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Career & Leadership Training for Emerging Women Leaders

The Lead to Succeed Emerging Women Leaders Program will educate, equip and empower her with an inside-out training and development approach to build a foundation of effective mindset and behavior practices and leadership skills that will increase her agility to meet and handle diverse opportunities and challenges with great success. 

This six-week leadership development training and coaching program provide emerging women leaders with the support, strategic perspective, guidance, and accountability crucial to their ability to build a foundation of leadership habits and skills that equip and empower them to take proactive actions that will level-up their professional success.

The Lead to Succeed Emerging Women Leaders  Program will challenge you with weekly personal development and leadership quests that will help you develop a core sense of self-trust, and a solution-focused orientation which is fundamental to cultivating the influence, leadership, and business acumen necessary for creating sustainable success within diverse organizations.

The weekly training and strategic coaching conversations and accountability will help you develop self-awareness and personal accountability about what’s working, what’s not working, and what you can do better to achieve results aligned with targets outlined in the professional development plan (PDP)  you will create after your 90-minute coaching session with Jackie prior to the start date of the program you have registered for.


The Program's Training & Coaching Segments 

The Lead to Succeed Emerging Women Leaders Program consists of six personal development and strategic leadership training and coaching explorations with weekly assignments that will equip you to become a strategic, value-driven professional  PLUS a graduation celebration with friends and family.  Each weekly session will be two (2) hours in length.

Week One: Identify and Leverage Your X-Factor

How do your passions, interests, and what are you great at that helps you to stand out among your peers in the workplace or marketplace? How do you use what is unique about you to deliver more value in your organization?  What is it that people experience when they interact with you that is rare?

These are some of the focusing questions that will help to guide this training module as you explore, excavate, and learn how to identify and leverage your X-factor. 


Why is this important? You will need to communicate the value you bring to the table in diverse conversations in order to gain buy-in for your ideas and have the impact you want to achieve with the great skills that you have and are developing in order to build sustainable success in your career or business long term.  

Week Two: Power Up Your Personal Brand 

What do people say about you when you are not in the room? When was the last time that you took the time to get feedback from those within your circle of influence? What are your blindspots and how are they stifling your success? How would you approach your career differently as an entrepreneur?

These are some of the focusing questions that will help to guide this training module as you are exposed to what may seem to be a radical approach to career success that high-performing professionals adopt and run with it to build a personal brand that is always strategically communicating their value, ideas, adaptability, and performance.

Why is this important? You may or may not have someone at decision-making tables speaking up on your behalf. Nor should you be solely sold on the idea that it's the way things are done around here. Building a personal brand that communicates excellence,  inside and outside of your organization is a sure-fire way to get noticed, respected, and get support from decision-makers in the workplace or marketplace.

Week Three: Strategic Career Positioning 

Week Four: Develop Effective Inclusive Leadership Skills  

Week Five: Level Up Your Performance 

Week Six:   Cultivating Relationships with Mentors, Allies & Sponsors

Week Seven: Celebrate Your Success Ceremony w/friends and family

 Success Indicators

At the completion of this leadership training and coaching program for emerging women leaders, you will be able to do the following:

Embody and express your unique code of greatness with clarity, courage, and confidence

Become a person of influence within your organization or in the marketplace

Communicate your unique value proposition and how it adds to an organization or client


Be proactive towards executing a strategy that positions you to accelerate your success


Exhibit inclusive leadership traits that create a sense of belonging in the hearts and minds of others

Tap into your influence to inspire others to show up as their best self

Improve your time management and execution skills to achieve goals and have a positive impact

Communicate in ways that inspire and connect with the head, heart, and hands of team members

Understand and leverage the value of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace and marketplace  

Increase your business acumen



This six-week leadership development and coaching program will take place on Tuesdays, 10 am - 12 pm EST on the Zoom platform.  During each session, Jackie will deliver an interactive leadership training and discussion based on that week's topic. There will be thirty minutes allotted for a mastermind discussion about implementing what you have learned in your specific situation. Jackie will review the weekly assignment for the training and answer questions about it to ensure your success. Each meeting will begin and end at its scheduled time in an inspiring and empowering manner.

This program requires an investment of approximately twenty-five hours by each attendee. This includes a 90 minutes personal coaching session with Jackie prior to the start of the program, twelve hours of group training and coaching, eight hours for completing assignments,  and if your company sponsors you,  a weekly follow up with your manager and/or HR representation, and two-three hours of reading and research for the completion of some weekly assignments.

Each weekly training will include performance enhancement coaching conversations, guidance, support, implementation exercises, planning, execution, and accountability. 

group Size

The maximum number of attendees in this group program is 18.

All attendees must be women aspiring to level up their leadership effectiveness & success.

The ideal attendees for this program are:


1.. Women who aspire to secure their first supervisory role

2. Women who are in their first six months in a new supervisory or managerial role

3. Women who are seeking proven ways to build successful teams as a manager

4. Women who want to secure stretch opportunities that will lead to next-level career success

6. Women who desire to transition or have transitioned into becoming  a small business owner with          little to no leadership experience