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Taking Place On the Following Tuesdays,
March 29, April 5 & April 12, 2022
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST
Virtual Training Held On Zoom

It's time to renew your mind, nourish your hope and soul, create your next-level vision plan and elevate your manifesting energy by preparing and positioning yourself for next-level career success.

I am inviting you to join me for this six-hour career success training workshop which will be facilitated over three consecutive weeks. Experience career training designed to transform how you show up towards your well-being and career goals from the inside out!

Embrace your heroic self to be more deliberate and strategic towards your career success. This training will help you to plan your path forward with the clarity, conviction and confidence necessary to slay your career goals. I'm here to help you!

Just in case you are new to me, I'm the founder of Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting. My passion for training and development and helping professionals achieve next-level career success is fueled by my experience of working my way up through the management ranks to secure my first executive leadership role within three divisions of Marriott Hotels.

Working my way up through the ranks helped me to gain so many insights about how a team's trust in a leader can result in several teams I led surpassing the company's service and profit goals. At the last hotel I worked at, our team was recognized as the #1 team in four key performance categories related to customer experience out of 354 hotels. This was the first time that had happened in the hotel division.

I leveraged my career success to become a turnaround executive leader for two YUM restaurant franchise companies helping them to improve employee engagement, quality of customer service, improve sanitation scores, and the revenues and profits of each store I worked at in this capacity. 

Throughout my corporate career, I believed in developing leaders with and without titles. I believe this personal value was a key reason for the number of high-performance teams I was able to cultivate during my corporate career. 


Because of the allies, mentors, and sponsors, I was able to secure during my corporate career, it's important that I share what I consider to be some of the most high-impact strategies I executed to build the career capital that led to my award-winning career for more than two decades.


This virtual workshop will be conducted 2x this year in Jan/Feb and March/April.  The training and coaching you will receive in this career workshop will enable you to tap into your self-awareness, wisdom, intuition, and desire to create a plan of action that you feel confident will help you grow and flourish in your career. 

Inside Of This Live Workshop Training ,
You Will Experience ...

Perspective Expansion

When you are able to identify your unique gifts of greatness and maintain an understanding of how they have already provided you with evidence of your power and potential to create new possibilties in your life, you will begin to disrupt the limiting narratives you have believed about what's possible in your life. You will start to embody a more expansive energy of possibility. Expect to leave this workshop with a more expansive perspective about you and your capability to succeed.

Strategic Training & Coaching

A lot of career professionals underestimate the importance of creating a career plan that reflects the best of who they are and what they stand for in order to show up at work in their authentic power. Establishing goals that resonate with who you are and the career capital you want to build is key to building sustainable success that's authentic to you. Setting and achieving goals is a key habit of highly. successful people. Planning the actions you  need to execute to achieve your goals provide you with clarity towards your next best steps.

Mindset & Energy Upgrades

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to dream bigger? Do you feel as if you have lost some of the fire and aliveness that you once felt towards your career? Believe me, it happens to the best of us. One cure to move pass this predicament is to expose yourself to new ways of thinking about your career that will elevate your perspective about what's possible in your career which automatically shifts your mindset and your energetic vibe. Expect to experience a shift.

Connection with Like-Minded People

You've heard the saying that you are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with. .Most successful people believe there is enough to go around so they enjoy seeing people succeed. The interactive nature of this workshop will allow you to meet with like-minded ambitious professionals. You already know what you know. Exposing yourself to this learning and growth experience povides you with an opportunity to gain insights and be in conversation with people you don't interact with every  day. Thus, you will gain new insights that you can apply in your career

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Next Level Career Success Planning Workshop 
Online Live Training

The 3 Part Next Level Career Success Process

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Part 1

Define & Clarify Your

Next Level Career Success

Create a compelling vision that drives action today. Identify what next level career success looks and feels like to you and discover your unique gifts of greatness - required to discern how you show up as your best self towards challenges and opportunities.

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Part 2

Inner Work & Practical Skills

for Next-Level Career Success

Transforming ourselves to show up for our dreams and goals requires us to synchronize our energetic vibe with aligned action that helps us to build influence and create positive impact in our careers.

