A Three-Month Online Group Coaching Program

for Women Of Color Leaders.

 Training, Coaching, Accountability, and Community.

Duration - 12 Weeks. Dates: April 7th - June 30th, 2020

Get Unstuck

Access a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support to help you get unstuck from self-doubt, indecision, overwhelm and fear.

Fierce, Feminine



In addition to weekly Tuesdays group training sessions, each participant will receive a 60-minutes one-on-one monthly coaching session with Level Up Success Coach, Jackie Capers-Brown. These personal sessions are designed to support the ongoing developmental needs,  progress, and success of each participant in the program.


Impact Driven

Members solve big challenges that enable them to keep building positive momentum towards the achievement

of personal and professional goals.



This program consists of 12 interactive modules that are comprised of training on topics such as,  self-leadership, relationships, communication, persuasion, influence, conflict resolution, goal setting, and goal achievement, get ready and stay ready for promotions, and managing the state of play in ways that benefit your team, your organization, and yourself. 

Inclusive Community

Be supported by a group of diverse, like-minded,  women leaders that embrace sisterhood and are willing to do the work to be great leaders and create positive impact. 



Success without timely celebrations becomes a grind.  Participants will be scheduled to attend ONE in-person mastermind training on May 12th & 13th, 2020. The training will take place on weekdays in Columbia, SC.  We will come together to solidify clear strategies, savor your success, and most importantly, acknowledge the growth you have achieved to make the success happen. That's ALWAYS worth celebrating!


Elevate Your Possibilities

What You'll Be Able to Do Better

Find meaning in your work as you fulfill your leadership potential and leave a mark.

Discover your strengths and put them to work in the service of an inspiring purpose.

Develop constructive ways to view your world to expand your horizons.

Find your voice to share your perspectives and opinions and become more confident in accepting opportunities that allow you to grow into the leader you can become. 

Build stronger, collaborative relationships to increase your sense of belonging while receiving the support and sponsorship key to women leadership success.

The Level Up HER Leadership Mentorship Initiative Is for You


You are an ambitious woman of color who is seeking a soulful + strategic approach to leadership success. You feel the call to be all you can be which includes developing and maximizing your leadership potential to serve and contribute your ideas, knowledge, and skills in ways they will have a greater impact.


You understand that the compelling vision you have about yourself as a leader must be coupled with the consistency of effective effort to contribute your highest value and achieve your personal and professional aspirations.


You realize that progress is a process. Change doesn't happen overnight and you desire ongoing training and support from others who are on the same journey.

Get Ready to Slay Your Leadership Greatness In A BIG Way!

It Takes A Village to Develop Successful Women of Color Leaders.

It's Time for YOU to Blossom!


Business Hours


Monday - Thursday - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern

Fridays - 9:00 - 3: 00 pm Eastern

Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays



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Philanthropy & Giving Back

It was at a  FREE meeting that I attended decades ago hosted by the Sistercare organization in Columbia SC that I received information that would help me gain clarity and have the courage to create a plan to leave a relationship in which I was being abused. Thankfully. the opportunities I took advantage of while working for Marriott Hotels provided me with the income necessary to do so. I am aware that this is not the reality for many women who are in domestic violence relationships.


Donating a portion of the proceeds from my online courses toward purchasing copies of my book - Get Unstuck Now and donating them to women shelters in my home state of S.C and beyond provides me with an opportunity to share a practical tool that can help them gain clarity and tap into the courage in their heart to take action that enables them to redefine what's possible in their lives. 

Slay Your Greatness Academy is a personal development and leadership training company dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and leaders embody the authentic power of their best self to slay their unique brand of greatness in ways that enable them to grow and flourish.


Jackie does this by providing empowering content, actionable training, coaching and team building and leadership development programs that enable clients to level up their well-being and success.

About Jackie Capers-Brown


Jackie Capers-Brown built a 20-year award-winning leadership career working her way up from a minimum wage position with Marriott Hotels then transferring to Marriott's Courtyard division where she achieved five management promotions in six years while developing several high-performance teams. She transferred to Marriott's Fairfield Inn division to take on a General Manager position.  When she resigned from Marriott she went on to become a General Manager for two restaurant franchise companies. She was the General Manager of six million-dollar businesses during her corporate career.


Today, Jackie is the CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy, and the founder of the Level Up HER Leadership Initiative for Women of Color. She's an author, speaker, trainer, mindset coach, and leadership performance consultant.