is the catalyst for

personal growth,

positive change,

sustainable happiness

and leadership success.


When your attention and actions are directed by a leadership vision that is aligned with your values and highest aspirations, you discover hidden

gifts within yourself

to rise  and slay your

leadership greatness.


Your leadership vision and values serve as a compass for what you stand for. They help you define which purpose-driven actions you need to initiate to create the experiences, achieve the growth that enables you to contribute to the betterment of others. 



Our community provides members with a safe space to discuss challenges and receive supportive advice while also holding each other accountable for doing what we say we're going to do towards the achievement of our goals.

Embrace Your Enoughness

Embody Your Feminine Power

Elevate Your Leadership

Let Us Be Brilliant

Let Us Be Our Bravest Self

Let Us Be the Leader We Would Follow

It Is Possible 

to Be a Soulful Leader And Be Ambitious 

with a Desire to Leave Your Mark

For too many years, I have heard numerous reasons from research studies and experts on women leadership WHY women are not leaning in and preparing themselves to sit at leadership tables within their organization, industry, and community. 


From the 'glass ceiling' to 'gender bias' and 'a woman's desire to start a family' to her lack of confidence, having no female role model or mentor and the imposter syndrome, it often seems to me from the avalanche of messages expressed in our culture by women and men that women need to be fixed. Unfortunately, this narrative has become one in which millions of men and women have built their wealth as owners and leaders of companies that perpetuate this model of reality which simply implies that women are not enough.


This narrative runs deep in our collective consciousness as it is passed down from one generation of women to the next generation of women through our social institutions. Starting with our family of origin to school systems, religious institutions, and political systems to the 'norms' we establish for how a woman is supposed to behave in our society. The time is now for more women to rise up and answer the call of leadership to transform this paradigm of us 'not being enough'. 


Far too many women live disconnected from their creative power, so, they underestimate their value. Far too many women have bought into this limiting narrative about women which influences how they perceive women in leadership roles versus men in leadership roles. For too long, women have invested in their education and pursued numerous degrees only to discover that many of them are not getting paid the same as a man doing the same job. Most of us were never taught how to negotiate, or, worse, led to believe that we received the best salary available for a position.


The obsession of perfection by many of our sisters prevent them from stepping up and expressing their desire for a specific leadership role. And, the lack of a strategic plan of approach towards achieving their desired leadership role blocks talented women from doing what matters most to win in the arena they most want to win in while remaining congruent with their personal values.


Contrary to popular opinion, women do not have to act like a man to be successful. Instead, they need to liberate themselves from the BS rules that confine their unique ability which prevents them from playing and working in their zone of genius. Because, when they do so, they courageously take action toward advancing their vision, voice, and the value they bring to the leadership table in their organization, industry, and community.


Sister, answer the call to step up your leadership with a YES, YES! You will discover that you are smart enough and you are strong enough because your unique abilities fuel your enoughness. Believe me.

This is what the Slay Squad Success Circle is all about.

1. The Slay Squad Success Circle is a monthly group coaching program that encourages you to find a meaning in your leadership that provokes a conviction to maximize your leadership potential.


2. The Slay Squad Success Circle helps you discover your strengths - who you are at your best- so that you are mindful of taking advantage of opportunities that allow you to grow and flourish doing work that is in your zone of genius.


3. The Slay Squad Success Circle empowers you to cultivate broad perspectives about your challenges as growth opportunities that can position you to demonstrate the best of who you are and open doors for creating greater influence, impact, and income.


4. The Slay Squad Success Circle provides you with opportunities to get comfortable with sharing your voice, perspectives, and opinions on relevant leadership challenges in our secret Facebook group. This practice increases your self-trust and self-confidence.


5. The Slay Squad Success Circle embodies the demonstration of a supportive sisterhood which rewards you with opportunities to build resilient and collaborative relationships with like-minded women leaders.  Eliminates feelings of loneliness at the top. Increases your sense of belonging.



 Slay Squad Success Circle

Journey to Greatness

Each month, we will field-test a leadership skill that has proven to support women leadership success.

ALL great leaders have one thing in common: They read voraciously. Your journey to greatness requires that you develop this habit to lead bravely.

Bi-weekly Q&A's with Jackie and guests to discuss the leadership principle being field tested as part of the Leadership Lab Experiment.

Our monthly networking & learning experience that takes place in Columbia, SC on the 1st Tuesday of each month starting in February.

