The Sacred Pause Circle is a monthly virtual gathering created and hosted by Level Up Success Coach, Jackie Capers-Brown.


The Sacred Pause Circle is a 90-minute mindfulness experience designed for seekers of growth and abundance who recognize the importance of doing the inner work to enhance their joy, happiness, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-leadership. 


It is an emotionally safe space to gather with like-minded people, share our stories, deepen our understanding and wisdom about each monthly topic, and how it impacts us.


The process encourages us to be attentive and deliberate towards implementing the insights that resonate with each individual in order for she or he to move forward with greater clarity, courage, and confidence in some aspect of their life.


We meet in the Sacred Pause Circle to share experiences and feelings about our experience related to each theme of the month.


Jackie will conduct a PowerPoint presentation aligned with the workbook that you'll use during the circle in which you have registered.

Effective August 1, 2020, the Sacred Pause Circle will be held on the 4th Thursdays of each month at 7 pm on Zoom. The Sacred Pause Circle Is FREE.


 Jackie provides an option for donations to those who feel inclined to support the work of the circle. This event will be FREE through December 2020. The regular price for the monthly circle is $20 per session.

The Sacred Pause Circle monthly gathering helps you explore what matters.

  1. Your Truth

  2. Your Joy

  3. Your Personal Power

  4. Your Connection to Your Higher Power


Each month’s theme gives you a starting place to explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions on the topic.


By engaging in the process of the circle, you’ll begin to tap into the amazing insight and wisdom dwelling within you.


The Sacred Pause Circle is a gathering for women, men, and youth ages 16 and above to remind ourselves that we are not alone. Speaking our truth to power, being honest and vulnerable helps us to get grounded in our truth and innate strength which shifts how we show up for ourselves and our life's purpose.

NOTE: In the month of November and December the Sacred Pause Circle will be conducted on the 3rd Thursday due to the holidays in each of these months. 



How we can feel afraid and still take the action we fear.

How our curiosity about our fear helps us to discover the gifts that it bring into our life.


Why it is important to develop the habit of regulary dancing on the edge of our comfort zone.


What does it look like and feel like to embody a fierce spirit that's unique to us?


Our capacity to be courageouos in the face of fear and embody a fierce spirit enables us to develop the mental agility and emotional resilience necessary to overcome challenges and achieve long term goals.

As we aspire to achieve the next level of anything in our lives, we must be mindful of the fact that this next level requires us to level up how we are showing up for the dance of life.


Each time we break through internal and external barriers to our progress, we will experience a surge of new energy that helps us to build momentum towards creating what can be in our lives.


Just because we are adults, and even when we are being challenged in ways we've never experienced, our life is not meant to be lived grudgingly living each day buried beneath stress, busy-ness, and overwhelm.

Releasing ourselves from beliefs, meanings, and behavior that inhibit our growth and capacity to flourish is a courageous act of reclaiming our freedom to choose to define how we are going to show up for ourselves and our life.


This courageous action initiated over and over will help us to develop the inner resolve and resilience necessary to bounce forward from heartaches, disappointments, and adversities.


At the same time, giving ourselves permission to be loving, kind, and compassionate towards ourselves while making the most of the good in our life boosts our joy.


Reclaiming our freedom of choice is a way of embracing the power of NOW and releasing what we cannot change.

Initiating acts of faith is a way of strengthening our inner resolve to face our challenges instead of abdicating our power and allowing our challenges to define how we show up for ourselves, our family, dreams, and goals.

Together, we will explore how we can develop practices and create rituals that serve as containers for NEW POSSIBILITIES. These rituals will help us direct our time, energy, and resources to reconnect with the aliveness dwelling in our spirit and soul.

Join us in September as we explore and discuss the topic: Courage + Fierce Spirit

 During the Month of September, We Will Explore:

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