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Workshop Summary: Grow Leaders at Every Level

Professional Training Workshop Facilitated by Jackie Capers-Brown, founder and CEO of Greatness Made Simple Coaching & Consulting.


In order to support and level up the performance and success of your employees, it’s important that their training and development involve an inside-out process. Stephen Covey wisely stated in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Our paradigms, correct or incorrect, are the sources of our attitude and behavior, and ultimately our relationships with others.” Your employees' ability or lack thereof to be their best self on a consistent basis is dependent upon their beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, values, behavior, and actions. 

The Grow Leaders at Every Level Training Workshop is inspired by my experiences of navigating the ranks of management within Marriott Hotels and developing leaders with and without titles in order to build high-performance teams, deliver WOW customer service experiences and increase the revenue and profits of each department and business which I had P&L responsibility.

The experience that drives home how this perspective of growing leaders at all levels proves that it gives a leader, and an organization a competitive advantage is highlighted in the following story.

Si months after receiving my first GM's promotion and transferring to my third division within Marriott Hotels to the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Wilmington, NC, my 14-year old son Blease died from cardiac arrest triggered by a defective valve in his heart that nor his father or I was aware of. 

I returned to work after taking two weeks off. Shortly, thereafter, Marriott conducted its semi-annual Employee Survey for all of its company-owned properties. Two months later I received the results for our hotel. I was disheartened by the score. In the previous six years of management, I had only received one survey result that was below 92. On my first GM's survey, I received a score of 81 which ranked me as the least effective GM in the Mid-Atlantic area at that moment.

I contemplated whether or not if I had made the right move and whether or not I was the right GM for this staff.  I didn't discuss the results with anyone on the staff for a week. Once I got clear that I didn't think I wasn't up to the task of being a great GM for the staff and hotel, I scheduled one-on-one meetings with each team member. 

In these meetings, I asked questions to get an understanding of how I was being perceived, and what I needed to do in order to bring out the best in each person that I spoke with. I made several commitments about the changes I would make, AND I asked each team member to make ONE commitment towards helping me help them become the best they could be.

In order to build their trust, I created a plan of action that involved investing in their development. This plan included hiring a consultant to conduct a teambuilding workshop, investing in a basic computer class for ALL hotel employees, and the investment of purchasing a book each quarter for the next year on topics such as becoming a person of influence, the leader in you, moments of truth related to customer service and team building.

When my assistant manager's wife received a promotion that required her to transfer, he resigned and I informed my Area Director that I would not be filling his position right away. Instead, I gave each employee a raise and additional responsibilities.

In the following year, my employee opinion survey scores went from 81 to 92 in the Spring and in the fall the score was 97. The following year, I was recognized as having the most improved employee opinion score at our national GM conference. By this time, I had hired an assistant manager and together we built on the progress and momentum to receive the following year, four #1 awards related to KPI's out of more than 300 hotels. 

This framework of growing leaders at every level became my standard operating procedure even after I resigned from Marriott and took on the role of turning around fast-food and casual dining franchise restaurants.

Now, this isn't new to a lot of people. But, in the late '90s and the early part of the 2000's it wasn't something that leaders and organizations were doing as a standard procedure for cultivating employee engagement, developing high-performance teams, and growing the revenue and profits of a business.

Why Book Me?

It is a known fact that when a speaker communicates with passion and conviction on any topic, he or she is viewed as trustworthy which increases the likelihood that they are much more persuasive than a speaker who has no direct experience with a subject matter. Just think about the topics that you communicate with passion and conviction. Are you more convincing when you are speaking from a personal experience? I bet you are.

Not only does my experience of working my way up through management ranks to become an award-winning leader in three organizations speaks to the effectiveness of the leadership practices that I am able to demonstrate in a consistent manner to achieve business objectives. In addition, my ability to coach and train leaders in ways that empower them to become a leader that people want to follow during my public seminars, workshops, and multi-week programs inspires attendees to provide me with referrals that help to grow my business.


I'm passionate about great leadership. This is why I continue to be a student who is tuned into various organizations that conduct research on workplace culture, leadership, organizational success. I am able to craft presentations to meet the needs of a specific audience and communicate in a way that makes it relevant to where the audience is and where the audience wants to be. The diversity of my leadership experiences provides me with a tool kit of best practices, strategies, and clarity about delivering insightful, transformational, and practical training content that can be implemented immediately towards overcoming challenges and maximizing opportunities.

