Rapid, constant and disruptive change is now the norm.


What guided the leaders and employees in your organization to success in the past may no longer guide them to success in the future.


No matter the talents, skills, and experiences of an individual, if a person is unable to effectively lead themself, they will not tap into the full power of their potential and achieve the level of success that’s possible for them.


However, when people are empowered with beliefs in their competency, develops their ability to relate to diverse people, and feels a sense of autonomy toward their work, they will feel more determined to be their best self and unleash the creativity of their unique code of greatness within your organization. My forward-thinking framework inspires individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations to believe the impossible is possible because it focuses their attention and energy on that which they can control.


Hi, I’m Jackie Capers-Brown. This a summary of my signature success system the D.R.I.V.E. Advantage™. These habits of mind enabled me to go from working as an hourly employee for Marriott to become recognized in the company as a “Best of the Best” manager, and an award-winning executive leader at Marriott’s Fairfield Inn Hotel located in Wilmington, N.C.


My path to achieving this success was not without major challenges. From my first promotion to my last promotion as G.M. with the company, I used these habits of mind to navigate various workplace challenges to build a body of work that represented my best self in each position.  


My biggest challenge came six months after my G.M.’s promotion at the Fairfield Inn when my teenage son Blease died from cardiac arrest. I wasn’t sure if I should move back home so that my teenage daughter and I would be closer to our family in Columbia, SC, or stay the course. A few months after my son’s death, I received the results of my first employee opinion scores as a G.M. A majority of the hotel staff had rated me the least effective G.M. at a Fairfield Inn hotel in the Mid-Atlantic area.

I was devastated. Not only had I suffered an unexpected personal blow with the loss of my son, for the first time in my career my ability to lead was being questioned. Instead of requesting a transfer to return home which many of my friends and family suggested that I do, I grounded myself with these five habits of mind and decided that I would figure out how to become the leader my new team needed me to be to bring out the best in them.


After conducting one-on-one conversations with each employee to understand their perspective about my leadership, I went to work developing leaders without titles. I expressed my belief and trust in them before they trusted and believed in me as a leader. I began to use these habits of mind as a guide to developing the team I envisioned they could be. This required me to help them do the following:


  1. Adopt the identity of their best self

  2. Use their wisdom to identify the mental attitudes that help them to overcome challenges and embrace new ideas and opportunities

  3. Be intentional towards the success they want to achieve working for the organization

  4. Be proactive toward developing habits, skills, and daily routines that help them to accomplish our organization’s mission-critical objective

  5. Be more creative and innovative towards contributing more value in their work

  6. Create and nurture a culture of support and collaboration to unify their energy, talents, skills and ideas towards the achievement of business goals and career goals



During my second year as GM, I was recognized as one of three managers with the most improved employee opinion scores in the Mid-Atlantic area. In my third year as general manager, our team was recognized at the Courtyard/Fairfield Inn General Managers Conference with four #1 awards out of more than 300 hotels. This award-winning success was a direct result of a simple decision to build a team of leaders without titles.


This forward-thinking approach to reshaping the culture within that hotel and building a successful team enabled me after resigning from Marriott to secure executive leadership positions with two restaurant franchises to turn around business units with low morale, low customer service rankings, and below budget profit margins. I used the same approach to building leaders without titles in each of these restaurants to raise the standard of service excellence expressed by employees and hourly managers to improve morale, customer service, and the revenue and profits generated by these businesses.


Today, as an author, trainer, and coach, I use the D.R.I.V.E. Advantage™ framework of actions as my signature step by step process for helping people develop their capacity to lead themselves with clarity about who they are at their best, having the courage to identify where they are going, and expressing confidence that they have what it takes to figure out how to manage whatever they face on their journey. In my upcoming book, Go Be Great: 5 Habits of Mind to Think and Act Your Way to Success, I coach readers through this proven inside-out forward-thinking framework to building habits of mind that enhance their personal well-being and professional success.


The D.R.I.V.E. Advantage™ Habits of Mind


Habit 1: Disrupt Your Assumptions


Objective - Focus on disrupting limiting beliefs by developing the identity of your best self, and cultivating the behavior associated with your best self.


Habit 2: Reframe Your Perspective


Objective - Find the seed of benefit amid challenges and new opportunities for growth and expansion to reduce your fear, inspire your curiosity, and fuel your courage toward redefining what can be.


Habit 3: Initiate Purpose-Driven Actions


Objective - Focus on being the leader of your life by identifying and being proactive toward the goals related to the success you want to achieve, instead of allowing circumstances to define how you show up in life.


Habit 4: Value Enriching Experiences


Objective - Identify learning and growth opportunities that will expose you to new people, new perspectives and new ideas that enable you to grow forward and flourish.


Habit 5: Enlist the Help of Others


Objective - Demonstrate sincere concern toward others. Prioritize developing relationships with diverse people to increase who knows, likes, and trusts you to receive the guidance and support necessary to increase the value of your contribution, and achieve next-level success.

Due to COVID-19, I am only able to offer my GO BE GREAT corporate workshop as a virtual experience.  This workshop is intended for any group of people within any organization who aspire to improve their personal effectiveness to lead themselves, develop forward-thinking habits of mind to improve their performance, achieve growth, and deliver better results to increase the success of their organization. Each group can range from 10 - 50 people.

Contact me at jackiecapersbrown@gmail.com to discuss how this workshop can empower the unique code of greatness dwelling within the people in your organization, improve their personal effectiveness and engagement while empowering them with a forward-thinking framework that taps into their curiosity and creativity to grow the impact and success of your organization.

In addition, I have created an 18x24 laminated poster of the framework plus a leader's guide that is available for  $135 which includes taxes and delivery within the United States of America. 

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