Level  Up Success Coaching with Jackie Brown


I have developed three one-on-one virtual success coaching programs to help you meet your biggest challenges in a cost-effective way. I am also able to work with you to create a four-week coaching program that addresses specific needs that are not addressed in my signature coaching programs. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs


Are you not where you want to be in your life and constantly wondering why? From time to time, each of us, including me, struggle with limiting beliefs that create internal roadblocks to living the extraordinary life you desire and deserve.


Why You Want to Eradicate this Issue


When you are constantly underestimating whom you can become, what you can achieve, and what you are worthy of experiencing in life, it creates an energetic resistance that blocks your ability to maximize your full potential and live your best life.


In this program, I support your success toward transforming your limiting beliefs to developing an empowering identity and personal story which will help you create a shift in how you show up for yourself, your dreams, and for the people, you care most about in your life. We will discuss the following:


Identify your limiting beliefs

Develop an awareness of how they hold you back

Identify your triggers

Create an empowering identity

Map out a plan of action that helps to anchor your new outlook about yourself into your daily lifestyle


Benefits and Outcomes from This Program


This strategic performance coaching program will help you redefine what’s possible in your life. When you change how you look at yourself, what you believe to be possible in your life will change. You will develop an awareness of the truth of your enoughness. This awareness will enable you to reconnect to your authentic power, and express your gifts, strengths, skills, knowledge, and ideas in ways that add value and impact more people and environments. As you embody the fullness of your potential, you will experience greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, meaning, and success.

No Excuses, Real Results



Tired of spinning your wheels and not making progress toward your goals? Are you ready to level up your goal-setting and goal achievement strategies and success mindset to create progress and build momentum toward a short-term goal you want to achieve?


There is no doubt that reaching your goals, living your dreams and achieving success in life is not something that’s easy. But, it is doable by you. I’m here to support your next level of success.



Why You Want to Eradicate this Issue


Progress is a process. It’s easy to confuse being busy with the production of tangible results. By developing a process-driven mindset that focuses on results. and the establishment of effective habits that help you remain clear and focused on what it takes to achieve your goals, you are more apt to achieve more of your goals. Success breeds success.


In this program, I will support your progress toward developing effective goal-setting and goal achievement habits that will help you succeed in life. We will discuss the following:

Develop and get clear about your 30-day goal at the onset

Identify the compelling WHY that will keep you motivated

Leverage your previous successes to build confidence

Establish weekly milestones toward the achievement of your goal

Receive consistent and reliable feedback on a weekly basis



Benefits and Outcomes from This Program


This strategic performance coaching program will support your efforts of breaking procrastination or an excuse making habit that delays your progress and success. You will develop an awareness of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical habits that are essential to achieving goals, and those that are not. You will tap into your creative power toward the achievement of your goal as you say bye, bye to any excuses holding you back. You will be supported and encouraged to produce results with frequent follow-up, positive reinforcement, and accountability which are essential components of this program. You will leverage the skills that you develop during this program toward the achievement of other goals.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead


Navigating your next promotion and career success to ensure that you are maximizing your talents and opportunities while lessening your missteps can feel like you’re walking on a tightrope. In addition to your position responsibilities, you have to understand the realities of workplace politics to continue to position and promote yourself for opportunities to grow your influence, impact, and income. Those that avoid understanding the dynamics of workplace politics and fail to develop a strategic plan towards advancing their corporate career often find themselves being overlooked and blindsided for promotions.



Why this Issue Needs to Be Eradicated


It is a fact, especially for women, that you can have talent, and you’re willing to work hard, and you have a degree and still get overlooked and blindsided for promotions. According to the Women In the Workplace 2018 report completed by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.org, this is especially true for women of color aspiring to achieve leadership positions in corporate business environments.


In this program, I will support your progress towards developing a strategic plan and the political prowess essential to advancing your career and building sustainable success during your corporate career. We will discuss the following:



Promote yourself with an understanding of your value proposition

Get clear about the rules, the power, and workplace culture

Become a person of influence

Create a plan to network strategically

Identify potential sponsors and mentors

Create a plan to gain mentors and sponsors

Keep your finger on the pulse of the organization



Benefits and Outcomes from this Program


This strategic performance coaching program will help you develop your capacity to be politically savvy and strategic toward the opportunities you pursue and achieve is critical to surviving and thriving in most work environments.

Each of these coaching programs consists of four consecutive weekly 90-minutes one-on-one sessions. They are now available for $400 as payment in full or two payments of $200. Contact me here with questions about creating a four-week program specifically to help you level up your success toward a specific goal or project, and to book one of the above four-week coaching programs. 


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Philanthropy & Giving Back

It was at a  FREE meeting that I attended decades ago hosted by the Sistercare organization in Columbia SC that I received information that would help me gain clarity and have the courage to create a plan to leave a relationship in which I was being abused. Thankfully. the opportunities I took advantage of while working for Marriott Hotels provided me with the income necessary to do so. I am aware that this is not the reality for many women who are in domestic violence relationships.


Donating a portion of the proceeds from my online courses toward purchasing copies of my book - Get Unstuck Now and donating them to women shelters in my home state of S.C and beyond provides me with an opportunity to share a practical tool that can help them gain clarity and tap into the courage in their heart to take action that enables them to redefine what's possible in their lives. 

Slay Your Greatness Academy is a personal development and leadership training company dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and leaders embody the authentic power of their best self to slay their unique brand of greatness in ways that enable them to grow and flourish.


Jackie does this by providing empowering content, actionable training, coaching and team building and leadership development programs that enable clients to level up their well-being and success.

About Jackie Capers-Brown


Jackie Capers-Brown built a 20-year award-winning leadership career working her way up from a minimum wage position with Marriott Hotels then transferring to Marriott's Courtyard division where she achieved five management promotions in six years while developing several high-performance teams. She transferred to Marriott's Fairfield Inn division to take on a General Manager position.  When she resigned from Marriott she went on to become a General Manager for two restaurant franchise companies. She was the General Manager of six million-dollar businesses during her corporate career.


Today, Jackie is the CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy, and the founder of the Level Up HER Leadership Initiative for Women of Color. She's an author, speaker, trainer, mindset coach, and leadership performance consultant.