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This leadership program is designed to educate and empower high potential employees, frontline supervisors, and managers with skills to better lead themselves and their teams. 

The Challenge

Are You Prepared to Adapt Fast to Change and Succeed As A Leader?

When it comes to building and maintaining a business competitive advantage, it must start with the people in an organization. Team members who have daily interactions with external customers of a business have a direct influence on the customer's perception of what a business stands for and how well it executes those values in the business's day-to-day operations.


A business reputation is built up or eroded by the quality of each customer experience. Business revenue, profits, success, and longevity are defined by how well it meets the needs of its internal and external customers.

All too often, frontline team leaders, supervisors and managers are promoted based on their ability to execute as individual performers. They are provided with basic training with the expectation that they will learn more and become better while doing their job and leading others to perform their job tasks.

When frontline team leaders, supervisors and managers fail, it throws a wrench in the standard of service a business provides to its internal and external customers. This can create a downward spiral effect on the day-to-day operations as the morale and motivation of the team leader, supervisor or manager diminishes when he or she is not producing the results they believe they are capable of achieving and the organization expects from them.

The Solution 

Become the Leader You Know You Can Be

The Go Be Great Leader: Essential Skills for Frontline Supervisors and Managers two-day training is designed to equip front line team members, supervisors and managers with a proven self-leadership success system that will help them gain clarity of thinking, filter out distractions and shiny objects, customize their actions to make progress, and build momentum towards effectively leading themselves, and their team to hit business goals.

It is a practical, interactive learning experience that allows for brainstorming ideas to support the application of what is being taught in the day-to-day life of the participants in the program. 

High-potential employees, supervisors and managers will discover that as they improve the effectiveness of their self-leadership, they improve their ability to lead others. 

This training will help direct their focus and energy where it matters most toward delivering results that positively impact their organization's success while building a legacy of contribution as a people leader.


The insights, tools, and strategies shared in this training will equip high-potential employees, frontline supervisors and managers with the know-how and behavioral skills necessary to set themselves and their team up for accomplishing sustainable success. 

The Outcome

Own Your Future to Achieve Next Level Career Success

When leaders in an organization feel equipped with knowledge and skills that build self-trust in their capacity to lead themselves well, they show up to lead others with the intent of helping them to realize their potential to succeed too. 

In this workshop, participants will understand the connection between building a culture of trust, ownership, and accountability that increases employee engagement improves your team's ability to deliver WOW customer experiences, and develop the business acumen to focus on the right tasks, at the right time to achieve specific results aligned with their organization's strategic priorities and their career aspirations.

When professionals demonstrate a commitment to developing the discipline to be their best self to build influence, create a positive impact and accelerate their authentic success, these efforts will increase their joy, fulfillment, courage, and confidence towards becoming the leader they've dreamt they can be. As they implement what they learn in this training in their daily life, they will make progress which will help to fuel their engagement with  their work related tasks while empowering them to be deliberate and decisive towards the actions that need to be taken to achieve strategic goals of their organization.

The Go Be Great Leader Workshop Training

 Essential Skills for High-Potential Employees,

Front Line Supervisors and Managers


 Upcoming Dates: February 15 - 16, 2011

Where: Virtual Workshop Training on Zoom

Time: 10 am - 4 pm EST

Workshop Training Modules

Module 1: The Leader In Me

This module starts with a conversation about the insights participants learned about themselves as a result of completing the required pre-work self-leadership assessment, the gifts of greatness questionnaire, and the wildly important career goal they've identified in the required pre-work for this training.

In this module, attendees learn the five habits of mind that make up Jackie's signature self-leadership operating system The Go Be Great Blueprint.™ Jackie will share and discuss each habit of mind and engage participants in a self-inquiry process that helps them to identify their personal next best steps to showing up consistently as their best selves toward the achievement of their wildly important career goals. 


This module helps leaders embrace a "whole person" or inside-out process to achieve personal and professional success. It sets the stage for participants to engage in the training with a clear purpose of being their best selves and leveraging their unique gifts of greatness to achieve their personal best in their careers.

Module 2: Build A Culture of Trust & Belonging

Building trust in the workplace begins with leaders modeling behaviors that are based on time-tested leadership principles such as honesty, integrity, and character.

In this module, attendees will learn about the business case for building and maintaining a culture of high trust that champions diversity and inclusion and the tangible and intangible outcomes that leaders and organizations experience when working in a high-trust workplace environment versus a low-trust workplace environment.


Leaders become aware and knowledgeable of key leadership behaviors that build trust. They are provided a simple framework of questions they can use to manage their credibility with the goal of building a culture of trust that increases their team's ability to achieve positive business outcomes.

This module helps leaders understand the importance of modeling behaviors that help to establish their credibility, increase their influence, and earn the respect of others while having a willingness to demonstrate the confident humility necessary when they make inevitable mistakes.

Module 3: Serve. Lead. Win.

Leadership is not about a title. A title gives a person authority but it does not mean that person has developed the ability to influence and lead others well.

In this module, attendees learn servant leadership best practices that will help leaders prepare and position themselves to serve their way to greatness and build a legacy of winning as they cultivate a "Go Be Great" mindset and model behaviors aligned with their vision of the successful leader they want to become.

This module equips leaders to make a connection to their ability to develop and nurture genuine connections with diverse people within their sphere of influence, cultivate personal credibility, think strategically, and execute their work tasks with excellence in alignment with the achievement of their organization's strategic business objectives. 

Module 4: Build A Culture of Ownership & Accountability

From Gallup to Great Place to Work, numerous workplace studies have found that employee engagement in any organization affects bottom line profits. Front line employees, supervisors and managers play a key role in the level of employee engagement displayed by a team within a business unit and organization.