Monthly coaching calls will serve as a mastermind to discuss BIG challenges of group members with Q&A.

Quarterly challenges will be held to maintain your clarity, focus, and momentum towards your goals.

Members receive discounts on services, products, and LIVE events by Jackie Capers-Brown.

Success without celebrations feels too much like a grind. LIVE events geared towards celebrating the best of who we are as we journey to greatness.

Our bi-weekly leadership newsletter will have a spotlight section for

member's achievements.

Here's how to know if this group coaching  program is for you...

1. You value diversity & inclusion. You believe that everyone can make a positive contribution to the betterment of our world.


2. You are experiencing an inner nudge to elevate your leadership effectiveness, influence, and impact, whether you work a 9-5, in a non-profit or start-up business.


3.  You are so ready to experience a supportive sisterhood of women that are ambitious, purpose-driven and who are seeking to show up as a leader in a bigger way.


4. You dig the idea of diverse learning experiences which include personal growth and leadership development while being exposed to fresh perspectives and success strategies from female leaders.


5. You no longer want to be a hidden figure in your organization, industry or community.


6. You know that you need and want accountability from a supportive community to keep you on track towards the achievement of your goals.


7. You want to learn how to strategically position yourself to acquire a next level leadership role in your organization, industry or community.


8. You want to be a leader worth following and leave your mark.

The Fulfillment Promise

I am a servant leader. I feel a passionate devotion toward supporting your commitment towards saying YES! to stepping into your leadership in a BIGGER way.


My commitment to service excellence during my corporate career played a critical role in my ability to build sustainable success for more than two decades.


If during the first 14-days of your initial enrollment in this group coaching program you are not satisfied, contact and request a refund. You will be refunded, no questions asked.

Simple, easy and safe to try out and see to make sure it's for you.






Monthly Membership


billed monthly, no contracts, cancel anytime

Yearly Membership


billed monthly, no contracts, cancel anytime



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Slay Squad Success Circle Work?

This ongoing monthly training is designed to educate, equip and empower rising women leaders with personal growth and leadership development training that helps them step into their power to take on higher-levels of leadership responsibilities that prepare and position them to advance their vision, voice and value they bring to the leadership table within their organization, industry, and community.


You will receive:


  • Access to our exclusive Slay Squad Success Circle supportive sisterhood online community

  • Confidential bi-weekly  LIVE Q@A Sessions and Monthly Group Coaching Calls for your growth & development

  • The monthly Leadership Lab Experiment. Focused training and development on a specific skill that is relevant to members increasing their leadership effectiveness, influence & impact

  • Access to the Slay Squad Success Circle Learning Library which contains FREE content in the form of PDF's, video and audio training

  • FREE entry into the monthly Networking Lunch & Learn Event in Columbia, SC

  • Bi-weekly Journey to Greatness newsletter

  • Bi-annual Success Celebrations LIVE in Columbia, SC

  • Access to Jackie's workshop: Momentum: 90-Day Vision & Strategy Workshop at a 50% discount when conducted online or LIVE

  • Discount on ALL other products, services and LIVE events produced by Jackie Capers-Brown 



I'm so busy! How will I have time to fully participate in The Slay Squad Success Circle?


The great news is that the online community and learning library (which will continue to expand as I offer additional content products created by myself and other female subject matter experts) is available 24/7, so you can connect with members of the group, engage the content and training material shared in the secret Facebook group when it's convenient for you.


Helping you field-test the information shared within the community is my top priority. Knowledge is only power when it is put to use. I will be in the online group on a regular basis to serve and support. I'll be conducting LIVE Q&A sessions on a bi-weekly basis and our monthly mastermind coaching call.



After I Enroll, What Happens Next?


Once you submit your payment through Pay Pal - you will be automatically directed to the private member's' area on this website. You will need to register to access this page. Your email address confirms payment through Pay Pal. If there are any technical difficulties, please send me a quick email at


When you enter the members area there will be a link to our private online community plus access to the training content in the Slay Squad Success Circle Library.


I approve everyone into our online community. The rules of engagement for the community is the pinned post. Please review before you begin to engage. I ask new members to introduce themselves in their first post. Have fun. Share your feedback with me about your experience. Prepare yourself to redefine your possible.



What Happens If I Have a Question or Need Support?


If you ever need customer support, then you can send me a quick email to


Remember, you will have opportunities to connect with me directly in our exclusive online community,  during the bi-weekly Q&A sessions and monthly mastermind coaching call.


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