The Level Up HER

Leadership Master Class with Jackie Capers-Brown

Highly successful people now connect successful personal and professional outcomes with their own level of 'Personal Mastery' – their ability to tune into themselves and be more mindful of the impact their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on the people and situations that surround them as well as the results they get.

The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class provides women of color with an opportunity to take part in a mid-year power pause that provides them the strategic support necessary to help them develop and sharpen personal mastery skills that will increase their personal effectiveness and elevate their productivity toward the achievement of personal and professional goals. 


Become Extraordinary.

Embrace the Brilliance of Who You Are At Your Best.

The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class will be hosted and facilitated by award-winning business Jackie Capers-Brown. The master class will be held on Saturday, June 29, 2019, at the Baymont Inn Hotel located at 347 Zimalcrest  Drive in Columbia, SC. Zimalcrest Drive is off of Bush River Road across from the Walmart. Registration starts at 9:15 am. The program will be from 10:00 a.m - 4:00 pm.

Drawing upon her research on personal mastery, high performance and leadership, as well as decades of developing leaders with and without titles and several high-performance teams during her 20 year corporate career and today, as a leadership performance advisor, trainer, and coach, Jackie delivers this high-energy, high-impact masterclass with the clarity and motivating confidence necessary to equip attendees with insights, strategies, and tools to level up their personal and professional success.

This training is geared toward advancing the leadership skills of women of color by developing their personal mastery skills. The women of color in attendance will leave this training with greater clarity, courage, and self-assurance toward the achievement of their personal and professional aspirations.

This interactive training will provide attendees with opportunities to mastermind solutions to their biggest obstacles while identifying opportunities they can take advantage of now to elevate their life, career and start-up business.

During this training, attendees will learn the D.R.I.V.E. Method™, Jackie's signature performance enhancement strategy which she used to go from earning minimum wage to becoming a leader of high-performance teams and a corporate executive of several successful million dollar businesses. For the past four years, she's been sharing it primarily with her coaching clients. 


Learning and implementing this strategy that is now backed by research will equip and empower attendees with the "know-how" essential to leveling up their effectiveness by activating the power of their best self, defy odds, overcome obstacles, optimize opportunities and succeed at accomplishing their biggest and boldest aspirations.

The training will consist of the following master class sessions:



Master Class Session One: Level Up HER Influence

Master Class Session Two: Level Up HER Impact with The D.R.I.V.E. Method™


Momentum Mastermind Session:  Navigating HER Next Level Success Roadmap

In this training, you will go beyond the basics of personal leadership to learn and understand how to 'WIN FROM WITHIN" and implement highly successful personal mastery principles into your day to day interactions with others and toward the achievement of your goals. Personal mastery principles that will be discussed include self-awareness, personal values, purpose, perception, alignment, and personal transformation. 

Evolve Your Personal Leadership.

Elevate Your Life.

This Master Class is for you if you...

+ Look forward to participating in a fun, high-energy, interactive training experience that helps you connect to your inner-authority and experience insights and breakthroughs from your own thinking.

+ Want to learn what it takes to “show up” with greater clarity, courage, and confidence toward your goals.

Seek to have real conversations with women of color that can create real connections and opportunities to expand your network of supportive relationships.


Want to improve your influence, impact, and income.

Interested in learning a highly effective personal mastery system of practices that will enable you to both overcome obstacles and optimize opportunities as you navigate your next level success.


Want to take advantage of this training opportunity to receive support from an award-winning leadership performance advisor who will guide you through applying personal mastery concepts and tools in your life to help you achieve personal and professional goals.

Master Class Personal Leadership Skills Development:

Increase personal initiative to solve problems

+ Communicate in a clear manner to create mutual understanding 

Create a greater connection with the head, hearts, and hands of others to persuade and achieve goals

Introduction to effective project management to understand how to set and achieve personal and professional goals

+ Learn how to strengthen your relationships with decision makers and key influencers

Understand how to implement a proven process of achievement

The Top 5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Attended this Master Class


If you implement the actionable strategies and tangible takeaways shared during this training  you'll be able to:

1. Better Manage F.U.D.

Fear, uncertainty and self-doubt rob so many people of their dreams. Instead of being a spectator or always "wishing" your life could be better, the strategies shared during this master class will help you connect with and own your inner-authority to live, love and lead boldly.



2. Take Back Your Daily Agenda

We live in an era of continuous distractions. In the process of learning how to harness your authentic voice, you will be clear about how to better manage your daily agenda to be more productive and get stuff that matters most DONE.

3. Accelerate Your Growth and Success

In a matter of hours, you'll learn the signature performance strategy that enabled Jackie to go from working as a minimum wage employee for Marriott to become a leader of high a performance teams and an award-winning executive of several successful million dollar businesses during her corporate career. It doesn't have to take you months or years of learning how to elevate your personal effectiveness and success That's the hard way. Avoid the hard way by investing in this master class training.

4. Meet Rising Expectations

At the end of the day, you have people that expect you to deliver results, again and again. Regardless of the goal, in an era of constant change, you have to have a core sense of stability within yourself to manage diverse challenges and opportunities. You have to invest in yourself to sharpen your skills and avoid becoming the barrier to your success while maximizing your potential for long term success.

5. Make a Lasting Impact

Think about the people that you would have a greater ability to help. You could become that person that changes the course of a person's life. Do you remember the person that helped to shape the person you have become? Become that person for someone in your circle of influence.

