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A Proven System for Your Next Level Breakthrough

Over the course of my life, I’ve learned that all successful people have a proven system that works “behind the scenes” to create consistent results over and over again.

A proven system is important because it helps us increase our effectiveness towards reaching specific outcomes, again and again. This doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes or experience failures on our journey. What it means that having a proven system enables us to identify key lessons from our mistakes and failures in order for us to operate with greater efficiency moving forward.

In order for you and me to get consistent results even when we’re faced with unexpected challenges, it is essential for us to have a proven personal mastery system that delivers consistent results in an array of circumstances.

The Power of a Proven Personal Mastery System

As an example, six months after I received my first executive leadership position, my teenage son Blease died unexpectedly from cardiac arrest. My daughter Dee and me had relocated to Wilmington, NC from our hometown of Columbia, SC in order for me to take advantage of this advancement opportunity with Marriott Hotels. Many of my family members and close friends wondered if I would return back to Columbia, SC after experiencing this devastating loss.

And, even after receiving the scores of my first Employee Opinion Survey results that basically placed me as a general manager the least effective in my region, I still wasn’t deterred from the vision that I had of myself as a leader and what I believed was possible with the team of employees at the hotel.

After these two blows, one in my personal life and the other as a professional, it could have been easy for me to ask my district manager for a transfer back to my hometown. Many people questioned why I didn’t. They perceived the Employee Opinion Scores as a sign that I wasn’t the right fit for this team. They believed it would be best for me to come home and regroup to determine if I was on the right path.

What they didn’t know is that despite the grief I was experiencing from the loss of my son and the emotional blow of knowing how the majority of the hotel staff perceived me as a General Manager, there were a few things that no one had taken into account as they shared their perceptions of the situation with me.

They didn’t know that from the unexpected death of my mother when I was 13, to a spiritual awakening that completely altered my perception of myself and helped me to see the advantages of all the adversities I had experienced after the loss of both of my parents by the age of 19, I had been developing a personal mastery system that had empowered me to develop an inner game that refused to allow me to run from adversity and challenges.

My personal mastery system was my “behind the scenes” process that equipped me to ground myself in who I am and what I stand for as a leader. This system of actions had helped me to tap into my best self in the face of adversity and challenges, again and again.

It helped me to get clear about what would be the best perspective on the situation at hand. It helped me to identify the next steps I needed to initiate in the face of the brutal reality and my desire to create what could be. It helped me to determine the strategic risks I should take in my personal and professional life. And, it provided me with a sense of which relationships I needed to cultivate in order to be the leader I believed I could become and the impact that I could have on the lives of others.

Instead of returning home to Columbia, SC after the loss of my son, I was inspired by the thought that the situation provided me with a great opportunity to see if I could actually teach team members how to embrace the proven system in order for us to work together to become a winning team.

In 18 months, I was one of three GM’s awarded the most improved Employee Opinion Survey scores. My team with several new members rallied with me to provide our guests with exceptional service during two hurricanes when I was the only manager on the property which resulted in many of these guests become return guests of the hotel. During my third year, we were recognized as the #1 hotel out of more than 300 Fairfield Inn hotels in four key performance metrics related to customer service.

Those three years provided me with concrete evidence of how an individual, a leader or an organization can use this proven personal mastery system to level up their life and the success they accomplish.

Yet, I had doubts about it until it became part of the saving grace that helped me to finally turn towards my grief and all the strong emotions that I was denying, dismissing and numbing. After which, I felt it was tied to a greater purpose in my life.

So, I quietly began to share it in my Toastmasters speeches and with small groups while I was living in Wilmington, NC. When I moved back to my hometown during the Great Recession, and shared it with a few decision makers they weren’t convinced.

It was not until I wrote my book Get Unstuck Now and started to teach my master class that it was validated by everyday people who were able to reap the benefits of the system.

Today, I am currently writing my book Level Up which is based on these habits of mind that helped me to think fast and act my way to the top.

Instead of waiting until I publish my next book, I decided in the wake of COVID-19 that I wouldn’t wait around on decision makers to determine the value of the proven personal mastery system, I would begin to teach it now because it can help people navigate many of the challenges they are facing at this time in their life.

Why Is Personal Mastery Important?

Personal mastery and self-leadership is synonymous.

They both refer to a process of living and working with intention towards specific outcomes. It involves showing up on purpose aligned with our values, sense of purpose taking a proactive stance towards growing ourselves, and leading ourselves to be of service and contribute value in the lives of others that enable us to flourish.

When we are equipped with a proven personal mastery system that helps us to:

a) develop an empowered mindset and emotional mastery,

b) create a strategic focus comprised of aligned actions toward specific outcomes,

c) we are better prepared to position ourselves to achieve next level success.

Developing your personal mastery gives you an edge. It helps you to see and seize new opportunities. It inspires you to take strategic risks for the purpose of accomplishing your desired outcomes.

Personal mastery gives you an advantage because:

1. You will understand that your level of personal mastery is directly associated with the quality of the life that you experience.

2. You will recognize that YOU are your #1 asset and make it your business to be a life long learner.

3. You will have an awareness of the depth of strength and wisdom dwelling within you and how to use it in the face of challenges for your greater good.

4. You will accept that a successful system can help you be more agile and deliver results in some of your most challenging moments in life.

5. You will develop the mental and emotional mastery to build muscles of perseverance, resilience, emotional agility, and self-worth that are key to building long term success.