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Part 3

Creating A Plan to Achieve

Next Level Career Success

Identify three goals that will move you towards the next-level success you want to experience. You will then be trained and coached on identifying and executing actions that enable you to secure micro wins, short-term goals, and long-term goals.


Week One: Define & Clarify Your Next Level Success

  • Connect with Your Heart & Inner Wisdom

  • Clarify What You Stand For to Build Influence

  • Identify What Next-Level Success Looks & Feels Like to You

  • Discover Your Unique Gifts of Greatness & Authentic Voice

Week Two: Inner Work & Practical Skills for Next Level &&Success

  • Interrupting the Disempowering Stories You Tell Yourself to Create Positive Impact

  • Inner Coherence with Your Goals & Magnetizing Your Energetic Vibe

  • Agile Mindset, Adaptabiity, Leadership, Courage & Emotional Intelligence

  • Identify Three Goals You Want to Achieve & Why

Week Three: Create Your Plan to Achieve Next-Level Success

  • Assess Your Current Career Capital to Identify Gaps

  • Complete A Step-by-Step Plan for Achieving Your 100-Day Goals that Includes Identifying Roadblocks to Your Success and Contingency Plans to Stay on Track

BONUS 1-hour Q&A After Each Training Module

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What the Next Level Career Success
Planning Workshop Helps You Do

  • Experience a deeper connection with yourself by increasing your self awareness and honoring the wisdom, strength and potential within you

  • Find the hidden blessings in your past and present challenges to increase your self-trust

  • Reinvent yourself by interrupting assumptions and habits blocking your success

  • Understand WHY inner alignment with your goals is key to increasing your manifesting power

  • Learn a framework of mental models that can empower you to consistently show up as your best self

  • Embody the energy of your best self

  • Level up your ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Improve your communication and colloboration skills

  • Improve your decision making and problem solving skills

  • Gain clarity and deepen your conviction towards achieving your career goals

  • Identify your three 100-day goals

  • Clarify high impact actions that are relevant to the achievement of your goals and your plan to execute them

  • Live and lead with the clarity, conviction and courage to slay your greatness and achieve your goals

  • Learn key elements to flourishing in your personal and professional life

What Makes Next Level Career Success Planning Workshop Different

It's a simple but powerful self-leadership process that helps you reach a new level of clarity about accessing your heart intelligence, how to align your thoughts, emotions and action with the career experiences you most desire, why it's important for you to develop your authentic voice and advocate for yourself and how to develop keystone habits and skills that enable you to build influence and create positive impact that adds value to others while building your career capital to accelerate your success.

I know what it feels like to be in the trenches in various roles within Fortune 500 organizations and as a business owner. I understand the importance of connecting to our intuitive heart, identifying what makes one unique and leveraging those qualities and strengths with a deliberate intention towards preparing and positioning yourself to achieve next level career success while having fun and creating memorable moments that reflect what you consider to be unimaginable success.

What High-Performing Professionals
Say About Jackie's Training 

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Say YES! to Your Next-Level Career Success

2022 Workshop Dates
Next Workshop Starts On
March 29, April 5 & 12


Payment Processing: When you make a payment with your debit or credit card or PayPal account, you will be asked for billing information linked to the card/account that you are using. The purpose of this is twofold. First, to ensure that the individual who is making the payment whether it is a personal or corporate card is authorized to do so. Second, I will be providing participants with a chance to win one of six copies of my new book The Go Be Great Blueprint during this training. I will already have the shipping information of the winners. Shipping information will only be used for the purposes stated.

If you are a corporate employee who needs an invoice before the payment can be made, please click on the button below to email me with your company's name, address, and the name of the individual(s) attending the workshop. The payment for an invoice is due no later than the Friday prior to the start date of the training.  

Each person registering for this workshop will need to register for a FREE Zoom account and use the same email address that you provide to Zoom to sign in to this workshop on its scheduled date.  This is necessary for learners to participate in breakout rooms during each training.

Each person registered for this workshop prior to the cut-off day for registration will receive his or her pre-work assignment via email one week prior to the program start date.   Those that register afterward will receive their pre-wor within 24 hours of registration. 

There is no additional discounts available for this training.

Registration for this workshop will close at midnight on the Friday prior to each training which is January 21, 2022, and March 25, 2022.