You Are Here Because You Want Something to Change

Whenever we find ourselves feeling stuck, overwhelmed, burned out, or indecisive about what is the next best steps to moving forward in any situation, it can lead to overthinking, doubting ourselves, and being consumed with fear about whether or not the decisions we make and the actions we take will be the solution to the problem we are facing at the moment.


Hi, I'm Jackie Capers-Brown, author of Get Unstuck Now and Find Your Brave. I know the frustration that comes with not having a sense of clarity about your decisions and actions when faced with life challenges. I know how the lack of clarity in a situation can cause you to feel as if your back is up against the wall with no clear path in sight. It can cause you to feel paralyzed and unsure of yourself. 

In case you are new to me and you don't know my story, I was able to go from earning minimum wage to become a "Best of the Best" manager of high-performance teams to become an award-winning executive of several successful 7 figure businesses during my 20+ year corporate career.


Although I have experienced several life-changing adversities in my life such as the loss of both my parents during my teens and tolerating a domestic violence relationship for years, these experiences helped me to build a great amount of self-trust in my ability to bounce forward in the face of adversity and challenges.


However, when I experienced the unexpected loss of my teenage son Blease, my unhealthy coping habits of refusing to acknowledge the truth of my grief by denying, dismissing, and numbing myself by using my work, retail therapy and partying only resulted in me suffering needlessly for several years because of my unhealthy coping practices.

It was not until I started experiencing major health issues that I decided that I had to figure out a way to process my grief in a healthier way.  When I began to embrace the process of acknowledging my truth and accepting it and myself without judgment, I began to reconnect to the wisdom and strength that dwells within the seat of our soul.


My journey of turning toward the truth of my fear about losing a child and trusting in the 'knowing' that dwelt within me led to the awareness of a system of actions I had been taking since the death of my mom when I was thirteen to bounce forward from adversity and build the inner game that empowered me to achieve the award-winning success I consistently experienced during my 20 + year corporate career.

This awareness helped me to get off the sidelines and get back in the arena of life with a greater sense of purpose towards sharing the wisdom and insights I had gained from this approach of getting clear, getting unstuck, and getting into action to learn, grow, flourish and evolve.  Today, at 59 years old, I'm still on this adventure trusting and believing that there is still much for me to learn and do towards being a servant leader who continues to have a positive impact on the lives of those I serve.

 I use my signature personal mastery system as a framework in my coaching process to help clients, students in my Go Be Great 'Reset" Workshop and my Unleash Your Greatness Master Class, and attendees at live speaking and training events learn how to develop the empowered mindset, emotional mastery, and strategic focus necessary to break through inner blocks, map out and execute their next best steps to achieve next-level breakthroughs and scale their success. 

In the face of COVID-19, each of us has experienced some level of disruption in our lives. Most of us are feeling a measure of uncertainty about the future. This is normal. We are human beings, not machines. It's okay to not feel okay. When we are feeling perplexed, many of us feel lost, confused, unsure, and puzzled in the beginning. We have the freedom to choose if we will remain stuck in that mental and emotional state, or seek to find a way to move forward. What have you decided to do?

Our challenge when faced with disruption is that we have to cultivate a resolve to face the brutal facts of our reality while at the same time nurture hope in our hearts about what can be. Nurturing and maintaining hope in the midst of uncertainty often requires that we see our situation anew. This is one of the primary purposes of this two-hour breakthrough coaching session. 


The second purpose of this coaching experience is to help you tap into your hidden potential, and strengths to gain clarity about who you are and what you are really capable of doing and having in life. This knowledge will help you to transform the thoughts, feelings, and behavior that continue to feed into you feeling stuck overwhelmed, burned out and indecisive.


The third purpose of my Next Level Success Coaching sessions is to help you identify how you need to SHIFT your approach to your situation, STRATEGIZE your next best steps and how to best execute them in order for you to SOAR and expand your horizons in life. When you begin to connect the dots to your unique code of greatness during our coaching session(s), you will begin to release what no longer serves you to create an openness within yourself that allows for the good that you desire to be received by you.