6. You will develop the self-awareness necessary to identify your strengths, opportunities for growth and get clear about the roadblocks on the path that you take and the importance of being around people with like minded aspirations to receive support and hold you accountable for doing the work to achieve your goals.

7. You will develop the leadership ability to accept the brutal facts of your reality while at the same time cast a vision of a new possibility and commit to show up for yourself and your dreams.

8. You begin to evolve into the next level version of your best self, again and again.

Although there has been periods in my life in which I thought that perhaps my personal mastery system was too simple, or worse not relevant, I learned the hard way that the process wasn’t something that I just did. The years of cultivating this process had become how I showed up as my best self. They had become a part of my identity.

A proven personal mastery system will shift your perspective of who you are, who you can become, what you are capable of achieving and what you believe you are worthy of experiencing in life.

It will always direct you to connect with your “inner knowing” and the strength and power dwelling in the seeds of greatness within your soul.

It will encourage you to think independently and think Interdependently to create win-win solutions.

It will help you to understand the role of Universal Principles in your life.

Most important, it will empower you to effectively lead yourself in a consistent manner that empowers you to achieve next level breakthroughs.

Each level of my corporate career required me to use this personal mastery system to challenge myself to level up how I was showing up as a leader to be successful at the new level while preparing myself for the next level promotion.

This is the same for my business. Although I’m still in the start up phase of my business, I’m engaging training and development that teaches me what it takes to grow and scale a small business.

Highly Effective Personal Mastery System Truths and Takeaways

1.Personal mastery helps you to discover and tap into your hidden potential.

2. Personal mastery improves your relationships with yourself and others.

3. Personal mastery enables you to get clear about who you are and what you stand for, your vision, and your strategic plan to make your next best moves.

4. Personal mastery helps you to dismantle beliefs that are not aligned with who you have decided you are and what you stand for.

5. Personal mastery helps you to develop the habits of mind essential to your next level of success.

6. Personal mastery helps you to understand how the acceptance and implementation of universal principles elevates your energetic frequency which starts to attract the people and opportunities you desire to help you realize your dreams and goals.

7. Personal mastery encourages you to take action. Clarity comes from action not sitting around overthinking an idea.

Next Steps

Personal mastery helps you to tap into your hidden potential.

Personal mastery in many ways is like the process that a caterpillar goes through in the cocoon before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. I’m sure if the caterpillar had a choice, it would just bypass its experience within the cocoon and just become a butterfly. Yet, nature teaches us through the metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly that our hidden potential isn’t always what we can detect until we go through a personal process of transformation that helps us to discover within us what was once hidden.

If what you’re doing is empowering you to show up as your best self on a consistent basis and you are achieving next level breakthrough success then you already have a personal mastery system that is providing you with evidence in your life of its power.

On the other hand, if what you’re doing to overcome challenges, manage your emotions, grow your capacity to effectively lead yourself and navigate your life in a direction that makes you feel empowered and proud is not what you are experiencing on a consistent basis, join me for my virtual weekend experience of my Level Up Your Success Master Class taking place on October 10–11, 2020.

The training includes the following four modules:

1. Empowered Mindset

2. Emotional Mastery

3. Strategic Focus

4. Next Level Success

Throughout the master class, you will learn and understand how to use my signature personal mastery system the D.R.I.V.E. Method Advantage™ as the primary framework to develop an empowered mindset, emotional mastery, and strategic focus to achieve next-level success.

If you feel the need to:

1. Press the Reset Button On Your Life

2. Reclaim Your Power

3. Breakthrough and Release Inner Blocks to Joy, Abundance and Success

4. Create A Strategic Game Plan to Navigate Your Way Forward

5. Receive the Support and Guidance Necessary to Get Back On Track

This master class is for YOU.

This training is based on real-world experiences in my life which allowed me to get up close and personal with the “inner knowing” that dwells within the seat of each of our souls. Today, most of what I teach in this master class is backed up by various scientific research.

This truth only reinforces why its important for each of us to connect with and strengthen our connection to our "inner knowing" and trust it.

The training process during this master class is designed to help each person connect with or strengthen their connection with the wisdom and strength that dwells within each of us.

Through this connection and the perspective-shifting insights and strategies shared during this class, you will gain the clarity and have the courage and confidence to execute your next level success plan in a consistent manner that empowers you to achieve real-world results.

Too often, we think that breakthroughs are difficult to experience when in reality, if we are open to new possibilities breakthroughs can occur suddenly in our lives.

Some of the most profound and life-changing breakthroughs in my life occurred not because I was the smartest, the most connected or the loudest, they happened because I placed myself in a mindset and heart space to receive that which I needed.

If you are willing to lay aside your worry, doubts and fear and trust and believe that God is “for you” and God is faithful to his word, the grace for your desired breakthrough will present itself in your life in a way that it leaves no doubt in your mind and heart that you are experiencing a breakthrough.

This training is backed with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

In addition to the virtual weekend training experience, you will receive additional four-week training via an email course with short motivational videos and become a member of the private Facebook group for participants of the Level Up Your Success Master Class.

I will be conducting one LIVE training each month in the private Facebook group and conducting various challenges on topics related to what is shared and discussed during the master class.

Register today for this life-changing master class experience.

For more info and registration, visit Level Up Your Success Master Class.

It’s Your Move, Aspire Higher!

Jackie B

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