In this module, attendees learn how to model the behavior that will elevate employee engagement by building a culture of ownership and accountability. Leaders learn employee engagement best practices that inspire employees to take ownership of their work and treat the business they are working for - as if it were their own.


During this training, leaders establish a vision of what success looks like for their workgroup and identify actions they will take to be an example of a leader who is able to rally their team with a sense of a shared purpose toward the achievement of this vision. 


This module empowers leaders with an understanding of the importance of establishing a shared vision, building trust, maintaining standards of care toward employees while at the same time holding them accountable for completing their job tasks with a standard of excellence to achieve business outcomes. 


Module 5: Deliver WOW Customer Experiences

Attendees are asked to take on the role of the "owner" of the business and complete a survey about the current state of the customer service provided by their team and organization. This information is then used to help them identify gaps in the current level of service delivered to internal and external customers with excellence compared to where it needs to be to deliver exceptional service to stakeholders moving forward. 

In this module, leaders learn exceptional customer service best practices and how it's linked to a culture of trust, ownership, and accountability. They gain an understanding of how the organization treats its external customer's impacts employee engagement. They learn the three crucial skills that help employees better resolve customer issues and how their team members can develop these skills to leverage these opportunities into a win-win for the customer and the company. They find out the #1 essential skill to developing strong connections with customers that inspires them to be raving fans of them and their organization.


This module places an emphasis on being intentional towards the delivery of service excellence to both internal and external customers of their organization. It helps participants identify common lapses in exceptional service and how to recover from service issues while building trust in the mind and hearts of their customers. It equips leaders with customer service practices that inspire word-of-mouth advertising.


Module 6: Coach Your Team to Success

Adults do not enjoy being bossed around. They prefer the autonomy to figure out how they need to complete tasks related to an end goal with a deadline. They like it when they are trusted to do what they say they will do. They want to know that they have their leader's support and have access to his or her guidance when necessary to complete a task or project on time.


Your greatest contribution as a leader will be the people who you are able to inspire to believe in themself and take action to achieve goals that matter to their wellbeing, organization and career.  Giving up bossing to embrace a coaching approach to build relationships with team members that allow you to influence them is how you can increase their engagement, productivity, and success in the workplace.

In this module, leaders are equipped with performance management coaching skills to expand upon their existing management style and enlarge their capacity to multiply the smarts, potential, and performance of team members.  

During the role-play and Q&A session, participants will be provided with two common performance challenges faced by frontline leaders. They will be asked to use the information they have learned to identify the best approach they would take to coach the individual in each situation.

This module places an emphasis on helping leaders connect the dots to what they have learned and how they would use it in their day-to-day to contribute to the success of their organization while preparing and positioning themselves to achieve next-level career success. 

Practical Leadership Methods and Processes that Have Been Road-tested and Proven to Achieve Results During Periods of Uncertainty and Flourishing

Who Should Attend:

  • Audience: You are a high potential employee, frontline supervisor, manager, or wish to be one.

  • Entry requirements: None

  • Training Hours: 2-Day Workshop, 6 hours each day (includes 30-minute lunch break and 15-minute break)

  • Virtual Class Size: Maximum 50 participants

How You Will Benefit from This Workshop:

  • Deepen your self-trust and end self-sabotaging behavior that creates roadblocks to your success

  • Be confident in your ability to figure out how to navigate challenges and create and seize new career opportunities

  • Identify your wildly incredible career goals and develop a laser-like focus to execute and achieve them

  • Achieve measured results that impact your organization and career success

  • Know how to create a culture of trust, ownership, and accountability to increase employee engagement and access your team's untapped potential to deliver better results

  • Keep your team energized and motivated amid disruption to continue to build momentum and make progress toward the achievement of strategic business objectives

  • Utilize the Go Be Great Blueprint™ to coach yourself and your team to success

  • Foster collaboration inside and outside the organization

  • Recognize the long term benefits of investing in the personal development and leadership development of your success and those you serve to achieve career success

What You Receive:

  • Go Be Great Leader Pre-work Assignment Workbook (PDF)

  • Go Be Great Leader Workshop Workbook (PDF)

  • The Go Be Great Blueprint Paperback Book ***

  • A FREE 30-day Follow Up Q&A Session with Jackie

  • Money-Back Guarantee 

*** Item will be shipped to the participant's home address. Greatness Made Simple cannot guarantee arrival prior to the start of the workshop if registration is within 7 business days of the date of the program. 


Go Be Great Leader Workshop Schedule


Day One Agenda

10:00 am - 10:45 am - Welcome + Discussion about Pre-work

10:45 am - 12:00 pm - The Leader In Me

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm - Lunch

12:30 pm -   2:00 pm - Build A Culture of Trust

  2:00 pm -   2:15 pm - Break

  2:15 pm -   3:30 pm - Serve. Lead. Win.

  3:30 pm -   3:50 pm - Q & A Session

  3:50 pm -   4:00 pm - Feedback/Homework/Closing Remarks

Day Two Agenda

10:00 am - 10:45 am - Welcome + Discussion about Homework

10:45 am - 12:00 pm - Build A Culture of Ownership & Accountability

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm - Lunch

12:30 pm -   2:00 pm - Deliver WOW Customer Experiences

  2:00 pm -   2:15 pm - Break

  2:15 pm -   3:30 pm - Coach Your Team to Success

  3:30 pm -   3:50 pm - Role Play and Q&A Session

  3:50 pm -   4:00 pm - Feedback/Closing Remarks

* The scheduled time for this workshop is Eastern Time Zone.

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