• Jackie Capers-Brown

Podcast: Be Receptive to New Possibilities

In the first episode of the Your Future Self podcast series, host Jackie Capers-Brown shares insights and wisdom she's accumulated during life-changing adversities to inspire and empower listeners with tangible takeaways and actionable strategies that listeners can implement immediately to access their personal power and wisdom dwelling in the seat of their soul during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this episode, she inspires listeners to be receptive to the possibility of new possibilities in order to create the heart space and mindset necessary to figure out how to move forward with success during this challenging period in our history.

Because she knows firsthand the power of how transforming one's story can change the trajectory of your life, the first episode addresses how at the root of the dominant stories we tell ourselves lies our ability to reclaim our power and life. 

She walks you through two exercises designed to help you dismantle limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action that is crucial to helping you to bounce forward, grow, and thrive from adversity.

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