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The 5-Step Roadmap to Growing Your Leadership Success With Intention

Updated: May 31, 2020

There is no ONE formula for being an effective leader. This 5-step roadmap is a guide that can help you get started to achieving leadership success with intention.

Hey Lady, do you consider yourself a high potential employee? Do you see yourself as an emerging leader in your industry? Are you an experienced middle-manager/leader who feels her career performance has stalled which has resulted in few advancement opportunities? Or, a start-up business owner questioning if you have the 'right stuff' to grow and scale your business success?

Your leadership development is not just a nice-to-have. Nor should you leave it in the hands of others to ensure that you are prepared to achieve next-level leadership success.

Imagine what will happen in your career or start-up biz this year if you choose not to take ownership towards improving your leadership performance:

1. You'll lack the clarity to lead with intention.

2. You'd miss out on building a personal brand that stands out

3. You won't develop the agility to adapt to change and uncertainty

4. You'll decrease your ability to secure buy-in for projects and your ideas

5. You'll reduce your ability to inspire, motivate and hold your team accountable for achieving business results

You can avoid all of these possibilities by making a commitment today to lead with intention.

It's important that you make time to think about your leadership identity, the impact you want your body of work to have and move forward with an intention to make it happen.

In case you aren't familiar with my story, I went from being a minimum wage employee with Marriott Hotels to become an award-winning leader of several high-performance teams and the executive leader of several successful 7-figure businesses in the hospitality industry.

In the face of daunting odds, having no college degree, little support from my family and no reason why anyone looking at me and judging what I lacked would have been able to see the conviction in my soul towards becoming a successful leader, no matter what.

My underdog status was an advantage. It helped me to redefine what was possible in the lives of my children and myself. It helped me to use the wisdom I'd gained from experiencing and overcoming numerous adversities and turn it into an unshakable conviction in my soul about my ability to learn and figure things out in life.

My underdog mentality fueled my hunger and quest for leadership success. It helped me to hone the emotional intelligence skills necessary to influence others even before I was a leader with a title. It enabled me to tap into my natural leadership abilities and develop the business acumen to develop successful teams and meet and exceed business objectives. It ignited a desire within me to be a leader who developed future leaders. It helped me to create fulfillment and sustainable success beyond what I could have imagined when I started the journey as a minimum wage employee with Marriott Hotels.

Over the course of my award-winning corporate leadership career, I was able to maintain a clear intention about who I was as a leader, what impact I wanted to have as a leader and the success I wanted to achieve. In addition to my faith, my farmer's work ethic, a willingness to disrupt myself and embrace discomfort as a part of the journey, the five strategies that I'm about to share with you were key to developing an intentional leadership style that continues to serve me today as a small business owner.

If you are an aspiring, emerging or experienced mid-level manager, or a start-up business owner who suspects that you have so much more leadership potential within you, what I'm about to share with you will help.

The 5-Step Roadmap for Growing Your Leadership Success With Intention

Step One: Leading with Your Legacy In Mind

Legacy builders are intentional about the body of work they are creating with their time, energy and attention. They are clear about their compelling WHY. They understand that how they spend their time is ultimately an indication of the legacy they are building with their life. They maintain intentionality towards what they are doing, and how it is aligned with the legacy they want to create with their life and leadership. They harness the power of their authentic voice to advance their vision and value in the workplace and marketplace.


  • What are the guiding principles that you use to define how you show up as an employee or leader in the workplace or marketplace?

Step Two: Personal Branding for Professional Success 

Building your personal brand in the 21st Century needs to be top of mind as you navigate your career or start-up business. Despite the rise and influence of social media, you need to develop and maintain social connectivity skills (face to face) and personal branding strategies that are effective at establishing your authority, sharing your authentic voice and attracting opportunities through the strategic delivery of your knowledge, skills, and ideas. Your personal brand represents the reputation people hold in their minds and hearts about you.


  • What do people say about you when you're not in the room?

Three: Be An Agile Servant Leader Badass

It goes without saying that in a world where change is the norm, individuals who are adaptive and capable of navigating the influx of change with an agile and servant mindset and adaptive performance habits will better position themselves for opportunities to grow and scale their success. Your ability to learn, think and act strategically towards your organization's goals while at the same time making sure that you are a leader that people choose to follow is critical to your success. Having a leadership title doesn't mean that people will respect you. You have to earn people's trust and developing a servant leadership style will help you do just that.


  • Who are you helping to achieve next-level success in your organization or business network?

Step Four: Secure Buy-In with Storytelling

Regardless of whether or not you are speaking to one person or hundreds of people, developing your skill to tell stories in an effective way to connect with your audience is a crucial piece of the puzzle to securing buy-in from team members, peers, and customers of your business. Developing foundational skills in creating stories that will help you sell your ideas to your audience and secure buy-in for your ideas, projects or business proposals will increase your career or business success.


  • What is your turn-key strategy for communicating your ideas, projects, and proposals?

Step Five: Disrupt Yourself to Drive Innovation

Driving innovation in your career or business requires the leadership capacity to lead with or without a title. You will need to know how to inspire, motivate and empower individuals in your workplace or in your business with a clear vision and provide them with objectives they have the talents to achieve to move forward into the unknown with confidence. Innovation is not just about doing new things. It's about you and your team being able to learn, unlearn and master new skills to achieve success in this new economy where change is the new normal.


  • What do you need to learn, unlearn and master to achieve success in this new economy where change is the new normal?

There's a lot of information about leadership on the Internet. There's a lot of leadership training programs available to women leaders. Many of which I believe to be excellent.

Leadership is different for women. It can be overwhelming for women who are aspiring to become leaders, mid-level managers who are frustrated about their lack of advancement opportunities and leadership success, and start-up women business owners who are transitioning from an employee to a self-employed role who don't have the fundamental leadership skills necessary to achieve the level of success they believe they're capable of.

This is why I want to invite you to make an intentional decision to level up your leadership effectiveness to increase your success. There is no ONE formula for being an effective leader. This 5-step roadmap is a guide that can help you get started to achieving leadership success with intention.

Note: If you are interested in receiving support and strategic guidance on how you can level up your leadership effectiveness and success, enroll in my Girl, Rise and Lead Coaching Program.

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