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Everyone Matters: Cultivate A Culture of Belonging Workshop Summary


Organizations seeking to scale their success amid ongoing disruption in the marketplace will need to invest in creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace culture that enables everyone to win from within. Your employees are your competitive advantage when they experience an inclusive place to work.  


Organizations that create inclusive workplace cultures are more apt to engage the head, hearts, and hands of their workforce toward the achievement of the mission of the organization. They understand the value of leveraging the collective experience, insights, and talent of diverse team members.


This leadership best practice helps team members and leaders feel welcomed and included, feel free to express their views and opinions, and feel heard and validated which are essential elements to creating a high-trust and high-performance workplace culture. Your employees are your competitive advantage when they experience an inclusive place to work.

The Everyone Matters: Creating An Inclusive Workplace Culture workshop places an emphasis on identifying and understanding implicit bias which we all have, and how to begin to diminish its effect on the workplace culture by using a more effective and engaging practice: adopt an “oneness of purpose identity”.  which requires that leaders and employees role model behaviors and establish norms that support the benefits of inclusive workplace experiences.  

  1. A psychologically safe space for everyone.

  2. Serve internal customers as you serve external customers. 

  3. Demonstrate active listening and effective communication skills.

  4. Foster autonomy to increase creativity and innovation at all levels within the organization. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas.

  5. Provide training to prepare employees at all levels for advancement opportunities within the organization.

  6. Leaders practice an open-door policy and provide employees with timely performance feedback and coaching.

Why Book Me?

The Everyone Matters: Creating An Inclusive Workplace Culture  Workshop is inspired by the fact that much of my award-winning corporate leadership success was developed and cultivated inside inclusive workplace cultures. I know from experience what allyship, mentoring, and sponsorship can do for employees, especially for those who are perceived to be at a disadvantage for opportunities, and for organizations by creating brand ambassadors who are committed to its success.18241824

My experience of starting out as an hourly employee, navigating the ranks of management to become an award-winning manager and executive leader within three divisions of  Marriott Hotels helps me to deliver the content in this workshop with a first-hand understanding of what it takes to build and maintain an inclusive workplace culture and the benefits to both the company and its employees.


My capacity to develop leaders with and without titles, and build an inclusive culture in which employees knew that they and their ideas and input were valuable enabled me to build high-performance teams, and become an award-winning leader within three organizations during my career.


My success as a department manager provided me with the opportunity to become a charter member of the Courtyard by Marriott Mid-Atlantic Diversity Council for three years, I understood how the company’s culture inspired my dedication to its Spirit to Serve motto, influenced my level of engagement and high-performance which prepared and positioned me to rise within its ranks to become a recognized “Best of the Best Manager”, "Manager of the Quarter",  and an award-winning executive leader during the thirteen years I worked within the company.

When I took on the responsibility of turning around franchise restaurants during the second half of my corporate career, much of the success at doing so came as a result of the foundation of leadership habits and skills I'd cultivated to create inclusive workplace cultures and my commitment to delivering WOW customer service experiences.

The diversity of the teams and leaders that I had the privilege of serving during my corporate career, and the number of them who pursued and secured leadership promotions within the organizations where I worked, and some outside organizations has enabled me to build a legacy of successful corporate leaders who work in diverse industries today.

Through my coaching services, masterclasses, and mastermind programs,  I am helping leaders develop the 360 perspectives necessary to up-level their capacity to develop inclusive workplace cultures as I am able to make the case for the immense value that it brings to their organization and team's success. I am an inclusive leader with a servant's heart.

I have shared my corporate leadership insights and strategies with coaching and mastermind clients, as a corporate trainer for women associations, government, and tech organizations. In addition, when I served as a mentor at Carver Elementary in Columbia, SC for its Blossom program for fifth-grade girls, over the course of several months I taught them the Go Be Great Blueprint.™

Workshop Overview

Introduction: The facilitator lays the foundation of the workshop, and conducts a virtual icebreaker activity.

Section l: Implicit Bias, Diversity & Inclusion

Objective: Participants understand what is implicit bias and common ways it shows up in a workplace. They learn the difference between diversity and inclusion and how a growth mindset and emotional intelligence  help to build inclusive workplace cultures

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion about implicit bias, diversity, and inclusion. Participants will identify roadblocks to success created by implicit bias, and the emotional intelligence skills they need to adopt in order to diminish the impact of implicit bias in their work environment.  

Section ll: Modeling the Behavior of Inclusion

Objective: Participants learn and deepen their understanding of the six C's of inclusive workplace environments.

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion on the six C’s of inclusive workplace environments, the benefits of each practice, and what they look like in practice, and encourage attendees to discuss roadblocks to modeling these behaviors and solutions to overcome them in their workplace. 


Section lll: Developing An Oneness of Purpose Identity

Objective: Participants are trained on how to use the Go Be Great Blueprint to create an oneness of purpose identity.

The facilitator teaches a step-by-step framework of habits of mind that helps attendees to connect the dots between their best self, their present actions, and what behaviors they need to model moving forward to develop the "oneness of purpose" identity that will enable them to succeed, individually and collectively, as a team that practices inclusive behavior towards each other in the workplace, and beyond.

Wrap Up: Key Insights, Takeaways, and Commitments

Objective: Participants share feedback on their workshop experience.

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion on key points from the workshop and participants are provided the opportunity to share their key insights, takeaways, and commitments to their next best steps plan.

Success Indicators

Your Employees Will Feel and Do the Following At the End of This Workshop.

  1. Employees will feel they can share their voices.

  2. Employees will contribute their ideas, knowledge, and skills towards the improvement and success of the organization.

  3. Employees will feel a sense of belonging because their immediate supervisor and leaders within the workplace have created a psychologically safe environment.

  4. Employees will feel seen, heard, and valued which will increase their engagement and commitment towards performing well in their role.

  5. Employees will demonstrate the discretionary effort required to complete tasks and projects aligned with the achievement of the company’s key objectives.

  6. Employees will feel a greater sense of trust in leaders as they gain autonomy in their work.

  7. Leaders and employees will gain value from “developmental coaching conversations” which provide individuals a ‘state of your performance’ short assessment as it relates to the organization’s standards for their position.


This virtual workshop can be tailored for 20 - 50 participants in each session. Depending on the size and composition of the group, I may recommend breaking it up into smaller groups.  The ideal length for this virtual training is three hours with a maximum of 50 participants. This workshop can be conducted in two (2) 90-minute training sessions to accommodate a group's works schedule and responsibilities. 


This workshop is priced on a sliding scale based on the number of participants in a virtual experience versus an in-person experience. The minimum number of participants for this virtual workshop is 20 people, the maximum is 50. If an organization requires more than one session to train its employees and leaders, a discount is available for two or more sessions booked.

Contact Information

Please contact Jackie Capers-Brown via this workshop inquiry form for more information and to discuss the benefits and value of developing your organization's competitive edge by cultivating an inclusive workplace culture.

Jackie Capers-Brown

Founder and CEO, Greatness Made Simple Training Solutions