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Embrace Change with Faith + Technology with Artavia B. Berry

Today, in the guest chair is Minister Artavia B. Berry, founder & CEO of Blaqmoji. In her circle, she is referred to as "Bosslady". Blaqmoji was founded by Artavia Berry, an inspirational leader who has over 25 years of leadership as a non-profit executive. She is committed to providing academic and economic support to under-resourced communities in the U.S. and developing countries. Artavia is also an ordained minister and that believes faith-centered social change is a powerful tool for creating a just society for all. Artavia B. Berry is committed to showing up in the fullness of who she is and who she can become because of how much her grandma poured into her as a child. The work that she does today is done with the hope that the seeds her grandmother planted in her life will multiply as she pours into the lives of others. At the time of our conversation, she and her team were in the last stage before launching the Blaqmoji app. She shares important insights about her journey, including her fear of failure and how her ability to shift her perspective about pain continues to help her ground herself in her faith in God and the strength in her spirit to not give up. In this inspirational and empowering conversation, you will gain valuable insights on what it takes to see adversity as an advantage, embrace the process of the journey, move beyond a victim mindset, and most importantly what it takes to persevere in the face of daunting odds to keep pressing through and not give up in order to achieve your goals.

Key Insights from This Episode

  • Why she took a group of inner-city youth from Detroit to Africa

  • What is something she says she's not good at

  • Why it's important for leaders to surround themselves with people who can complement their strengths

  • Her inspiration for building the Blaqmoji app

  • Why it's important to have a clear plan of steps to achieve goals

  • The importance of building a personal brand before launching a new product

  • How she came to recognize her superpower

  • How she uses scripture to reprogram her mind

  • The only way we can have a just society in which we can all live well

  • Why self-awareness is one of our most powerful tools for our individual and collective evolution

  • and much more...

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