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A Story and Questions to Help You Redefine Your Possible

Updated: Jun 4

Some of the things you believe were never true. They were someone else's fears. Give yourself a chance to examine your thoughts Change those that are negative. You are deserving.

~Louise Hay

Too many people, especially women, believe they have to wait until they are no longer struggling with fear and self-doubt to pursue new possibilities in their life. This is not an absolute truth.

The Power of Our Storytelling Mind

In several of my articles, in my books and in master classes, I've shared a story that Margie Warrell shared in her book, Find Your Courage, In the story, Margie Warrell shares details about a backpacking trip she took in her early 20s through Thailand. Her journey allowed her to spend time with many of the locals.

One day, she noticed “the large elephants responsible for carrying lumber and transporting people through the jungle always stayed close by.” When she inquired about why they didn’t wander off, she was given the following explanation. “When an elephant is born, a chain is put around its leg tethering it to a small tree planted nearby to keep the animal from roaming. Because it is young and not yet very strong, it is unable to break the chain. However, as the years pass and the elephant grow it continues to live with the assumptions that it is unable to move more than a few feet from the tree. In fact, though, the chain is no longer even attached to the tree, and all that is on the elephant is a thin metal bracelet. So, there you have a massive elephant, unaware that it is capable of traveling so much farther than in a circle a few feet from the tree to which it was tethered as a baby and living a much more confined existence than it necessarily has to live.”

When I was conducting my Get Unstuck Now multi-week master class years ago, this story was one that helped me to expand the awareness and consciousness of many of the students in this training. What I learned by sharing this story and having an open heart to share my truths about various moments in my life when I'd circled the same mountain, again and again because of fear, self-doubt and questioning if what I had to share would have the impact I imagined it could.

Today, I can say that many of the adults that attended my Get Unstuck Now Master Class program report to me that they continue to refer back to the training and the book when faced with challenges and for motivation to get into action.

When you were reading and thinking about the story about the elephants, what came to mind about your life?

What are the invisible mental and emotional chains attached to the story you are telling yourself about why you are not able to achieve the level of success and happiness that you truly desire in life?

How are these invisible chains confining you to an existence that is below your capacity to be, to do and experience better in life?

Identifying the negative and limiting beliefs within the story that's driving you to accept less from yourself and life is a critical step to rewriting the script of any story that hinders you from experiencing your highest good in life.

Awareness of the agreements that are associated with your present beliefs play a critical role in identifying the stories that are driving how you think, feel and behave in any situation.

When you think about the stories that came to mind as you read the story about Warrell's backpacking trip, which of the stories that you tell yourself need to be transformed to increase your ability to manifest the happiness, abundance, and success you desire to experience?

The Power of Your Agreements

In his book, The Law of Agreement, Tony Burroughs writes, “When we stop to consider that every belief system we have exists only because we agree on it. Indeed, our agreements are the building blocks of our realities; they are the very foundation upon which our beliefs are built. Not one belief, large or small would exist for long without our agreement.”

Tune-in to the story that you are telling yourself about why you are not experiencing the happiness and success you desire.

What are the beliefs and assumptions you are making about what is and is not possible in the situation?

What factual evidence do you have that proves your beliefs and assumptions are true?

In what ways are you agreeing to and reinforcing these beliefs and assumptions through your behavior?

How have these beliefs and assumptions created internal roadblocks that hinder you from taking different actions which would increase your chance of manifesting better experiences in your life?

Burroughs points out, “Your agreement is your point of power, and you can add to or weaken any idea or commonly held belief simply by making a choice.

We have the ability to discern- to decide whether something is working for us or not – and to choose to agree with it and make it stronger, or to say “Hey, I don’t think this is working for my highest good.” In order for you to exercise this power, you have to first, develop an awareness of your inner-states and second, take personal control of your life.

