• Jackie Capers-Brown

5 Ways to Develop Conviction Toward Your Dreams and Goals

People often ask me, “How did you know you were going to succeed in becoming a successful leader, considering your humble beginnings as a housekeeper with Marriott Hotels in the face of the daunting odds against you?” Depending on the person and the context of the conversation, I draw on the wisdom of my experience to answer the question in a way that is relatable to their particular situation so that they can see how it is possible for them to achieve a particular goal.

When someone asks me this question, I understand it is often because they are wondering to themselves if they have what it takes to achieve a goal. This is a common thought among all of us when we set out to achieve a new goal. This is why I share some or all of the tips outlined in this article with them so they understand what I believe to be some core fundamentals to success. I share why I believe the level of conviction in our heart towards a dream and goal is the #1 factor that determines the success we achieve in life.

Why Conviction is the #1 Factor for Success

The possibility that you can experience new possibilities in your life raises your hope and increases your faith in your ability to do what it takes to experience greater happiness and success. Hope and faith are critical to cultivating a belief in yourself. When a belief becomes a conviction in your soul you’ll begin to tap into a greater force of power that enables you to accomplish what others may have deemed to be impossible. Because your level of conviction towards a goal cannot be seen by others, there is no other way for anyone to be aware or be able to acknowledge your ability without you taking consistent action.

A conviction is a sense of knowing that you have something or someone that can’t always be explained in a logical way. Conviction is a firmly held belief or opinion. Firmly held implies that it’s not something that you will dismiss easily or question if it is so. You believe it to be and someone would have to fight you tooth and nail for you to even consider that it is not true for you. It is a belief or opinion that you will stand up for.

When I think about the passionate determination I held in my heart to improve the lives of my children and demonstrate to them that's it's not where you start that matters as much as it is what you do with what you have to develop your self-leadership capabilities to BE more and DO more to eventually HAVE more.

I was convinced in my mind and heart that my children deserved better in life and it was up to me to make it happen. This belief became a conviction that fueled my desire to be more, learn more, and do more.

This conviction enabled me to cultivate an open mind and open heart to new possibilities. This state of allowing helped me to see and seize opportunities to grow myself and grow my influence and impact as an emerging leader for Marriott Hotels. This conviction became my “Mighty Why”.

Regardless of how I felt, what I thought about a particular task, or who doubted my ability, this conviction served as my compass for the attitude and level of commitment I showed up to work with day after day. It helped me to develop a mindset of being willing to do whatever it would take to be successful on the path I’d chosen, no matter what!

Your level of conviction towards any goal will influence how you show up and the consistency you demonstrate toward completing tasks relevant to the goal. My friend, the level of conviction in your heart toward any goal will ground you in your "knowing" and you'll become more willing to face your fears, overcome daunting odds, bounce back from setbacks and maintain an unwavering belief that you will accomplish your desired end. This is the power of having a conviction towards a goal versus just having a thought or belief about you achieving a dream or goal.

The five tips below can help you begin to nurture a conviction in your heart toward a specific dream or goal.

1. You need to genuinely care about people. You can have the education and skills to know how to do a particular job, however, no one can make you care about people. It’s an attribute that comes from within you. If you don’t genuinely care about people they can sense it. Your heart attitude energy speaks even when you don't. If you want to be able to cultivate and nurture caring and supporting relationships, you have to demonstrate care and support towards others, first. Most of the people you interact with are always tuned in to the same station:

WII-FM (What's In It For Me). When you genuinely care about people they feel it and see it through the consistency of your actions to see them, hear them and value them. Genuine care for others is how you show up daily in your interactions with them. It’s how your presence impacts how people see and feel about themselves. It's whether you demonstrate strong character and you're trustworthy.

Reflection Point: How would the people in your sphere of influence define the impact and legacy your life has had on their lives? Are their lives in some way better because of your presence? If so, what are the tangible ways that it is? If not, what action can you begin to initiate to increase the tangible impact you have on the lives of those around you?