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Leading On Purpose with Dr. Julianna Hynes

Dr. Julianna Hynes is a recognized and highly respected Leadership Development Strategist and Coach, Speaker and Author with a reputation for helping individuals and organizations create quick and sustainable solutions that yield measurable results. Dr. Julianna helps her clients achieve and often exceed their career and business goals. She is a sought-after leadership development and career advancement strategist, coach, speaker, and author with a passion and commitment to elevate women’s careers. Her latest book, Leading On Purpose: The Black Woman’s Guide to Shattering the Glass Ceiling, equips readers with the principles, insights, and strategies needed to succeed in their current and future roles. She’s helped thousands of business professionals increase their salaries, get promotions, and have more fulfilling careers. She believes that having the right attitude, demonstrating technical competence, being a strategic thinker, building strong relationships, and knowing how to interact with others, are keys to success for any career. Key Insights In This Episode

  • How Dr. Julianna's faith inspires the work that she does today

  • Two primary barriers taht keep women from advancing in their career

  • The influence your immediate supervisor has on your success

  • The importance of reverse engineering your goal to accomplish it

  • Some of the key reasons why you should seek feedback from others about your performance on the job

  • What you should do when a goal is hard to attain

  • The importance of self-affirming self-talk

  • How a vision board can hold you accountable to your goals

  • Leaders are the keepers of the culture of an organization

  • and so much more

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