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 "Oprah Winfrey writes, “What I know for sure is that no matter where you stand right now – on a hilltop, in a gutter, at a crossroads, in a rut – you need to give yourself the best you have to offer in this moment. This is it. Rather than depleting yourself with judgments about what you haven’t done, who you could have become, why you haven’t moved faster, or what you should have changed, redirect your energy toward the next big push – the one that takes you from enough to better. The one that takes you from adequate to extraordinary. The one that helps you rise up from a low moment and reach for your personal best.”

There is one thing that you and I have in common. We want to improve ourselves and our lives.  This is not to say that there is something wrong with us. On the contrary, I believe that every human being has an innate desire to grow and flourish in life. Right? Yet, many people live their lives on automatic-pilot, experiencing the “same stuff, just on a different day”. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase at some time. Perhaps you’ve said this to yourself.

I will be the first to say that achieving our goals depends a lot on executing aligned actions in a consistent manner to create positive progress and build momentum toward accomplishing our goals.   However, what may have worked for a particular period of time in our life doesn’t mean that it’s the “only” way, or even the best way now when we begin to take into account the change and disruption taking place all around us. Our ability to develop the agile mindset necessary to adapt to change fast and take advantage of new opportunities to experience new possibilities in our life is a critical skill to experiencing "more of" what we desire in life.

Manifesting New Possibilities

"Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~Bashar

 Manifestation and the Law of Attraction can be a bit misleading for folks who are unwilling to do the heavy lifting. So often, people focus on external conditions and ignore their internal conditions. Everything in life is created twice, first, internally as a thought or belief, and second, in the physical realm. If you truly want to achieve your goals, you will need to simultaneously work on clearing internal blocks while at the same time execute a plan of action with enough consistency to achieve results.  I help my clients focus on solutions and results.

This plan of action will need to help you do two things. First, it needs to help you develop the mindsets, habits, and skills you need to demonstrate to BE the person capable of accomplishing the goal. I believe when we are inspired by a vision of a new possibility that seeks to emerge in our life, the potential is already within us to achieve it.  

Second, the plan needs to help you be intentional toward the experience of success you desire. It needs to be customized with relevant strategies that when implemented on a consistent basis enable you to become the person willing to DO what it takes to achieve the goal.

Whether a client books one coaching session or multiple coaching sessions with me, at the end of each coaching conversation, we summarize what has been discussed with focus questions, such as:


1. Who do you need to BE to show up for yourself, and your goal?

2. What do you need to DO to make tangible progress toward your goal? 

My focus is always on helping my clients adapt to changing realities, come up with solutions and make decisions to develop emerging practices for new contexts and situations to get results, and achieve more wins, no matter how small, in order to create the all-important positive progress and momentum necessary toward the achievement of their goals.

I provide several personal coaching services related to my areas of leadership and business expertise.

I help professionals get unstuck and feel more joy and aliveness toward their life, relationships, and career, create a personal brand strategy that helps them stand out and position them for career success, develop coaching skills to improve their performance conversations with team members, adopt a business owner's perspective in order to take strategic actions towards securing a promotion and lead like an entrepreneur in their current position to develop the mindsets, habits, and skills necessary to be a successful executive leader or transition into small business ownership with clarity and confidence.

I do this by taking clients through a proven system, step-by-step. The core actions in the framework do not change. The secret sauce is the focused questions that are customized based on the results each client wants to achieve during each coaching conversation with me.

Your Next Steps


If you’re ready to unleash a greater measure of your greatness and lead your life on fire inspired by your vision of possibility, check out the coaching packages below. If you find one that addresses your coaching need at this moment,  you can book a NEXT-LEVEL coaching session HERE or if you want to speak with me before doing so, complete my FREE Consult form here and submit it to schedule a Zoom call with me.

In honor of Women's History Month in March 2021, I'm offering a $75 fee for a 90-minute coaching session.

The regular fee for a 90-minute coaching session is $125. There is no additional discount for booking multiple sessions.

I look forward to partnering with you in this creative coaching process to activate your potential for greatness.

Jackie Capers-Brown

Redesign Your Life

This 90 mins coaching session is ideal for professionals who feel stuck, personally and/or professionally. The value of your investment includes: first, we look at your past and identify the seasons in your life "when you felt like yourself" and what that means to you in this season of your life/career.  


Then I will direct our attention and conversation to the present as our conversation is directed by customized focus questions to ensure that you walk away from our conversation securing the three key results, and more for you to feel and think our conversation has been a success.

During this time, you will also be completing my Next Best Steps Worksheet which will serve as your roadmap for success  after our coaching conversation.

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Brand YOU

for Career Success

This 90 mins coaching session is ideal for professionals who want to create a customized personal brand strategy after recognizing the importance of adopting the perspective that they are a brand, not an employee to build sustainable career success.


The value of your investment includes: first, we discuss how you show up as your authentic self and your perception of the experiences you have as a result of being your authentic self. I share the three key components of an authentic voice.


Then based on your next career goal, I direct our attention and conversation with customized focused questions to ensure that you walk away from the session with the three key results you want to achieve, and more to ensure that our session is deemed a success by you. 


During this time, you will be completing the Next Best Steps Worksheet which will serve as your roadmap for success after our coaching conversation.


Leader As A Coach

This 90 mins coaching session is ideal for professionals who want to be more effective in connecting with their team, build trust and motivate their team to achieve next-level performance goals.


