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New Possibilities On the Horizon

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Even though the world that was previously our norm is turning upside down in many ways — people who are deciding that this is a defining moment for them are stepping up to lead themselves in order to embrace the new possibilities on the horizon.

Instead of waiting on someone else to define what this moment should mean for them, there are millions of people who are coming together with like-minded people with the purpose of shoring up their skills and habits from the perspective of being able to take advantage of new opportunities now and in the future.

Depending on your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not even believe that people could be moving forward and preparing themselves for new possibilities on the horizon.

As a course creator, I can attest that there are women who are recognizing the need to build their sense of self-worth and confidence after regretting all the times they didn’t risk stepping forward to pursue a path of new possibility.

As a coach, I can attest that there are women of color who are recognizing the need to develop a strategic plan for success in corporate America recognizing how this new reality can impact their leadership aspirations.

And, there are women of color recognizing the need to gather in a circle with like-minded women leaders to receive personal development and leadership training on a monthly basis in order to skill up while at the same receive feedback that helps them navigate their way forward with success.

Releasing Resistance with Surrender

In moments of disruption, personally and professionally, we have a tendency of grasping on to what was and wishing for our lives to return to normal. This is common.

Because this is a common tendency of many people, they often struggle with accepting the truth of reality. I know. Each time that I experienced life-changing adversity, I spent months, even years after the loss of my son, Blease in a holding pattern where I initially believed that accepting the reality of my experience was asking too much of me.

It took me some time to realize that each of these experiences was teaching me that the way to get through to the other side was for me to honor the truth of what I was feeling instead of dismissing, denying, and numbing myself.

My journey of experiencing an emotional hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy after the loss of my son and finding the courage to turn towards my grief and do the work to develop healthy coping habits enabled me to develop an inner resolve that today is the reason why I’m not allowing this moment define who I am and what I am capable of doing. Instead, I’ve been proactively defining this moment in ways that will prepare and position myself for new possibilities on the horizon.

For example, I’m investing in equipment on a monthly basis that will enable me to conduct and publish my Level Up Your Life podcast at the next level. I am a part of a podcast community that provides me with monthly training and exposure to experienced podcasters.

For years I resisted the inner nudge within me to do videos on a regular basis. The resistance remains, however, as I invest in tools that will help me deliver short videos in a way that reflects my standard of excellence, my heart and mind is softening to the idea that video production will be a regular part of my new normal as a coach, speaker, and trainer.

Last fall, I decided to listen to the inner nudge within me to create my Braveheart Woman course for DIYers. Then I was inspired to create a coaching and training program specifically for women of color to address the lack of women of color in leadership positions within corporate America. Soon after the launch of this program, I was inspired to create the membership community that I had been thinking about for years.

Little did I know that in less than six months, our world would be turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic and that more people were going to be forced to go virtual.

My plan to go on tour with my Level Up Your Success Master Class was put on pause. When I decided that I wouldn’t allow this moment to define how I share my work with the world, I decided to conduct LIVE virtual training of this transformational masterclass.

The contrast in the last decade of my life and the two decades I spent evolving into an award-winning leader is vast. When I was in my early 20’s, it was much easier for me to adopt a beginner’s mindset and surrender to intuitive nudges and my capacity to make strategic connections with information and people that helped me to create the impact I wanted to have as a leader.

When I decided to step toward the path of using what I had learned to help women, I spent years tipping toe the process despite the strong calling within my soul that this was the path that would allow me to have the greatest impact as a leader during this season of my life.

It was not until I purchased and read, and re-read Steven Pressfield’s book The Art of War that I understood that resistance will always be a factor in our lives. It is our decision to go pro instead of being an amateur that determines whether or not we allow it to stop us from creating the life and impact we want to have.

According to Pressfield, “The difference between an amateur and professionals in their habits. The professional has professional habits. When we turn pro, we stop running from our fears. …”

Instead of continually sabotaging myself by running from my fears and doubting my ability to figure out how to become successful as a teacher of personal development and leadership principles that I knew helped me to shift the trajectory of my life, I decided to surrender to the process with a curious mindset towards what could be possible if I decided to go all-in towards my dreams and goals.

Surrender for me was accepting the reality that I had to learn how to take what I know, package it and position it to serve as a solution for those women who recognize their need to reclaim their worth and badassery. For those women of color in corporate America who aspire to be leaders but don’t have a strategic plan that better positions them for the success, they are capable of achieving as leaders. For those women who prefer to meet up regularly with like-minded women for support, training, and accountability.

I have a lot to learn. Because I’ve surrendered to this process. I’m okay with this reality. I didn’t build my award-winning corporate career overnight, so I have no illusions of overnight success.

What I do have at my disposal is an inner resolve of what it takes to build sustainable, long-term success.

Your Defining Moment

My friend, at this moment, you have the freedom to choose if you will cling to how you were when things were “normal”, or if you will be receptive to new possibilities.

Your decision will not only impact your experience of COVID-19 and any other challenges you face as you navigate your way forward, but it will also impact the future you experience.

This moment in history provides you with the opportunity to shed the limits you placed on yourself.

This moment provides you with a choice that will impact your present and future.

In the midst of managing our stress and anxiety during the uncertainty of this moment, it’s important that you begin your personal journey of surrendering to the truth of the present reality. All the wishing and hoping that things were different is not going to change the facts of our reality.

Are you willing to learn and grow in order to step into the shoes of the woman and leader you can become?

Are you willing to surrender to the truth of what is so that you can tap into the reservoir of strength, wisdom, and greatness dwelling within the seat of your soul?

Are you willing to deepen your faith and use it to embrace your badassery so that you show up, shine and succeed?

Are you willing to learn what it takes to develop the inner resolve necessary to navigate your way forward with greater clarity, courage, and confidence?

On the other side of this pandemic, the individuals that thrive will be those who didn’t rely on how they had been showing up to take them where they want to go next. Instead, they will develop their self-leadership, embrace curiosity by asking themselves, “How do I redefine what is possible in my life as a result of my new reality?”

Once they figure out their answer to this question, they will begin to innovate in ways that help them to cultivate the inner resolve, resilience, and grit necessary to turn this moment in a defining moment in their lives.

What will you learn that will help you to grow and thrive now, and in the future?

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