A Sneak Peak at the  Structure of the Personal Mastery  Flow 

at The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class


Reflect & Receive - Acknowledge all you have done so far this year. Taking the time to feel the difference and

progress you are making helps to fuel your intrinsic motivation toward your goals.

Reveal New Possibilities -  Tap Into what really matters to you personally and professionally. Access what's working and what's not working and where are the bottlenecks diminishing your momentum. Identify what you need to STOP, Start & Continue doing to achieve your next quarter and year-end goals.


Choose Your Focus - What is the ONE thing if you were to direct your energy and attention toward would make everything else easier or unnecessary, personally and professionally? 


My Next Level Success Moves - Combining key takeaways from each master class session, your creativity, and focused choices - identify strategic actions you can implement immediately to build positive momentum and operate inflow.

At the end of this training, you will have a clear understanding of the relevant habits, skills, and strategies that are key to you BE-ing BOSS of your life, career, and business while navigating your way forward with great success.


I respect the investment of your time and money to participate in this training. With that being said, this training is backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means, if at the end of this training you are not completely satisfied with the training experience, all you have to do is return this workbook to a member of the Level Up Success Squad and all of your money will be refunded back to you within 5 to 7 business days, no questions asked.


I am offering this guarantee because I stand behind my ability to deliver training and coaching that helps individuals gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to make progress, build positive momentum and achieve goals when they are willing to put forth the consistent effort required.

Included with your investment, is the option to receive additional support from me by participating in four weeks of my MOMENTUM virtual group coaching based on the training at the LIVE event to help you implement and execute what you’ve learned toward achieving your goals. This FREE group coaching is available ONLY to those in attendance at the event. You will receive information about the group coaching within 5 days of the LIVE event. At which time, you have the option to opt-in for the four weeks of FREE group coaching.

My team and I are excited that you are thinking about joining us for this breakthrough training experience designed to help you embody and embrace the truth of your enoughness in order to step into your power, redefine your possible and succeed on your terms.



With gratitude,



Jackie Capers-Brown

Host & Facilitator

Level Up HER Leadership Master Class

Level Up HER Success Squad

Mistress of Ceremonies

Courtney Scott

Kenyetta Rolle

Sadira Stroman

2019 Level Up HER Leadership Award Honorees

I am honored to have the privilege of publically recognizing the following three women I've known for several years who have consistently demonstrated their commitment toward the advancement of women of color in the Midllands of SC.  Congratulations Ladies! 

Patricia Abraham

Carolina Panorama Newspaper

Chappelle Broome

Columbia Metropolitan


Kiwan Fitch-Webster

The Empowerment Group

You can expect to develop the personal leadership capacity to do the following as a result of attending this groundbreaking personal mastery training experience.




You Will Be Intentional.


You will lead with a clear intention toward achieving the desired impact you want to have on people, culture, and organizations. You will engage and execute the information received during this training with a passionate determination to achieve those results. Because of this felt intention, you will move forward with greater confidence to level up your leadership influence and impact.


You Will Be Inspired.


You will be inspired and motivated by connecting with other women of color who are ambitious and purpose-driven like yourself. Your mindset will be renewed, your mojo energized and your moxie empowered. You will begin to embrace who you are at your best to show up, stand up and speak out for what matters must to achieving the impact you want to have as a leader.


You Will Be Equipped.


Your unique strengths, knowledge, skills, and experiences have uniquely equipped, tested and given you the capacity to walk in your inner- authority. The actionable strategies and tangible takeaways you will gain access to during each training presentation will equip you to close the skills gap between where you are relevant to your leadership effectiveness, and what you are capable of to play a bigger game.


You Will Be Empowered.


Confident in your ability to execute the leadership best practices shared during this training, you will adopt a focus-forward attitude that keeps your mind on things that contribute to the advancement of your leadership vision, voice, value and success.



Unlock Your Power to Be Your Best Self


In our modern era, we find ourselves with more options and the ability like never before to be whomever we want to be, but, too often we lack the tools, relationships, and resources to navigate our way forward with the clarity, courage, and confidence to embrace and fully engage the best of who we are toward the achievement of our biggest and boldest aspirations.


I know this because it has been a part of my story, and many of the women I have had the privilege of serving during my corporate career and as a small business owner.


The possibilities that we sense in our clearest moments, for who we are and the impact we can have as leaders is real. When we gather together in spaces designed especially for us to help us see and honor the best of who we are - we begin to experience an awakening inside of us that helps us to use what we already know, and our new learning to unlock a greater depth of internal power unlike we have ever known. Private victories precede public victories.


Join us at The Level Up HER Leadership Master Class in a spirit of sisterhood to be inspired, be equipped and be empowered to show up as your best self, leading, loving and living with clarity, courage, and confidence to increase your  happiness and joy while expanding your chances of achieving meaningful and fulfilling success this year, and years to come. 


Your investment includes top-notch professional personal development and leadership training, event workbook, and lunch. . Please eat breakfast prior to your arrival at the event.


Our collective journey on this day will have ripple effects on each of our lives as we feel embolden to let our best self shine. We will take on bigger and bolder dreams and aspirations to show up as the brave, bold and badass women we are.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

Jackie Capers-Brown, Founder and CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the Level Up HER Leadership Master Class. This means, if at the end of this training you are not completely satisfied with the training experience, all you have to do is return your workbook to a member of the Level Up Success Squad and your investment will be refunded, no questions asked. Effective 4/15/2019.

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