Live More, Fear Less Online Workshop

with Jackie Capers-Brown


Get Ready to Shift Your Relationship with Fear & Brave Boldly to Live Your Best Life!



The Gift of Fear


Everyone is afraid of something. No one is exempt from feeling fear. Fear is a necessary emotion that helps protect us from impending danger. Fear supports our survival. Nevertheless, when we perceive ALL fear as a signal of impending danger and harm, this perspective of fear limits our capacity to express the fullness of our potential and brave boldly to live our bravest life. 


In his book Start Where You Are: Life Lessons from Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Chris Gardner writes “Fear is the most common obstacle that stands in our way or holds us back from our highest self and aspirations. No one, except us, can make the fear we feel disintegrate. We have to take it upon ourselves to develop the skills necessary to manage our fears in a way that works personally for us. The means doing so is unique as our DNA.”


I went from struggling with depression and bitterness in my heart because of past wrongs, a college dropout that became a single mom of two children living on government assistance in Section 8 housing to become an award-winning leader of leaders and the general manager of several successful million dollar businesses. Six months after my first GM's promotion with Marriott, my teenage son, Blease died unexpectedly from cardiac arrest which ushered me in a mental and emotional hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. After experiencing my greatest fear (the death of a child) and gleaning wisdom from this and several experiences (adversities and opportunities) have helped me shift my perspective about fear. It is from this perspective, understanding, and insights that I share the Braving Boldly practices outlined in my upcoming book, Find Your Brave and those I share in the Live More, Fear Less online workshop.


Out of necessity, from the age of thirteen when my mom died unexpectedly and my sense of security was pulled right from underneath me, I have had to learn how to face my fears with bouts of self-doubt, knees shaking, butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms and unsure of whether or not I would make it through some of the adversities and challenges experienced in my life. Armed with shaky faith, the size of a mustard seed, I continue to learn how to move forward in life in the face of fear.


It was not until a few years ago when I was dealing with a case of chronic self-doubt and a major case of procrastination that I began to peel back the layers to find that an underlying fear was the root cause. Fortunately, I had small inclination after moving beyond the fear of losing my son and the liberation experienced in my soul would one day serve again as my saving grace.


When I began to recognize how fear had ignited the fire in the seat of my soul during life-changing adversities and when I embraced opportunities beyond my comfort zone and "credentials", I began to sense a need to dig deeper for truths that would inspire insights I could use moving forward and help others. Today, I believe wholeheartedly that fear can not only be a gift for our survival, it can serve as a gift for igniting the fire in the seat of our soul to brave boldly and liberate ourselves from the invisible mental and emotional chains that shackle our life and potential.



The Danger of Doing Nothing  About Our Fears


Many women (and men) tell themselves the following stories,


"When I stop being afraid of being rejected by my bosses, then I'll negotiate for a raise."

"When I feel confident in my leadership, then I'll pursue a promotion."

"When I become financially secure, then I'll start to think about dating."

"When I let go of worrying about what other people think, then I'll pursue starting a business."

"When I know I won't fail, then I'll feel more confident to pursue THAT goal."

"When I get more comfortable in my own skin, perhaps then I'll socialize more."

"When I lose some weight, then I'll feel better about myself and how I look."

"When I raise my consciousness and vibes, then I'll be able to manifest my desires."


Do you ever think that you have to wait UNTIL your fears and self-doubt disappear before you give yourself permission to be okay with wanting to feel good now, do good now and living the grandest life you make of your time now?


You are not alone. There is not a woman or man alive that has not told herself or himself one or all of these phrases at some point during their life.


Many women (and men) are waiting for their fears and self-doubt to subside before they begin to exercise the freedom and power that rests in their choice to pursue aspirations reflective of their heartfelt desires. As they wait around hoping and praying for their fears and self-doubt to disappear instead of taking action in the face of their fears and self-doubts, time passes, they get stuck and disconnects from the aliveness dwelling in their soul.


And all the pointing of fingers at others and pity parties won't change the reality. Waiting around for some magical moment when we won't feel fear or have to manage our doubts to live a more passionate, purposeful and brave life may never happen. The best we can do is to expand our relationship with our fears and leverage them for us to live a life that is lit from within by a soul on fire.


Consider This - What if Your Fear Is Telling You to Stop Waiting On:


Your bosses to acknowledge the value you bring to the organization by doing it, first, for yourself. Keep a journal of your hard-won successes to remind yourself of what you're capable of and why you're more than capable of that leadership position you want.


Having all your pennies and dollars accounted for before you begin to work within a budget to occasionally, let your hair down and have a good time. You work hard. Self-care is essential to the quality of your health and life.


Being concerned about people judging what you do or don't do. You can't control what people say about you. You can control how you let what they say about you affect you.


A path that is failure-free. When you learn how to see failure as feedback and use the information to become smarter, better and wiser, mistakes will no longer prevent you from going after what you want to experience in life.


Building genuine connections with others. You can simply start by having coffee with a friend from your social media platforms or being more accessible to others when they want to meet face to face.


Losing weight to feel good about yourself. Research has proven that feeling good about yourself prior to any change is a key to staying the course during the ups and downs of the path.


We are human, not machines. You have a right to feel what you feel without attaching some distorted or half-baked truth which makes you feel that your feelings are wrong. It's not what we feel, it's our ability to manage our reactions to what we feel that can create some issues, right?


I'm a personal growth teacher. I get bummed out. I honor my feelings when I'm not my best self. Dismissing and denying the truth of what I feel prevents me from developing emotional resilience needed to bounce back better.


When you stop waiting for perfect conditions and shift how you perceive your fears and self-doubt, the freedom that you soul craves will liberate the aliveness and strength of your spirit.

If You Are:

  • Majoring in hesitation and procrastination

  • Feeling unsure of your capacity to be more and do more

  • Sick of tired of letting your self-doubt, insecurities, and resistance control your life

  • Holding yourself back and missing out on opportunities in your personal and professional life


Turn Your Fear Into a Gift to Slay Your Greatness In Bigger Ways

  • Shift your perspective on fear

  • Use fear as a catalyst for unleashing your seeds of greatness

  • Say YES! to what you most want to experience in life

  • Reduce overwhelm and make clear-minded decisions

  • Navigate new possibilities beyond the familiar

  • Trust that everything is figure-out-able 


Live More, Fear Less Workshop Will Enable You to:

  • Give yourself a sense of security in a world dominated by fear-based beliefs and actions

  • Go from expecting the worst to believing in your ability to live your best life

  • Leverage fear as a gift to achieve BIG goals

  • Unlock the shackles of limitations on your potential

  • Embrace your unique ability and strengths to shift your life forward

  • Embody the fullness of your authentic power to be you, without apology


Why Invest In the Live More, Fear Less Workshop?


  • You need an action plan to build a live more, fear less lifestyle (you can't just think your way out of fear)

  • The information shared in this program has been life-tested and it's practical

  • Begin to build a personal foundation of braving boldly practices for living your best life


Join me on Thursday, May 17th for the Live More, Fear Less Online Workshop.


  • The workshop will take place on Zoom from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

  • Live, interactive training includes 30 min Q&A

  • Participants will receive a link to the training on the date of the workshop 

  • Limited to 50 participants

  • No Refunds

  • Investment $27