• Jackie Capers-Brown

Building Courage In Your Conviction with Chantea Williams

Today we have in the guest chair Chantea Williams, owner of Relentless Publishing House. Her business mission is to help first-time authors who are writing Christian, Inspirational and Children’s books self-publish their work. Her passion is to help authors get their write on. Relentless Publishing House wants to help authors get it right the first time so that they can duplicate it anytime.

As an author, Chantea believes that one of the greatest gifts we can give to anyone is to share our story with them. In our inspirational, real-talk conversation, she shares her story with insights about her life as a single mother, other people’s opinion, how to prepare ourselves for the next crisis, how to overcome the fear of success, the importance of having people who speak life into you, how to get out of your own way, maintain an inward conviction of faith towards your dreams and goals, and why when leaders create a sense of belonging in the workplace it increases there success. These are just a few of the juicy topics we talk about in this episode.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • Why sharing your story is the greatest gift you can give to someone

  • Insights on hope + faith to encourage you to believe in yourself

  • Covid-19 should inspire us to create multiple streams of income

  • The importance of thinking outside the box so we not are not dependent on one system to survive and thrive in life

  • A question you need to ask yourself to be prepared for the next crisis we may experience

  • How she was able to overcome the fear of success

  • The attitude she adopts to diminish the need for perfection

  • Self-sabotaging behavior we tend to adopt when we are trying to prove our worth

  • Your purpose doesn’t change because of mistakes in life

  • How leaders can create a sense of belonging in the workplace

  • A simple exercise for identifying why YOU CAN achieve your dreams and goals

  • And so much more…

Contact Chantea Williams

  • www.relentlesspublishing.com,

  • info@relentlesspublishing.com,

  • www.facebook.com/relentlesspublishing,

  • www.instagram.com/relentlesspublishing1

  • Chantea's Book- Graced For It