Impact Matters

I believe that leaders need to be able to envision new possibilities and inspire others to see and catch that vision and help work towards making it happen. Below are some of the events that have enabled me to have a positive impact on the lives of black women leaders. 

I am forever grateful for the  Toastmaster's organization for nurturing my love of training and speaking.  Many of the speaking and training opportunities and award recognition on this page is a reflection of people who have supported me for years since I returned back to my hometown of Columbia, SC during the Great Recession while others reached out to me, I said YES to their request and was able to build a supportive relationship with.

 I am looking forward to the opportunity to speak in person and engage audiences face to face. Until then, my monthly mastermind is definitely helping me to sharpen my online training skills which have been a pleasant surprise.

The impact of my work to build and develop black women leaders and increase their effectiveness toward strategically preparing and positioning themselves for next-level leadership success in the workplace and marketplace is my "thang".

I am blessed to have the opportunity to water the seeds of greatness dwelling in each woman that I interact with doing so with gratitude recognizing the grace of God I experienced during my corporate career where with the help of mentors, allies, advisors, and sponsors, I was able to go from being counted out by many of my family and friends because of the choices I made in my teens to become a Best of the Best manager and award-winning executive leader with Marriott Hotels. Then I took what I'd learned during those 13 years and began to work in franchise restaurants turning them around.

The legacy of leaders I helped to develop during my twenty-plus years in the hospitality industry has certainly helped to prepare me for my life's work of "developing leaders to change the world."

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