• Jackie Capers-Brown

Navigating A New Direction In Life with Elizabeth Crawford

Are you a multi-passionate individual with diverse interests? Have you ever wondered how people are able to utilize their passions toward helping others in multiple ways without burning out? Would you like to learn how to navigate a new direction in your life?

If you answered YES to either or all of these questions, you're going to receive some wise insights and actionable strategies to create solutions to your dilemma while listening to the conversation I had with Elizabeth "Liz" Crawford.

 Elizabeth loves helping people become the healthiest version of themselves, mind, body, and spirit!  She finds joy in seeing others healthy and thriving not just physically but mentally as well. She is a Certified Transitional Life Coach and a Financial Advocate and  Health and Wellness Representative.  Her coaching business is named Wisdom and Insights which is birthed on Godly principles.

Listen in on my conversation with the multi-passionate Elizabeth Crawford and gain some actionable insights and strategies on how to navigate a new direction in life. 

Elizabeth can be reached via Facebook at www.facebook.com/selfinvest101

Instagram at

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