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Executive Presence, Wardrobe + Career Success with Morgan Wider

Today in the guest chair is Morgan Wider. She’s the owner of Wider Style and the author of The Worthy Wardrobe. She believes, "Every outfit is an opportunity to transform your life."

She loved and lost, she traveled, she learned, and she transformed. With a decade of leadership experience at major retail giants and an Economics degree from Georgetown under her belt, Wider opted to turn all of the things she learned along the bumpy road of life into a style consulting firm and has been living the entrepreneurial dream since.

When she’s not transforming lives through corporate Executive Presence workshops and closet revamps, she’s probably baking her late grandmother’s famous Jack Daniel’s pound cake—fearlessly and guilt-free after practicing what she preaches about self-love and body positivity.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • How the challenges she faced during her corporate retail career prepared her to start and build a business she loves

  • The importance of giving yourself permission to stand out and be your best self

  • How women can use their wardrobe to impact their income

  • It’s important to give people the impression that they will increase in their lives by being around you

  • How finding clothing that honors who you are inspires you with the feeling that you can take on the world

  • Love and dress your body as it is now

  • Do the worthy work to feel that you deserve better and more in life

  • The power of authenticity

  • Surrendering to what is to be available for what can be

  • Every outfit is an opportunity to transform your life

  • Be mindful of what your wardrobe is saying about you

  • The importance of taking inspired action aligned with your goals

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Morgan A. Wider

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