• Jackie Capers-Brown

Cheering On the Underdog with Mary Lynn Young

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Mary Lynn Young delivers an inspiring, motivational, and informative conversation for the first episode of Season 2 of the Level Up Your Life Podcast with Jackie Capers-Brown. Mary is a pastor at the Perpetual Praise Ministries located in Columbia, SC. She ministers with her husband Roy Young. Mary is a registered nurse and the business owner of an in-home health care service. She is a nurturer and builder of people with purpose, power and praise. She cheers on the underdog.

In our conversation, she opens up to reveal how fear caused her to compare herself to others and she acknowledges feeling insecure in her new roles and how she manages feelings of insecurity.

She speaks her truth to power in a way that will encourage the minds and hearts of listeners to believe in themselves even if they are experiencing fear and wrestling with insecurity.

She encourages us to nurture faith and hope in our heart even more so during the challenging times we are facing with the reality of COVID-19.

Mary eagerly embraces her vision, voice, and value as a wife, pastor and business owner.

Some Questions I Asked

  •  What is it about journaling that appeals to you and how does it benefit you?

  •  What fuels your passion for leveling up your faith and ministry?

  •  What does living fearlessly mean to you?

  •  What rituals or practices do you engage in on a regular basis to help you stay grounded in your personal power and faith?

  •  What is the one thing you’ve learned about yourself and the power of faith during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  •  What are a few things that listeners can do to nurture hope and faith in their heart?

  •  and many more

Some Lessons You’ll Learn

  • How having passion for the underdog can accelerate the development of your faith

  •  The importance of the process of “becoming” to “being”

  • The mindset necessary to overcome the fear of what other people think

  •  The importance of maintaining a morning ritual to start your day

  •  What you should do to prepare and position yourself for future promotions

  •  Why watering down the truth of our reality only diminishes our personal power

  •  The benefits of being a forward thinker as a leader

  •  …and much more

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