• Jackie Capers-Brown

Building Unshakable Confidence with Genecia Alluora

Have you been struggling with low self-confidence? In this episode, you're going to receive some actionable insights on how to increase it and become unstoppable. Today in the guest chair is Genecia Alluora. She’s a former Miss Singapore, Cafe Retail Chain Owner and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, International Progressive Women 2019. Genecia coached celebrities, CEOs, and politicians to be seen as a leader on stage.

Today with the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint and the SRW academy, she mentors thousands of women to bring their business and leadership brand online. Her vision is to support 1 million women to own and love the F-word.

If you have ever wondered how to turn your mess into a message, want to hear an inspiring story of how people overcome daunting odds to become wildly successful, learn a simple perspective about how to overcome fear, and/or understand the importance of personal branding whether you are an employee or business owner this episode gives you insights on these and other topics.

Here’s What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • What scuba diving taught her about overcoming fear and failure

  • What she loves the Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo

  • The advantage of discomfort

  • The challenges she had to overcome as a teen that built her resilience

  • The barriers she has had to overcome in her culture

  • The role of a mentor

  • Her audacious Soul Rich Woman Vision

  • How she leveraged the opportunities of being Miss Singapore Indonesia

  • The importance of personal branding

  • Why you need to know the story you want to tell with your life

  • How you GLOW attracts people to you instead of chasing them

  • Why it's essential to build a deliberate as a business owner

  • What’s she’s learning about herself as she embraces her feminine leadership

  • Insights she’s good from being kinder to herself

  • Why self-love is so important to our success

  • And so much more…

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