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You deserve strategic support to create a life and career you love. 

I am here for you.

I know just how difficult it is to feel in your heart that you are capable of being more and doing more and lack the necessary support and guidance to fulfill this desire.

Teal Swan writes: "Desire is not painful. Unmet desire is painful. It is supposed to be because it implies you are in this moment separated from what you want and therefore from what you are meant to be one with."

As long as I continued to do the same, nothing changed in my life. It was not until I allowed myself to believe that more was possible in my life, and developed a conviction in my heart that I had to make better happen in my life no matter what that the teachers I needed began to appear in my life. Teachers who had a servant's heart and were willing to invest in me by sharing their knowledge, life experiences, and expertise with the intention of watering the dormant seeds of greatness in my potential. 

Today, I have the baton and I'm running my race as a catalyst for activating people's faith in themselves. My great work enables me to serve as a guide who educates, equips, and empowers professionals on how to identify and embrace their gifts of greatness in order to create new possibilities in their life and career.

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I was inspired to start Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting (formerly Slay Your Greatness Academy) due to the fact that I'm a people person who wholeheartedly believes that every living soul on earth has within himself or herself the capacity to be great.

At the age of 9 when I started conducting a summer reading program to help my friends and neighbors do better in school, I was hooked on how helping others made me feel like I was making a difference in their lives. I enjoyed helping my friends and neighbors read better. I loved how they started to enjoy the process of their progress. And how they were willing to read books above their grade level to challenge themselves and see how much more they could learn and accomplish as a better reader.

With over twenty years of building an award-winning leadership career, I have had the privilege and responsibility for training and developing hundreds of team members and new leaders while managing the responsibility of accomplishing each business's strategic objectives relevant to my positions as a manager and executive leader of several successful 7-figure businesses. I bring my love for people, my passion for learning and development, and my results orientation to my business.

Through my corporate career, books, speaking engagements, webinars, and group training programs, I have trained and coached thousands of people on mindset, getting unstuck, emotional resilience, self-leadership,  embracing fear as a gift, people leadership, workplace culture, service excellence, and high performance. I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those I serve.

In my group training and mastermind programs, and my physical and digital products, I strive to inspire professionals to believe in their ability to achieve the impossible by using my personal story of overcoming the odds against me to rise above my circumstances to change the trajectory of my children's lives and my life.

When it comes to personal development and leadership development, I am able to serve as a guide and walk them through my signature self-leadership success methodology: The Go Be Great Blueprint™ and the self-inquiry process that helps them to shift old patterns, embrace a mindfulness approach to releasing patterns that no longer serve them as they identify their next best steps toward the achievement of their goals. 


Those I have served have been able to:

1. Discover and embody their unique gifts of greatness to craft a winning identity. They've been able to gain clarity about what they truly want to achieve and WHY, and enlarge their vision of themselves and what's possible in their life and career.

2. Transform their relationship with fear and begin to "see" it as a gift that represents a new door for them to walk through to realize their next-level growth and success. This skill helps them to resolve inner resistance fairly quickly. They experience the freedom of building bridges to close the gap between what is and what can be in their life.

3. Gain momentum by learning and using The Go Be Great Blueprint™ to renew their mindset, develop self-trust, embrace courage, and display confidence and curiosity to take action beyond their comfort zone to experience new possibilities in their life and career.


This moment is calling you to leverage your experience into working knowledge while you focus on gathering essential knowledge and skills that enable you to show up to your field of play as your most passionate, determined, and do what it takes to succeed, self.  Are you prepared and strategically positioned to achieve your goals?

When you have clarity and conviction about who you are, what you stand for, where you are going, and how you plan to get there, you will begin to experience the freedom from self-imposed limitations, a freedom to embrace your spiritual power, and the freedom to redefine what's possible in your life and begin to pursue it wholeheartedly with a conviction that life is happening for your greater good. This mindset will help you to evolve into the best version of the person you were born to be.

What I didn't know years ago from my humble beginnings of being raised in a working-class family was that the saying, "Play the hand you've been dealt" would become part of God's grace in my life. This simple phrase helped me to trust in my intuition and instinct, and take actions to accomplish promotions with no prior experience which led to my award-winning corporate leadership career for more than two decades. 

When I realized that I could apply The Go Be Great Blueprint™ and succeed in a commissioned sales position with no prior experience, I knew it was time for me to make it my primary focus of training others on how to use it and leverage it for their greater good. 

The process works. It serves as the foundational framework for my training in the Unleash Your Greatness Virtual Masterclass and Go Be Great Leader program, and the soon to come Go Be Great Success Alliance. As the foundational tool, it helps you to develop smart thinking habits and take decisive action towards the achievement of your dreams and goals. 

Listen, I applaud all the effort you have demonstrated towards realizing your full potential and living your best life. What I know from personal experience is this: when you are struggling to make progress and build momentum in any situation, you need to be willing to ask for help. You don't have to do it alone.

The training I provide career professionals are backed up by tangible results from my life and career, and the life of diverse career professionals and organizations.  It's time for you to exhale and know that by partnering with me, you have someone fully committed to helping you make progress and build momentum. I will take delight in helping you embrace and embody the fullness of your personal power to unleash your greatness and create a life and career that resonates with your heart and your soul's path of evolution.

I've got your back.

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A Few Photos from LIVE Events 

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Some Cool Stuff I've Done

United Way of Midlands Host for Richland County Community Meeting
I had the pleasure of co-hosting the Richland County Community Meeting with Kimberly Isaac-House. This required me to reach out to local small non-profits that are providing services in the areas of health, education, and homelessness. The primary purpose of the meeting was for leaders to provide the UWM with their vision for the community in five years and how they would like to be involved in creating it.

Go Be Great Career "Reset" Workshop
Host and facilitator of this group workshop training for professionals who wanted to press the "reset" on their corporate career amid the disruptive changes taking place in corporate workplaces. Attendees were taught how to apply the Go Be Great Blueprint to level up their mindsets, habits, and skills in order to prepare and position themselves with aligned action that reflects what they want "more of" and "less of" in their career and the next best steps that would increase the likelihood of achieving their goals.

BraveHeart Women Rising Circle
I hosted and facilitated this group training and coaching program from February - October 2020. The focus of this group program was mindset training and leadership development.

The Sacred Pause Circle
Because of the enormous pressure that many women experienced from the initial disruption of Covid 19 last year, I decided to host and facilitated four FREE 90-minute training on personal development practices that help me to ground myself in the face of challenges in order to get clarity, make better decisions, and take informed action.

Level Up HER Leadership Initiative
I created this leadership initiative for women of color to ensure that I create and host training programs that address the challenges and opportunities these women face by equipping them with in-demand leadership training that prepares them to seize and create new opportunities in their corporate careers.

BraveHeart Women Multi-week Mastermind Program
Partnering with LeanIn.Org, I conducted a FREE multi-week mastermind group for women in Columbia, SC. 

Get Unstuck Now Multi-week Masterclasses
Shortly after publishing my book Get Unstuck Now, I began to conduct a multi-week masterclass for women and men.

Lead to Succeed Multi-week Seminar Program
Shortly after publishing my book Lead to Succeed, I conducted a multi-week Lunch & Learn seminar for FREE in honor of Black History Month. Although this training was FREE several of the attendees sowed into me by donating ten bucks for each seminar training they attended.