Nobody was prepared for a crisis quite like COVID-19. Initially, when most of us are faced with an unexpected personal challenge we often feel as if we are not prepared.  

It hasn't been easy to create a structured strategy towards expanding my reach to serve more people in ways that will make a difference in their lives.

The past nine months have been CRAZY!

All the change and disruptions can slow you down.

This is why I had to re-commit to my vision and purpose to re-ignite my self-leadership and inner drive and invest in some training and coaching that has helped me to ground myself with the intention that I had for this year and how I had planned to show up in service to others.

I can't deny that this year has been hard.  But now, I'm ready to leverage my ideas, knowledge, skills, strengths, and ambition to focus on creating new possibilities in my life and in the lives of others. What about you?

This moment in our lives demonstrates the importance of self-leadership and personal mastery. 

When faced with uncertainty, we have to embrace it with humility and authenticity. Only then will we demonstrate the empathy, compassion, and understanding towards ourselves and others that is essential to meeting the demands of challenging times.

When we begin to build self-trust and take action to move our lives forward, we are able to move beyond ambiguity to optimizing the reality of the moment.

Self-leadership involves acknowledging the brutal facts of any situation.  It encourages us to lead with questions instead of answers. It encourages dialogue and feedback that helps us to think smart and act our way to success.

You can be so much more confident in your ability to handle whatever you face in life in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.


That is if you are willing to do the work to develop highly effective self-leadership habits of mind and behavior that enable you to bring your best qualities to the surface while developing personal habits and skills that empower you to leverage your strengths, knowledge, and experience for your greater good.

  • If you properly prepare yourself to develop effective self-leadership, you will have more clarity.


  • If you develop effective self-leadership, you will have more courage.


  • If you consistently exhibit effective self-leadership, you will stand out and accelerate your success in life.

The people who develop highly effective self-leadership mindsets, habits, and skills are better equipped to tap into their best qualities and develop a plan that helps them to navigate uncertainty with the confidence they can handle whatever they face.


What is Self-Leadership?

Self-leadership is the cornerstone that determines how effective we are at leading ourselves. It is a crucial factor that influences how we show up for ourselves, our dreams and goals, and the people that matter most in our lives.


Self-leadership is a demonstration of our autonomy to take full responsibility for our life. It is meeting each moment with the understanding that we have the freedom to choose the direction of our life.

Self-leadership is the establishment of clear goals and the creation of a plan to achieve them while remaining flexible and adaptable to course-correct as needed to reach our intended destination.

Self-leadership is directing your time, attention, and energy towards activities and tasks relevant to the achievement of goals aligned with your desired lifestyle vision.

Self-leadership is developing the discipline necessary to keep the main thing, the main thing, and avoiding unnecessary distractions that are not aligned with your desired lifestyle vision.

Benefits of Effective Self-Leadership


You live your life with intention.  You improve your relationship with yourself. You acknowledge and respect the truth of all your emotions. You rise to the situation that's in front of you. You are decisive.  You choose to make the quality of your relationships a priority. You are able to maintain a connection to the compelling WHY that inspires your ambition and inner drive, regardless of age. You live life with the mindset that life is happening "for" you. You nurture a growth mindset and the emotional resilience necessary to demonstrate grit toward life's challenges.


You recognize the importance of developing the habits of mind and heart space to seek first to understand and then be understood.  You challenge your assumptions. You apply what you already know to new situations in creative ways. You become less reactive and more proactive towards your life experiences. You think and communicate with clarity and take responsible risks. You show up as your best self which helps you to stand out and accelerate your growth and success in life. The effectiveness of your self-leadership shifts the trajectory of your life as you achieve dreams that once seemed to be impossible.

But, there are a few things that get in your way.


  • Self-doubt - when you question if you are enough or have what it takes to pursue and achieve your goals.


  • Fear - when you allow "imagined" danger dictate your action or inaction towards your dreams and goals.


  • FOPO - when you allow other people's opinions dictate your action or inaction towards your dreams and goals. 


