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Finding the Love of Your Life with Magdalina Sylvain

Today in the guest chair is Magdalina Sylvain. She's the founder of Alwaz R.E.D.D, a speaker, coach & mentor to women of faith using Christ-centered principles for success. Magdalina Sylvain is originally from New York, now residing in Orlando, FL. She is the inspirational coach of The R.E.D.D Fortified Prayer Technique. , and the author of How I LIed My Way to the Altar and Now I'm Happily Married.

Despite the odds that she faced on her walk down the aisle to her “Altar”, Magdalina was able to overcome the limited ideas and deceptions that were holding her back using some powerful principles she discovered along the way.

In this inspirational and empowering conversation, you will learn and gain insights about:

  • Key benefits from working out with weights as you get older

  • Why the song 'Girl On Fire' is Magdaline's theme song for her life

  • What she means by "We are someone's else's missing puzzle pieces"

  • The importance of parents being role models for their children

  • How she transmuted the painful experiences of being molested and date raped into personal power

  • How making a commitment to take action empowered her to face a fear head-on

  • The story that inspired her to write her book

  • How the attitude of NO MATTER WHAT fueled her to level up her life

  • The importance of doing research about the quest you are about to embark upon

  • The relationship between investing money and earning compound interest and how you approach your goals

  • Why the motives behind our actions matter

  • And so much more...

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