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Start Small, Think Big

All too often, when we think about our dreams and goals, our attention is directed towards all the reasons WHY it's not the right time, we're not right person, we don't have everything we need or we won't have the support necessary to succeed.

This is especially true when it's necessary for us to embrace the unknown. I've certainly experienced my share of resistance towards stepping fully into the next level version of my best self. So, i get it.

I've also had to acknowledge that had I embraced my intuitive hunches years ago about focusing on first building an online business, I would be so much further ahead than I am know.

One of the biggest mistakes that I believe that I made during the Great Recession was my unwillingness to follow the intuitive hunches that I experienced calling me forth into the frontier of building an online business. I don't believe in agonizing over spilled milk. Yet, we can learn from past decisions in order to make better decisions now.

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

For most of my young adult life, I was never one who cared much about being seen. I cared more about producing results that helped me to contribute value to the people and organizations that I served as an employee and volunteer. I was focused on becoming the best next level version of myself.

I believe conviction aligned with an empowering identity + identity-based habits + strategic street smarts + high- performance results = the achievement of short-term + long-term success.

In the corporate world, this approach enabled me to leverage my farmer's work ethic, strengths, ideas and street smart strategies to develop the influence and create the impact and success that helped to position me for next level leadership promotions and award winning success during my 20 year corporate leadership career.

This approach in of of itself can help a lot of people reach success. However, for those who have no problem embracing their ambition, single or married, have no children or have several children this approach in today's reality would not be sufficient in helping you to advance your leadership vision, voice and value in ways that increase your influence, impact and income.

We women have to be willing to start small, embrace our imperfections and trust that we are enough in order to achieve our BIG dreams.

We Can Baby Step Our Way to Greatness

I can still remember this appearance when I had the opportunity to speak with former WLTX anchor Ashley Izbicki about my Show Up, Shine & Succeed Lunch & Learn Series which I had decided to conduct for Women's History Month in 2017.

Inspired by these few minutes of showing up for myself, my vision and mission created ripple effects in my life First, I decided to change the name of my company to Slay Your Greatness Academy after getting clear about my leadership vision and mission.

I am clear that all of my personal and professional experiences are meant to help me leverage my hard-won leadership success which is grounded in my ongoing spiritual practices PLUS my ongoing personal and professional training and development for the purpose of educating, equipping and empowering women leaders with the mindsets, habits, and skills that enable them to embrace their unique code of greatness in ways that advance their vision, voice and value while increasing their influence, impact, and income.

In December 2017, I launched the Leadership Table for Women exclusive online training community for emerging leaders. In February 2018, I decided to organize the Leadership Table for Women Lunch & Learn Talks with the support of several women leaders in the Columbia, SC area. Although, the idea of the monthly talks didn't take off as I had hoped, I was inspired by the women who I had met and several of whom I remain in contact with today.

In 2018, I got fed up with reading the Lean In and McKinsey & Company "Women In the Workplace" Report which continued to find based on research that women of color, especially, black women were not provided the support , mentorship and sponsorship necessary to acquire next level management and leadership promotions. I decided to launch the Level Up HER Leadership Initiative for Women of Color in corporate environments, and I self-published my latest book, Find Your Brave: Embrace Fear As A Gift to Show Up, Shine and Succeed.

In 2019, I hosted the Level Up HER Leadership Conference in Columbia, SC. I committed to living the truth of my book Find Your Brave out loud so I started my Level Up Your Life Podcast on Sound Cloud. Several months later, I moved my podcast to the Buzzsprout platform which I love. Hosting this conference and starting my podcast was done with no guarantee that either would be successful. I decided to back up my inspiration with bulldog tenacity.

Although I didn't get the 50 attendees that I had hoped and changed venues and didn't have guest speakers, with the support of Courtney Scott, Kenyatta Rolle and Sadira Stroman I was able to make this dream a reality. I had the privilege of recognizing three women in my community who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards improving the lives of others. They were Chappelle Broome, Patricia Abraham and Kiwan Fitch-Webster.

The process of making this conference happen wasn't perfect. However, every activity and the training I shared was purposeful and I received high marks on the customer feedback from those attendees who completed it.

This event inspired me to make plans to go on the road in 2020 with my Level Up Your Life Master Class. Unfortunately, these plans has been placed on the back burner for now because of the COVID -19 pandemic.

Start Where You Are

I believe one of the best ways to leapfrog in your leadership career is to get advice from someone who’s done what you’re trying to accomplish.

In the face of the reality of COVID-19, I've pivoted my business with a focus on developing its online presence. I'm doing this through my BraveHeart Women Goal-Getters Mastermind, Level Up Your Life Master Class, Level Up Your Success Coaching Program and the Level Up HER Leadership Program for women of color.

I'm currently working on creating webinar training that I will post on You Tube, LinkedIn and Facebook to build my presence as a speaker and trainer on each of these platforms.

I'm currently engaged in training that will help me learn how to create sales and marketing funnels to drive traffic to my websites and various services and programs. And, I'm working on the first draft of my next book: Level Up Your Life which will be released in 2021.

Although, I've faced many hurdles and disappointments, made mistakes and leaped before I was completely clear about how I was going to leverage what I know, build upon it and deliver programs and training that would have the impact on the lives of those I serve in ways that equip and empower them to level up to the next level, I'm not deterred by all the lessons I've learned in the past three years.

They only fuel my desire to go all in with the resources I have now to keep moving the needle towards hiring professionals that have the experience, talents, strength, skills and go-getter mindset necessary to compliment the vision and mission of my business.

Clarity doesn't come from just thinking. Clarity requires action.

It is only through action that we find out what works an what doesn't work.

It is only through action that we discover what we do best and where we need partners or employees to compliment those areas that we are not so good in. This can be difficult when you first start out in business and you don't have the extra revenue to pay for someone's services. It may be possible for you to barter your services and products with another business owner. What harm is it to ask?

It is only through action that we can assess our results.

It is only through action that we can achieve our dreams and goals.

Be Open to New Possibilities

My friend, I've shared these highlights of my business during the past three years to let you know that you don't have to know everything before you pursue any goal, personal or professional.

What I know for sure is this, each of us at the time of our birth were endowed with at least one gift of genius. Inside our gift of genius dwells seeds of greatness that are unique to the work that we've come to earth to do.

It is our responsibility to develop the capacity to tune in to the whispers in our soul and allow the wisdom and guidance from our inner compass to direct our steps even when it goes against our mental intelligence. We have to adopt a beginner's mind in order to embrace the next level version of our best self.

It is with a beginner's mind that we embrace the present moment with an openness to new possibilities. It is in this frame of mind that our curiosity and creativity is heightened so that we are able to see and seize new opportunities as we see them or as others bring them to our attention.

It is with a beginner's mind that when we spot an opportunity we are more likely to jump at it versus hesitating by overthinking it, doubting ourselves or allowing our fear shackle us to the status quo.

It is with a beginner's mind that we begin to take action which gives us the clarity necessary for our next best steps forward.

It is with a beginner's mind that we demonstrate a higher degree of boldness towards our dreams and goals while trusting in ourselves that we can figure things out along the journey.

It is with a beginner's mind that we demonstrate the adaptability necessary to succeed in the face of unforeseen challenges and change.

It is with a beginner's mind that we are able to embrace the lessons of our past to create something bigger than we even imagine to be possible.

Because, as Oprah states,

What is one insight from this article that inspires you to take action? Share your comments below.

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It's Your Move. Aspire Higher.

Jackie B!


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