Roadblocks to Your Self Leadership Success


You get in your own way. You sabotage your success. Often due to a lack of self-awareness. You live life from a victim's mindset that life is happing "to" you. You major in the blame game and pity parties. You lower your personal standards. You live below your potential. You are indecisive. Your inner critic dominates your thinking about yourself and what's possible in your life.


You are judgmental of yourself and others. You don't trust yourself to do what you say you're going to do.  You question the sincerity of others and trust few people. Your lack of self-trust hinders you from developing authentic and trustworthy relationships with others. You pull over to the sidelines and watch as life passes you by.


The powerful truth of who you are diminishes as you do not prioritize leveling up your thinking, habits, and skills. Without an intervention on your part that is comprised of decisive action, you will begin to lose connection with the truth of who you are. and you will no longer recognize who you have become.

When we aren't living our life with intention by developing the clarity, courage, and confidence required to do what is necessary to attain our desired experiences in life, we live our life circling the same mountains, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

How to Overcome Self Leadership Roadblocks

Overcoming self-leadership roadblocks require you to re-ignite your commitment to your dreams and goals. 

It requires you to expect more from yourself. You have to commit to the next level of learning and self-mastery. By doing so, you become equipped and empowered to handle chaos and uncertainty BETTER.

When you want more in life, you have to develop the inner game of effective self-leadership qualities to handle the inevitable challenges and roadblocks you will experience on your journey to personal greatness.

This requires you to LEVEL UP your identity, mindset, habits, skills, and behaviors. You've gotta BECOME  more to DO more and HAVE more.

It's time to move beyond the going through the motions every day.

It's time for you to engage the best of  who you are in order to leverage it for your greater good.

This master class will provide you with a structure of training, engagement, and connection that will inspire you to start living forward with a greater zest for life as you navigate your journey to greatness with clarity, courage, and  confidence.

You Know What's Best for You. Develop the Self-leadership to Get It!

Hi Friend,

I'm Jackie Capers-Brown (aka Jackie B). It's time to get excited about showing up for yourself, your loved ones, and your dreams and goals with intention.


I look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the Level Up Your Success Master Class. You will learn and be able to apply practical and proven self-leadership strategies that will help you develop the inner-game necessary to achieve next-level success, again and again. 

Achieve Goals You Never Thought Possible By Learning What It Takes to Make Space for Your Greatness and Abundance In Your Life!

 Give Yourself Permission to BE More, DO More and HAVE More In Life!

Unlocking your potential is an inside-out process.  Jackie's approach to helping you embrace and embody the greatness within you to overcoming challenges and achieving goals is not about pushing you. It's about empowering you to elevate your self-leadership capability towards executing your "level up" plan towards the achievement of goals and success you desire to experience.

In this training, Jackie will help you identify any resistance to embracing the fullness of your greatness. You will be empowered to dismantle limiting beliefs with liberating truths that help you begin the process of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and behavior with the vision of new possibilities you want to experience and manifest in your life.

You will learn actionable strategies that enable you to tap into the field of intention to elevate your energetic vibration to boost your manifesting power. Jackie believes that when we release any resistance to our greatness and do our best to maintain the energetic vibration of what we desire, it has no choice but to be attracted to the energy we are transmitting on a consistent basis.


By the end of this two-day master class, you will have a deeper understanding of how to cultivate and embrace liberating truths about yourself and capability, gain clarity about your goals, and the next steps you need to take to navigate your way forward. You will have an understanding of how to cultivate the habits and skills necessary to follow through with consistent action towards the achievement of your soul-inspired dreams and goals.  


You will have greater confidence in your ability to effectively handle what shows up in your life. You will have created a roadmap for success based on what you have discovered about yourself and what's really most important to you now. You will know what it takes to activate and engage your best self towards the implementation of actions aligned with the goals you desire to achieve.


After the training, you will receive four weeks of additional training via email to help you continue to execute what you've learned and your plan to achieve your goals. Jackie provides students with a private Facebook community in which they can connect with students who have invested in the training, receive additional training, inspiration, motivation and empowering messages by Jackie with the purpose of each student embracing the fullness of their individual greatness and playing full out to achieve her or his goals.

