• Jackie Capers-Brown

36 Tips to Become A Person of Influence In Your Workplace

If I asked you to write down the names of five people who has had the greatest impact on your life, your list would represent individuals who has demonstrated sincere concern for you in your personal, academic and professional life. We have a tendency to remember folks who demonstrated genuine care and concern for us. Years later, when we our paths meet again, we may forget their name BUT we never forget how they made us feel in their presence. Haven't that been the case for you? Aren't there people in your past you would love to catch up with in person and others not so much?

Energy is contagious. So, we remember the attitudes that people demonstrate towards us. Those who we come into contact with who are enthusiastic about life and demonstrates a joy and childlike curiosity about a project or their work often transfers there positive vibes to others such that when people live their presence they feel better.

In the last few weeks, how have you consistently showed up with genuine care and concern towards others in your circle of influence?

How have you consistently showed up as your best self towards contributing value in your workplace?

The quality of our relationships are dependent on the energy that we show up with and put out in environments.

The quality of our relationships in the workplace often reflects people's perception of us which influences their beliefs and reactions to us.

Too many people rely solely on their IQ and skills to succeed when in fact those who are better able to show up with a positive attitude of expectancy towards their work, peers and bosses develop the influence within their relationships that helps them to better position themselves for stretch assignments and promotional opportunities.

I'm not saying that your IQ and skills does not matter. They do. What I'm emphasizing here is that if you and someone else in your workplace had similar IQ's and skills and there was an opportunity for one of you to secure a stretch assignment or promotional opportunity within you workplace, the opportunity is going to most likely go to the individual that decision makers know, like and trust more. Because most business decisions are based on relationships.

The person who receives the opportunity understand the importance of developing influence. They understand the importance of building a personal brand of influence. Individuals who understand the importance of becoming a brand not an employee develop their skills to succeed while at the same time build the necessary relationships they need that can help them reach their career goals.

In addition to the on the job training I received during my corporate career, I invested a lot of time and my own money into gaining the knowledge and skills to succeed. My ongoing training helped me to stand out because of the business results I was able to achieve as a manager and executive leader.

I knew instinctively that developing the perception in the mind and hearts of decision makers that I was likeable and trustworthy and when we interacted face to face or on the phone, I was always open to constructive feedback to be the best leader I could be, this attitude enabled me to become a person of influence.

This attitude helped me to secure stretch opportunities, management and executive leadership promotions. This attitude or habit of mind was the topic of discussion in my leadership webinar for my BraveHeart Women Leaders Success Alliance.

The quality of your life, career or business and the success that you achieve will most often be a reflection of the quality of your relationships with people that know, like and trust us within a specific circle of influence.

The following actions will help you develop the mindsets and habits to BE a BIG Deal in the workplace by becoming a person of influence. If you're looking for specific strategies, check out my Become A Brand, Not An Employee Webinar Training here.

36 Tips to Building Influence in Your Workplace

Every person that we come in contact with leaves an impression on us. Our impression, especially if they are someone we are in contact with on a regular basis, determines the level of influence we allow that individual to have in our life. Titles in a workplace gives a person authority and a degree of influence. Becoming a person of influence in your workplace does not require a title. It requires that you develop your character and personal leadership skills.

Developing and executing the following strategies on a consistent basis within diverse contexts in your workplace will help you to BE perceived as a BIG deal.

Why? After reading and reflecting on this list, ask yourself, how many people in you workplace currently execute these strategies with excellence in a consistent manner?

1. Demonstrate the set of skills and competence related to your position that enable you to exceed expectations in your job duties.

2. Be able to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals, not just your work group.

3. Show respect to everyone, at all levels within your organization.

4. Practice active listening skills.

5. Be reliable and dependable.

6. Develop your skills to manage conflict with internal and external customers of your organization.

7. Demonstrate a willingness to adapt to change.

8. Maintain realistic optimism towards your organization’s leadership and goals.

9. Be self-motivated. Be capable of accomplishing your position responsibilities without direct supervision.

10. Exhibit a commitment to completing assigned tasks in a timely manner.

11. Show sincere concern for others.

12. Nurture a results-oriented mindset.

13. Do what matters most to be successful in your work environment.

14. Commit to displaying personal excellence on a consistent basis.

15. Take responsibility for your career.

16. Pursue positions and tasks that expose you to key decision makers in the organization.

17. Be a problem-solver. Be interested in the challenges faced by other teams in the organization. Share your knowledge, skills and experience to help others reach solutions to their challenges.

18. Cultivate a diverse network of supportive work relationships.

19. Make sure your work makes your boss look good.

20. Make it your business to develop and expand your emotional and social intelligence skills.

21. Don’t talk about people behind their backs.

22. Be someone that people can confide in and know that they can trust you to keep what they tell you confidential.

23. Be likable.

24. Establish SMART goals and achieve them.

25. Lead by example, even if you have no title.

26. Grow yourself. Don’t just rely on your organization’s HR department for your development, enroll in courses at your local community college, university or seminars and workshops held by community organizations that will sharpen your professional skills.

27. Understand the political landscape of your work environment and how to best navigate it to achieve your professional aspirations.

28. Support the success of others.

29. Persuade rather than coerce.

30. Subscribe to honesty and integrity.

31. Never respond with vengeance or spite.

32. Have the courage to handle unjust criticism in a respectful manner.

33. Be decisive.

34. Encourage innovation.

35. Master the art of public speaking. Toastmaster’s is a great and affordable way to do this.

36. When you help people, don’t throw it up in their face.

I encourage you to start where you are with some of the simpler actions and build up from there based on your career aspirations and the reality of what's taking place in your organization in the midst of the disruption that all of us are experiencing.

It's important that you get a clear idea of your career aspirations. If you need help creating a strategic plan to achieve you short- and long term goals, schedule a Get Clarity Now Breakthrough Coaching Session with me.

The consistency of the actions that take is how you will stand out from those who are leaving their career success up to just hard work. Yes, you will need to work hard but you need to do so in a smart and strategic manner.

Over time, you will begin to realize this...

Why is this important? Your ability to be grounded in your inner knowing about the power you have to make things happen as a result of your choices, decisions and behaviors elevates your consciousness and causes you to become curious about what else am I able to create in my life.

I believe that as long as we are on earth and we're able to do so in a safe manner, we should always be learning, growing and evolving into the next dimension of who we can be.

No matter where you are on your career journey, your ability to influence others in ways that are beneficial to advancing your vision, voice and value in order to secure seats at leadership tables in your organization and industry organizations will be essential.

Now, I would like to know what resonated with you from this article? Share your comments below.

It's Your Move, Aspire Higher!

Jackie B