• Jackie Capers-Brown

The Tenacity to Build A Million-Dollar Business with Lasenta Lewis Ellis

In the guest chair, today is Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, GC, CM, CQM-C, MAHRD. She is the President/CEO of LLE Construction Group, LLC located in Columbia, SC.

LLE Construction Group, LLC provides general contracting, project and construction management, and facility maintenance and management to school districts, charter and private schools, commercial businesses and institutions, and she’s expanding the business to the federal marketplace.

Lasenta is a licensed general contractor and construction manager in the state of South Carolina and a Quality Control Manager (CQM-C) from the U.S. Corp of Engineers. She devises strategies, policies, and plans for the growth and sustainability of the organization.

In our candid and personal conversation, Lasenta opens up to share her story of how she went from welfare to becoming a black woman who has built a construction company in a male-dominated industry that generates revenues of more than a million dollars.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Why her mom's love for roller skating has become one of her family's favorite past time activities, and although her mom is deceased her elementary friends still remember her because of all the times she picked them up to go to the rink

  • How being fired from a job and unable to find a job led her to start her construction business

  • The importance of leveraging your knowledge, skills and ability to build a successful start-up business and grow it

  • The importance of building and sustaining relationships through your academic and professional career

  • Some of the challenges she has had to face after COVID-19 hit and what she is doing to pivot her business

  • Her reason why she initially did not want to go after minority certification for her business

  • How her superpowers of being a connector and resourceful has led to building sustainable success

  • The importance of collaboration to build a successful business

  • How her teachers and the administration at Midland's Technical College supported her after experiencing the loss of her mom so that she would complete her studies

  • Her encouraging words to those who are unemployed and underemployed about this present moment and how to shift to take advantage of your skills, abilities and experiences to create and seize new opportunities

  • and so much more...

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