• Jackie Capers-Brown

Level Up Weekly: Get Your Fight Back w/Video

3 Ideas, 3 Quotes and 3 Questions (August 26, 2020)

In this week's Level Up Weekly, Jackie Capers-Brown shares actionable ideas, quotes and reflections to help you galvanize the strength in your spirit to get your fight back!

In the Level Up Weekly Blog Post, share 3 ideas from me, 3 quotes from others, and

3 questions for you to ponder. The information I share is meant to help you be intentional towards leveling up how you show up for yourself, your dreams and goals.

I recommend that you use a journal or notebook to write down the insights that resonated with you and what actions you will take as a result of the insight.

Get Your Fight Back

Many of us live in a culture that has a tendency to expect people to just "suck it up" and ignore their feelings and emotions when they are facing difficulty. This is not healthy for our mental or emotional well-being. When we fail to honor our emotional need to process our strong emotions in a healthy manner, we have trouble letting go. This practice drains our emotional energy.

Many of us find ourselves walking around wondering why we don't have the 'get up and go' we once had. Shouldering the weight of intense emotional pain blocks our ability to muster the energy we need to address the issues we need to tackle.

I learned this the hard way after denying and dismissing the grief I experienced after the loss of my son. Despite the level of success, I was able to achieve after my son's transition in my first executive leadership role, I was silently suffering a mental and emotional hell I wouldn't wish on an enemy.

It wasn't until I gave myself permission to honor the truth of my feelings, learned what it means and feels like to cope with my grief in a healthy way did I finally feel as if I had regained my fight back, get off the 'sidelines' so to speak and get back in the arena to pursue goals beyond my corporate employment that would help prepare me to become a business owner.

My healthy coping practices required me to:

1. Accept the truth of what I felt without a need to justify my emotions to anyone.

2. Express the truth of what I was feeling with a few close friends.

3. Release my strong emotions and feelings through a journaling practice, meditation, and reading scripture and listening to uplifting contemporary gospel music all became a part of my daily sacred ritual to heal the broken pieces in my soul.

Now mind you, the complete healing of my heart-wound did not happen overnight.

It was a process. I had to remain committed to taking the daily actions necessary in order to heal the broken pieces of my soul.

I use to believe people when they said, "You just need time, after all, time heals all wounds." Time is neutral. It has no power in and of itself. We have to take an active role in the healing of our hearts and soul if we want to move our life forward free of the pain from our experiences. Period.

In A Wise Heart, Jack Kornfield asserts, "The retraining of our mind takes steady patient effort. When we are depressed, frighten or angry cascades of unwise thoughts tempt us with their stories: "I can't possibly get through this," " I will always be this way," "I'll never have a good relationship." These thoughts create a painfully limited and false sense of self. With practice, we can feel the emotion that these thoughts produce, release, and replace them with a wiser perspective."

3 Ideas from Me (Video)