• Jackie Capers-Brown

Podcast: The Incredible Power of Believing In Yourself

Iyanla Vanzant states: "What you tell yourself you are, you will be. What you allow yourself to be reflects what you have told yourself you are. Have you ever wondered how individuals who have had to face daunting circumstances are able to press on to achieve personal and professional goals, while others lose their motivation and quit on themselves and become bystanders? Why are some people able to maintain a fiery drive while other people's inner drive fizzles? What's the secret to maintaining the passionate determination and grit necessary to achieve sustainable long-term success? Answer: The ability to develop and nurture empowering beliefs about yourself that enables you to cultivate an empowering self-identity that increases your self-trust and personal power. Our beliefs shape our behavior which creates most of our life experiences. In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn

  • How the story we believe, we live

  • Which aspect of ou brain fuels fear-based memories 

  • How our beliefs shape what we expect

  • The importance of developing empowering self-talk 

Also Mentioned In This Show

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream Speech"

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