• Jackie Capers-Brown

Breaking FREE from the Trance of Unworthiness

One of the most powerful, insightful lessons I've learned over the course of my adult life is that whenever I am rejecting any aspect of myself, from my body to my ambition, I've fallen into society's trance of unworthiness.

Instead of trusting in the inner knowing of who I am at my best, I would start to pay more attention to the voices of others versus trusting and believing in my lived truth.

What I know for sure is this trance can happen over time to the point where you disconnect from your own truth.

The trance of unworthiness does not discriminate. Its influence is everywhere in our world. It influences people in the "hood" and Hollywood. It influences people without degrees and those with degrees. It influences people of all races and gender regardless of their politics and religion.

Breaking free from the trance of unworthiness involved a process that came down to me reconnecting to the truth of my worthiness based on spiritual principles that serve as the backbone of my faith in God AND just as important the truth that my lived experiences say about me.

My process involved several practices, such as:

  1. Limiting my time on social media.

  2. Daily journaling to uncover deeper truths about my lived experiences.

  3. Daily meditation and prayer.

  4. Daily declarations about my worth anchored in the truth of my lived experiences.

  5. Listening to inspirational messages on a weekly basis that shore up my faith.

  6. Exposing myself to people who are way ahead of me in business and make me uncomfortable.

  7. Embracing the temporary comfort of developing new business skills that prepare me to make a difference now and support my efforts to create the future I want to experience.

  8. Grounding myself in my truth that I've always been able to trust my ability to figure out what I needed to do when pursuing goals that seemed impossible.

  9. Resting in the peace of the knowing that anchors my faith and trust.

Today, I have accepted the calling in my soul to launch #TheGoBeGreatMovement after struggling with doubts about whether I could show up with excellence to lead a movement that's meant to touch a million-plus people.

Today, I recognize key components of the trance of unworthiness and its impact on keeping myself and millions of others from stepping forth to do something BIGGER than we have before even when it's for the good of others.

The fog of my self-doubt began to disappear about leading a movement as I embraced both the spiritual truths and the truths of my lived experiences which helped me to expand my beliefs, and thoughts and reframe the doubt driven narrative into a victorious narrative that I tell myself daily about myself and my leadership.

This is one of the compelling WHY's that inspired me to create my online audio course Believe You Are Enough and give students lifetime access to it.

I know that out of nowhere, we can experience doubts that if not addressed with perspective-shifting insights that move our heart, we can get STUCK at critical moments when we need to be PLAYING A BIGGER GAME.

The state of our country and the world requires many more of us to step up and start PLAYING A BIGGER GAME by using our gifts, talents, creative ideas, and resources to have a BIGGER IMPACT.

Take action to move beyond the trance of unworthiness by building mental, emotional, and spiritual skills that will equip you to guard your heart and manage your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself that cause you to question if you are enough. You are enough!

Learn more about my Believe You Are Enough Self-Guided Mindset Program at https://bit.ly/believeyouareenough.

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