Everyone needs some type of help along their path to reach their next level of success. By providing you with insights and wisdom, and actionable strategies tailored to your specific situation, you will have the discernment to identify the initial actions during our session to create a customized "Next Best Steps Roadmap for Success" as you deepen your awareness and understanding of your unique code of greatness and breakthrough inner barriers to experience more joy, fulfillment, and success.


Included in your "Next Best Steps Roadmap for Success" will be a personal development plan that will help you to continue to build on your progress and develop the mindsets, habits, and skills that will be essential to you being adaptable to change and maintaining the emotional resilience to navigate challenges grounded in the core of who you are, what you stand for, where you are how and the actions you have identified to reach you intended destination.

The Next Level Success Coaching Is For You, If...

  • You have an urgent need to resolve an issue that's been keeping you up at night

  • You desire clarity about your plan to set yourself up for next-level success

  • You want to gracefully expand into the leader you were born to be

  • You are unclear on how to navigate a big change in your life

  • You want to improve the quality of your relationships

  • You want to find more purpose  and joy in your work life

  • Move beyond your fear of failure or success to take action towards your goals

  • You want to find peace, joy, and purpose after loss

  • Get a bird's eye perspective about a current challenge and how to best move forward

What You Can Expect During A Next Level Success Coaching Session

  • ​I will listen to understand your perspective on your challenge.

  • I will ask questions that will help you to identify and connect with your inner wisdom and strength.

  • I will create a safe space for you to speak your truth to power without judgment or trying to fix you.

  • I will demonstrate compassion and humor so that you feel seen, heard, and valued.

  • I will guide you through my proven GO BE GREAT Blueprint to help you decide on the next best steps to living forward with greater clarity, courage, and confidence.

Here's How I Can Help You

My Next Level Success Coaching will awaken new emotions within you that stir up a new aliveness in your spirit and the wisdom and strength in your mind, body, and soul. Your session will be tailored and personalized to address your specific need for clarity and help you to create a plan to navigate your way forward.


I have three affordable coaching packages that you can choose from to receive the guidance and support you need to forge ahead toward the achievement of your next level breakthrough. At the end of your session(s), you will feel better about yourself, and be more assured in your ability to create the positive change you want to experience. 

Next Level Success Coaching

One (1) Session Package

This one (1) 90 mins coaching session is ideal for you if you seek clarity toward creating a plan to make positive progress in your personal/professional life. This session will help you to create a Next Best Step Plan towards the achievement of the positive change you desire.

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Next Level Success Coaching

Three (3) Session Package

This 3-part 90 mins coaching package is ideal if you aspire to level up your mindset + performance + leadership with strategic coaching and performance accountability toward the execution of a plan of action to achieve a 30 day career goal. 

Next Level Success Coaching

Six (6) Session Packagae

This six-part 90 mins coaching package is ideal for you if you are seeking to receive strategic performance and career coaching that is aligned with a 90-day career milestone. This package provides you with six weeks of strategic coaching + performance accountability that will enable you to develop the mindsets, habits and skills that increase your capacity to execute a plan  aligned with the achievement of your 90-day goal.

Rave Reviews 

Courtney Scott

Client Services Leader

Jackie knows exactly how to help you get in the mindset to feel motivated to pursue anything you put your mind to.

Jackie is a Wonderful Leader!!

Ursula Rivers

Professional Counselor

Ms. Capers-Brown has affected my life in ways she will never know. Her life story of perseverance and faith ignited the fire that I needed to change my personal story.

Her ability to be candid will cause the common person to change the stories they have told themselves. The MY DRIVEformat allowed me to look at the paradigms in my life, and make a shift.


Because of my personal triumph over self-limiting beliefs, I teach her principles to my therapy clients. I owe everything that I am doing and becoming to Ms. Capers-Brown. If it were not for her willingness to be a person of change, I would not be making a difference in the lives of others

Michelle Stokes

Healthcare Leader

My experience with Jackie Capers-Brown and Slay Your Greatness Academy has led me on a journey of discovering and embracing my authentic self. Her insight and compassion encouraged me to open up and reconnect with my core values and show up as a leader in every area of my life.


Jackie’s innovative and bold style of coaching challenges her clients to become the best version of themselves by delving into the core issues hindering their growth and development. Slay Your Greatness Academy has allowed me to fast track my goals for achieving personal and professional success!