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Living Empowered In the Present Moment with Tiffany Hodge

How self-aware are you? Do you honor and respect your feelings and needs? Do you need to take a step back from the demands of being everything to everyone to rebuild a stronger inner foundation in order to move forward? Today in the guest chair is Tiffany Hodge LMSW. She's a graduate of USC-Columbia. Tiffany currently facilitates group therapy at the local psychiatric hospital in Augusta, GA. She's the founder of Tiffany Empowers which focuses on using self-awareness as a key part of her practice for serving her clients. During the pandemic, Tiffany decided to take a step back from her business to build a stronger foundation and deeper connection towards the compelling WHY she became a licensed social worker in the first place. Our conversation is inspired by many of the insights you have gained from stepping back from her practice to deepen her connection to the present moment and the power within it to bring about the positive change she wants to experience in her personal and professional life. Here's What You Will Learn In this Episode

  • Why crafting helps her cherish the present moment and helps her to remain connected to her power of creating something from nothing

  • #1 Thing all of us are looking for from others

  • What she means by being an actor in a play

  • Her thoughts about the peaceful protests that took place during the pandemic

  • The importance of being emphatic with those deemed as the "other"

  • The process she used with clients to help them move beyond their pain

  • The power that we activate when we are focused on the present moment

  • How mindfulness meditation helps us to respect our emotion while not being defined by them

  • How creating a routine of sitting in silence helps us to become an expression of our authentic self

  • The benefits of allowing yourself to immerse in the stillness in a moment

  • Know thyself - Who you are? What triggers you?

  • And so much more...

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