What Others Have to Say About Jackie's Training & Coaching

Courtney Scott, Client Services Leader

 Jackie knows exactly how to help you get in the mindset to feel motivated to pursue anything you put your mind to.

Jackie is a Wonderful Leader!!


Jessica Green, Founder of Girl You Are Amazing

Jackie is the absolute best! Her approach to helping you dig deep and slay your greatness is unmatched. She has a genuine interest in your success and proves it with her continuous support and consistent pushing you to the next level.


She is the leader you need, best friend, mother figure, role model, and truth teller, everything wrapped in one. If you are looking to take your life and business to the next level you must connect with her.

Gigi Brown Author, Courage to Sit

Jackie Capers-Brown is committed to assisting others grow their leadership skills. She has a vast amount of knowledge on leadership and self-growth. Her mastermind presentations are thought provoking. You will be presented with opportunities to brainstorm, stretch yourself, and develop strategies that you can apply in your career.  I'm grateful to Jackie for the work she is doing with Slay Your Greatness Academy.


Kia Dowdy, Vice President at The Movement Against Domestic Violence

Had a powerful success session this morning with Level up success Coach Jackie Capers-Brown let me tell you get with people who are already established where God has you. Headed and always be teachable.. Take notes and implement the things they invest in you to grow and be the best leader God created you to be!! So much good information and such an awesome program!! You all go add and follow this pure Woman of God she has great information to help build you to be successful in your businesses!!!

Shaunita M. Grase, Former Director of SCDPPPS

I highly recommend Jackie Capers-Brown as a speaker for any event. She is engaging and provides her audience with tools to implement in all areas of life. Not only is she prepared, Ms. Capers-Brown also ensures her presentations are geared towards her target audience. I would definitely ask Jackie to speak on her experiences and leadership journey at another event in the future.

Rita Anderson, Program Chair, SCGMIS 

I highly recommend Jackie Capers-Brown for any organization who is looking for a speaker that can connect to an

audience and provide real-world insights and constructive ideas for anyone seeking to inspire

and develop their leadership and management skills.

This Moment Is Challenging You

to Level Up Your Self-Leadership.



This masterclass is a two-day personal development program designed to help you develop the mindset, habits, and skills that will give you an edge to creating massive success, personally and professionally.

The training will take place on a weekend from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm ET on it's scheduled dates.   The training will take place on Zoom.

Each session will include group chat rooms after each module, group feedback, and 2- 10 minute breaks.

Participants are expected to join the training with their video ON.


Participants will be assigned to breakout rooms to get to know each other and discuss key learning points with one another during each training session.

The Level Up Your Life Master Class will feature:

  • Perspective-shifting insights, growth mindset, and effective self-leadership principles

  •  Success practices that help you to develop the mental agility, emotional resilience, energy management, goal setting, and execution skills necessary to achieve your goals

  • Jackie's signature success system and how to use it to create and implement a plan of inspired actions to release resistance and navigate your way forward with success

  • Workbook to help you practice and integrate the lessons you learn into your daily life

  • Coaching conversations with Jackie during the LIVE training to help you be clear, confident, and courageous towards achieving next-level success. 

Every Important Journey Needs A Roadmap.

Get Inspired and Empowered to

Level Up Your Sucess.

Day One

Module One: Empowered Mindset

In module one, you will learn how to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs creating inner barriers to your success

  • Once you identify your inner barriers, you'll begin to redefine what's possible  in your life by adopting liberating truths that will support your intention to dismantle limiting beliefs

  • Dismantling limiting beliefs requires you to identify identity-based beliefs and habits to embody the identity of the person you need to become to achieve next-level success

  • Be intentional towards setting goals

Day One

Module Two: Personal Mastery

In module two, you will learn how to:

  • Lead yourself with intention to achieve next level success

  • Cultivate the self awareness necessary to demonstrate self acceptance

  • Understand principles of self management that gives you an edge towards achieving success

  •  Nurture a growth mindset that supports your ability to be resourceful while engaging the best of who you are to succeed 

Day Two

Module Three: Strategic Focus

In module three, you will learn how to:

  • Become a person of influence

  • Identify your strengths and how to best leverage them to achieve your desired success

