• Jackie Capers-Brown

Take Charge of Your Life with Shanna M. Scott

How do you turn lemons into lemonade when life hits you with recurring challenges?

Tune in to the conversation I had with our guest Shanna M. Scott, owner of Shanna PR & Events and find out how she was able to make lemonade from the lemons that life kept dealing her after she graduated from college and found out that she was pregnant with twins.

Shanna PR & Events is an award-winning event and sales management firm produces turnkey luxury corporate events for entrepreneurs, coaches, corporate entities, government, and businesses. The company focuses on providing quality, comprehensive, innovative service in the areas of events, so its clients can maximize their return on investments.

In our conversation, Shanna discusses the life event that inspired her to step into entrepreneurship. As a result, she discovered her innate gifts and passion for organizing and producing events and helping her clients make money. She’s a woman who is very clear about her unique code of greatness and how to maintain it to deliver the value she brings to her clients.

Here's What You Learn In This Episode

  • Why meditation is one of her favorite past time activities

  • How her twin daughters helped her to find her life purpose

  • Why she feels it’s time for the citizens of the U. S. to address racial injustice

  • The question people need to ask themselves about racial injustice

  • The actions she has taken to pivot her business as a result of COVID-19

  • How she uses the lessons from overcoming previous challenges to prepare her to win the day now

  • Why David in the Bible inspires her tenacity towards every challenge she faces in life

  • Her conviction about faith helping us to defeat the giants in our life

  • Why it's important to know what’s best for you to avoid being swayed to live a life that is not for you

  • The freedom that you experience when you are self-sufficient

  • How to remain seated in your power when you are frustrated and overwhelmed

  • How to tap into prosperity even when your circumstances are challenges

  • The importance of being kind to yourself

  • And so much more…

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