People prefer to be on winning teams. Winning teams are demanding and exciting. Winning teams require more from their members which helps to expand their identity of who they are and who they can become, and what they are capable of accomplishing. When people are able to identify how their contributions led to their team's and organization's success, these experiences inspire them to tap into their creativity and be more innovative. These experiences will provide them with a positive and inspiring reason to do their best and go the extra mile when necessary. Work doesn't feel like drudgery.  It feels more like play because they are able to enter into the flow state" more often. This is the shift that happens within organizations when they grow leaders at all levels.

Workshop Overview

Introduction: The facilitator lays the foundation of the workshop, and conducts a virtual icebreaker activity.

Section l: Leading With and Without A Title


Objective: Attendees gain an understanding of the benefits of developing and mastering self-leadership habits and skills that increase their influence and impact within the organization. They are able to connect the dots between their performance and success in the workplace.  

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion that helps participants identify effective self-leadership habits and skills, and how their identity and narratives about themselves and their job influence how they show up at work and impact their performance and success.

Section ll: Becoming A High-Performance Team

Objective: Attendees develop awareness about their present habits and behaviors that maximizes and minimizes their performance from an individual and collective experience. They are able to identify as a group what behaviors they need to enhance and those they need to change to become a high-performance team.

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion on the traits of high-performance teams, the challenges their team faces with displaying these traits on a consistent basis, and the solutions they think will help to resolve them.

Section lll: Alignment + Accelerating the Team's Success

Objective: Building on what they have learned about self-leadership and high-performance habits that accelerate success, attendees will use their insights to create a next best steps plan using Jackie's signature success system The Go Be Great Blueprint™ to develop and grow their leadership skills, increase their influence and impact, make progress and build momentum towards their individual and collective goals. 

The facilitator will share and discuss each habit of mind represented in the Go Be Great Blueprint™.  Participants will undergo a self-inquiry and self-empowerment process that helps them to create a next best steps plan, individually and as a team. this plan will help them to identify the mindsets, habits, and skills they need to demonstrate consistently as their best self in order to up-level their performance and collective success as a team.

Wrap Up: Key Insights, Takeaways, and Commitments

The facilitator will lead an interactive discussion on key points from the workshop and participants are provided the opportunity to share their key insights, takeaways, and commitments to their 30-day team-building quest based on their next best steps plan.


Success Indicators

Your Employees Will Be Able to Do the Following At the End of This Workshop.

  1. Embody the identity of their best self and model the behavior of a great leader.

  2. Use their wisdom and knowledge to identify the mental attitudes that help them to overcome challenges and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

  3. Be intentional towards the success they want to achieve as an individual and as part of a team working within your organization.

  4. Be proactive toward developing the habits, skills, and daily routines that they identify during the workshop which will help them to accomplish your organization’s mission-critical objectives.

  5. Be more creative and innovative towards contributing more value to their work.

  6. Create and nurture a culture of support and collaboration to unify their energy, talents, skills, and ideas towards the achievement of business goals and career success. 

The Grow Leaders At Every Level Training Workshop will provide employees with a framework for them to identify a 30-day team-building quest after the workshop that will help them to increase their trust among themselves, develop an inclusive workplace culture, become a person of influence and show up in their arena to achieve daily wins.


This 30-day team-building quest is designed to ensure that they experience the difference in their workplace when everyone takes ownership of his or her performance at work, understand that as a member of a team it’s okay to ask for help when necessary to achieve results relevant to the organization’s success.  Inspired by a  sense of 'oneness of purpose’ they will realize that accountability to each other improves their engagement, performance, and success as a high-performance team that wins in the marketplace.


This virtual workshop can be tailored for 20 - 100 participants. Depending on the size and composition of the group, I may recommend breaking it up into smaller groups. The ideal length for virtual training is three hours with a maximum of 100  participants. This training can be conducted on two (2) consecutive days consisting of 90-minutes training sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays, or Thursdays and Fridays.


This workshop is priced on a sliding scale based on the number of participants in a virtual experience versus an in-person experience. The minimum number of participants for a virtual workshop is 20 people and the maximum is 100. The minimum number of participants for an in-person workshop is 35 and the maximum is 500. 

Contact Information

Please contact Jackie Capers-Brown at for more information or to discuss scheduling a consultation and training workshop.

Founder and CEO, Greatness Made Simple Company