  • Leverage opportunities for growth into a scaleable structure for overcoming obstacles

  • Create a plan to maintain the passion, motivation, resilience and determination to stay the course to achieve sustainable success

Day Two

Module Four: Next Level Success

In module four, you will learn how to:

  • Build and maintain a personal brand that helps you to stand out

  • Create a 90 day Roadmap for Next Level Success

  • Identify what it will take to align your efforts to achieve your 90 day next level goals

  • Manage your emotional state to elevate your vibrational frequency and become a magnet for the people opportunities you need to achieve next level success


Early Bird Pricing Is In Effect Thru September 25th, 2020.

This Is the Last Master Class Offered in 2020 with Special COVID-19 Pricing. The Next Public Master Class Will Be In January 2020.

This Is the Personal Growth Training

You Need to Breakthrough to Next Level Success!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This program comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


If you are not satisfied at any point during the first day of training, I'm not satisfied.

I'm committed to discussing and resolving any issue that you may have during day one of this training.


If you do not feel the solution we discuss will ensure your satisfaction, I will refund your money. That's it.


You will not be able to attend day two of the training as you will be refunded your entire investment.


Enroll Today and Prepare for A Transformational

Training Experience with Level Up Success Coach

Jackie Capers-Brown.

What People Who Worked With Jackie Say About Her Leadership

Jackie has done an exceptional job for us over the years. Her strong point is her leadership skills and training. I used Jackie at times as our training manager. She communicates very well and people have a clear understanding of what she is teaching.


Darlene Stroupe

Former East Carolina Pizza Hut, Area Supervisor- Wilmington, NC


I have known Jackie since 1990. Since we first met, I have had the utmost respect for Jackie’s commitment, determination and concern for the business, guests and employees. As tough as the business can be, Jackie was always able to balance effectively the financial, guest satisfaction and employee satisfaction goals that were required of her in her position. Change has been one constant with Marriott. Not all are adaptable as Jackie has been. Jackie has always been able to rise to the challenge, I admire that.


Ed Brumfield

Former GM, Courtyard by Marriott NW - Columbia, SC



Although she excelled in all areas for which she was responsible, I believe her very strongest skills lie with her ability to work with and motivate others. Jacqueline is a true leader and is both creative and innovative in her approach to motivating others. She was given several difficult and challenging assignments during the five years that she worked with me and always met or exceeded my expectations of her.


Dee Harrington-Hucks

Former GM, Courtyard by Marriott NW - Columbia, SC

Here's What You Are Going to Be Able to Do
After Completing This Master Class
  • Expand your beliefs and vision about what's possible in your life

  • Embrace your spiritual power and essence of greatness

  • Develop your capacity to strengthen your inner resolve

  • How to make tiny changes that help to build personal success habits

  • Design your day  to help make success easier 

  • Understand how to align your energy state to attract what you seek

  • Avoid common mistakes people make in the pursuit of their goals

  • Understand the mindsets, habits, and skills necessary to adapt and win

  • Tap into your creativity and become more resourceful

  • Manage the voice of your inner critic with acceptance an compassion

  • Get back on track when you get off course

  • Cultivate supportive and resilient relationships

  • Create a Level Up Your Success Roadmap

  • Lead yourself with greater success 


  • The D.R.I.V.E. Method Advantage Cheat Sheet -  This useful summary comprises the key insights from the process into digestible actions into a handy reference guide. Value - $25

  • Scale Your Success  - A month long series of 4 emails with video messages after the masterclass that will help reinforce key ideas and insights from each module taught in the master class to inspire and motivate you to continue to do the work of integrating what you have learned into your daily life. Value - $97

  • Private Community for Students of this Master Class  Training - Jackie is committed to supporting students of this training with a private Facebook group where she offers ongoing inspiration, motivation, and advice for students of the master class. Value - Priceless

Join Jackie for in-depth discussions on personal growth topics during her monthly  Sacred Pause Circle.

The Sacred Pause Circle takes place on the 4th Thursday of each month

@ 7 pm ET on Zoom. It is open to women, men, and teens ages 16 and up.