• Jackie Capers-Brown

Developing Leadership Influence, Impact & Success

"You can't control what people think about you, but you can be proactive towards asking for feedback to keep your finger on the pulse of people's perception of you in order to be authentic and strategic towards how you show up as your best self", says host, Jackie B.

For the 75th episode of my podcast, I decided to record a solo round discussing the initial experience that taught me the importance of humility as a leader, AND the habit of consistently asking for feedback from my bosses and team members and why it helps you to stand out..

The actions I took inspired by this experience helped me to build influence, consistently meet and exceed expectations of my leadership positions, enabled me to create impact by developing leaders without tiles on my teams and delivering results that helped to position me for stretch opportunities and management promotions that led to becoming an executive leader with Marriott Hotels.

The simple strategies shared in this episode helped me to start the process of building a toolbox of strategies that I continue to refer to today as a business leader.

Happy Listening.