The value of your investment includes: first, we discuss your current relationship with your team, employee engagement, and key performance metrics relevant to a high-performance team's performance, and the impact it has had on your team's ability to meet your organization's strategic objectives.


 Then, based on your team's performance and the three common interactions where you want to be more effective, we will role-play those situations using The Go Be Great Blueprint. The goal is for you to experience actual conversations where you are coaching a team member (me) to gain confidence in using the framework to build trust, connect with your team on a deeper level, clearly communicate performance expectations while motivating a team member to get buy-in and up level his or her performance.

Due to the role-play scenarios, we will discuss the Next Best Steps Worksheet during the last 30 minutes to ensure that you achieve your top three goals for this session to be deemed a success.

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Position Yourself

for A Promotion

This 90 mins coaching session is ideal for professionals who aspire to strategically prepare and position themselves for a promotion within their organization.

The value of your investment includes: first, we discuss the people and politics that influence perceptions and promotions within your organization. We discuss your current performance and impact as it relates to the achievement of your workgroup and the business objectives, and your capacity to effectively develop and manage diverse relationships within the organization.


Then, based on your desired promotion and the three key takeaways from our conversation that you have identified that would deem this session a success, I shift the conversation to the customized focus questions for your session to help you gain insights and embrace strategies that will increase your influence and impact within your organization.

During this time, you will complete the Next Best Steps Worksheet that will serve as your roadmap for success after our coaching conversation.

Lead Like A Boss

This 90 mins coaching session is ideal for professionals who are aspiring to adopt an entrepreneurial approach toward their career - or seek to transition from their corporate career to become a small business owner.

The value of your investment includes: first, we discuss your aspirations and the shift that has to take place within you in order to show up like a boss towards your present responsibilities to reap the benefits of taking an entrepreneurial approach toward your goal.

Then based on our discussion and the three key takeaways you want to achieve from the session, and the customized focus questions - I focus our attention on helping you identify the adaptive business leadership behaviors and skills necessary to create a strategy that you can execute in a consistent manner to prepare and position yourself like a boss for next-level success.

During this time, you will complete the Next Best Steps Plan Worksheet which will serve as your roadmap for success after our coaching session.


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The Value of Next-level Coaching with Jackie Capers-Brown 

Take your personal, career, and leadership to a deeper level.

Be more intentional towards your success.

Personal coaching conversations customized to help you with specific challenges and opportunities that you are facing right NOW.

Get clear about the objectives you want to achieve and what success looks like for you and your situation.

Create a safe, and confidential space to assess where you are now, and explore where you want to be.

Develop a plan of action that includes effective habits of mind, and skills to enhance your ability to make positive progress and build momentum towards the achievement of a specific outcome(s). 

mprove the effectiveness of your leadership, decision-making, communication, influence, and impact.

Receive timely advice and guidance that can have an immediate impact on your success.

Have a personal ally who will support and challenge you to confidently show up as the best version of yourself toward your dreams and goals.

Positive progress in your life serves as a source of great JOY and it enhances your sense of value and meaning of life.

I LOVE helping people succeed. It brings me great JOY to help my coaching clients connect to and express their greatness in an authentic and strategic manner that enables them to create positive progress toward their personal and professional goals.

I am fully committed to building a supportive relationship with you so that I can help you to connect with your unique code of greatness and up-level your relationships, productivity, execution, follow-through, and leadership.

I geek out on being my coaching client's secret weapon, their side-line cheerleader as they move forward with clarity, courage, and confidence toward the achievement of new possibilities in their personal and professional life.

Is my Next-level Coaching for you? If you answer YES to any or all of the following questions, YES, it's for you.

1. Are you ready to trust the process of creating a new possibility in your life?

2. Are you willing to receive the support that you need to prepare and position yourself to acquire next-level success?

3. Are you ready to disrupt assumptions that have caused you to believe more in your limitations versus more in your possibilities?

4. Are you ready to consistently dedicate time and energy towards achieving your goal (s)?

5. Are you ready to make positive progress and build momentum to achieve sustainable success?

6. Are you ready to develop a start-up business strategy?

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Rave Reviews 

Courtney Scott

Client Services Leader

Jackie knows exactly how to help you get in the mindset to feel motivated to pursue anything you put your mind to.

Jackie is a Wonderful Leader!!

Ursula Rivers

Professional Counselor

Ms. Capers-Brown has affected my life in ways she will never know. Her life story of perseverance and faith ignited the fire that I needed to change my personal story.

Her ability to be candid will cause the common person to change the stories they have told themselves. The MY DRIVEformat allowed me to look at the paradigms in my life, and make a shift.


Because of my personal triumph over self-limiting beliefs, I teach her principles to my therapy clients. I owe everything that I am doing and becoming to Ms. Capers-Brown. If it were not for her willingness to be a person of change, I would not be making a difference in the lives of others

Michelle Stokes

Healthcare Leader

My experience with Jackie Capers-Brown and Slay Your Greatness Academy has led me on a journey of discovering and embracing my authentic self. Her insight and compassion encouraged me to open up and reconnect with my core values and show up as a leader in every area of my life.


Jackie’s innovative and bold style of coaching challenges her clients to become the best version of themselves by delving into the core issues hindering their growth and development. Slay Your Greatness Academy has allowed me to fast track my goals for achieving personal and professional success!

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