.


  1. They embody the identity of their best self.

  2. They tap into their wisdom and knowledge to identify the mental attitudes that help them to overcome challenges and embrace new ideas and opportunities

  3. They are more intentional towards the success they want to achieve working for the organization.

  4. They are proactive toward developing habits, skills, and daily routines that help them to accomplish our organization’s mission-critical objectives.

  5. They become more creative and innovative towards contributing more value in their workplace.

  6. They help to create and nurture a culture of support and collaboration to unify their energy, talents, skills, and ideas towards the achievement of business goals and career goals.

  7. When provided with growth opportunities they often become high-performers and leaders in their organization.


Today, as an author, corporate trainer, and lifestyle and leadership coach, I use my signature success system the D.R.I.V.E.  Method Advantage™  (aka Go Be Great Blueprint™)  to educate, equip and empower people with the know-how to develop agile habits of mind, and adaptive performance habits that expand their capacity to lead themselves in ways that demonstrate the best of who they are, contribute massive value to their organization while preparing and positioning themselves to achieve career well-being and success.  

Greatness Made Simple Corporate Workshops Facilitated by Jackie Capers-Brown.

  • Above and Beyond  - (Workshop Focus - Creating Raving Fans Customer Experiences)

Each training workshop is centered on practicing the behavior and habits to increase each client's proficiency in applying what they learn to improve their mindset + performance + self-leadership to achieve better results for the organization while increasing their success in the group or organization. 

There are no lectures. Powerpoint presentations are used at a minimum.


I utilize interactive discussions with the audience to make sure the information shared and learned during the training is engaging, relevant, and impactful.

Greatness Made Simple Corporate Workshops are virtual training programs.

The length of the workshops is 4 hours for 20 - 50 people. 

If your organization is able to provide space that's within CDC guidelines for in-person training, I'm open to having a discussion about this option for the workshop you are interested in.

Let's discuss how one of my signature workshops can level up your organization's success. 


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