• Jackie Capers-Brown

Realizing Your Potential with Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you ever had someone that matters to you not believe in your potential? Have you ever questioned if you were capable of achieving a dream that you really want? Would you like to know and understand what it takes to realize your potential in the face of these and other challenges? This episode covers all that and more.  Today’s Level Up Your Life guest is Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison, CEO & Founder of Realizing Your Potential, LLC.  She is the host of A Queen's Round Table Show, Quarterly Symposium, and The Mindset Mastery Incubator Group Coaching Program. And, she is a licensed social worker in Detroit, Michigan. Jackie (her nickname) helps coaches and consultants create effective strategies to address negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from taking their business to the next level.

This conversation goes from laughter to deep diving into touchy subjects to a lighter, funnier side of some of those same topics. It's going to inspire and empower you with insights that you can apply immediately to level up your life in ways that matter to you.

Lessons Learned from this Episode:

  •  How going outside of your comfort zone increases your self-trust

  •  Why new experiences often help us to overcome our insecurities

  •  The importance of re-scripting the limiting stories you started to believe about yourself as a child that continues to influence self-sabotaging behavior

  •  How adversities can inspire you to embrace a personal self-love journey

  •  Why self-love is important, especially for black women

  •  The healing of soul wounds that are the result of embracing self-love

  •  Why it's important to have a toolkit of activities that you engage in order to maintain your faith and joy during difficult times

Contact Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison

FB: Facebook.com/realizingyourpotential123

IG: Instagram.com/realizingyourpotential123 

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/realizingyourpotentialllc 

 Website: www.realizingyourpotential123.com Also Mentioned In this Episode Book: The Four Agreements