Before lending your agreement to any belief, ask yourself, “Will this belief add to my well-being?” Get into agreement with beliefs that inspire you to improve the quality of your life. They will inspire you to initiate the purpose-driven actions necessary to manifest more of what you want in life.

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. ~Mahatma Gandhi

As you begin the process of identifying the agreements represented in the disempowering stories you tell yourself about who you can become and what you're capable of achieving and worthy of experiencing, you may struggle with self-doubt as you begin to expand your vision of what's possible in your life. This is normal. The human brain is wired to favor routine because familiar uses up less energy.

Our brain may prefer routine, however, science has found that learning environments that offer plenty of opportunities for focused attention, novelty, and challenge have been shown to stimulate positive changes in the brain

The uneasiness you experience is not an indication that you can't do what is necessary to achieve the goals you want to achieve. It simply means that our brain likes the familiar, and when we move beyond what is familiar, it has to assess the level of threat to our basic survival.

One of our brain's primary job is to keep us safe. During this process, you may question yourself which increases your self-doubt and diminishes your self-trust. For example, if you're in a new relationship, your insecurities (lack of self-confidence) may cause you to think and feel that you need to overcompensate in a relationship so that you are not alone.

It is when you find the courage to relate to your insecurities, fears, and self-doubt in a different way are you then able to do what it takes to acknowledge and accept the feelings and emotions you experience in the face of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt while simultaneously liberating your awesomeness and embracing yourself wholeheartedly.

Redefine Your Possible with SOAR Questions

Now, you have some homework.

I want you to make time during the next 7 days to pause, reflect and answer the questions in this SOAR Analysis to get clarity about what is really important to you now after all the disruption you have experienced in the past 18 months.

I know that my priorities have changed during this time because of the disruption that has taken place during this time period.

If anything, I feel a sense of urgency toward what I believe to be my life's work and mission: Helping everyone see themselves as leaders.

I can definitely see from all of my personal and professional experiences how everything has been directing me to start The Go Be Great Movement.

What about you?

What change are you passionate about seeing in our world?

What are you doing about it?

In Conclusion

You have the potential within you to give yourself the best chance of achieving what you want.

There’s something in you that wants to come forth. You can sense it. You tell yourself, “There’s something more I’m meant to be. Something in me that wants to be expressed. There’s some greater impact I’m meant to make.”

This is your time. Maximize this moment to create momentum as you enter into the second half of 2021.

Do not allow a habit of hesitation to prevent you from taking the necessary actions that you know will help you to level up your life.

Trust me, when you begin to do the work of peeling back limiting and erroneous beliefs about yourself and what's possible in your life, you will begin to create a spaciousness within you that will be filled with opportunities to discover and manifest new possibilities in your life.

Instead of waiting, hoping and wishing for positive change to happen in your life, lead yourself well and become the initiator of creating the change you want to experience in your life.

Start the process by taking time to answer the questions in this article.

Self-reflection is a wonderful tool for expanding your self-awareness.

Self-awareness and a burning desire for better are the invisible agents that help us to usher in real and lasting change in our life.

Self leadership is the key to catching the ball and running it down the field to make a touch down.

If you are a female whose ready to step up, show up and succeed in a bigger way within the arena that you are in, and you're ready to draw the line in the sand on allowing fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt diminish your sense of self-trust and self-assurance, I invite you to join me in my Believe You Are Enough 90-Day Mentoring Program for Women.

Mark the following date on your calendar: June 22, 2021. This is the day that the paperback version of my new book: The Go Be Great Blueprint will be available to be ordered on Amazon.

What insight did you gain from this article that you plan to take action on in the next 24 hours?

Share your feedback with me below or on social.

Who do you know would benefit from the information in this article?

Share it with her or him and make their day.

I leave you with my favorite quote by Audre Lorde:

Have an amazing day!

Jackie B!

P.S. Check out my latest podcast episode with Ralphielle Green: Navigating Disruption While Advocating for Special Needs Children.

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