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Keynote Speaking Topics

Shift to Soar

How to Develop a Winning Mindset to

Achieve Audacious Goals


Lead Without A Title                              

Proven Self Leadership Principles

to Accelerate Your Workplace Success


Develop the Leader In You

Leadership Best Practices for

Emerging Leaders



Brave Leadership Practices to

Level Up Your Growth and Success


You Belong Here

Creating An Inclusive Workplace Culture


Level Up HER Leadership 

Street Smart Leadership Practices for Women of Color to Advance their Vision, Voice and Value In Corporate Environments

Success Becomes You

High-Performance Skills for Academic Success  (Middle School, High School, College Freshman Students)


Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

How to Embrace and Embody the Truth of Your

Enoughness to Rise and Slay Your Greatness


Change Your Story, Change Your Life

How to Activate Your Personal Story Power to Redefine What's  Possible In Your Life


Finding Peace, Purpose and Joy After Loss

How to Grow and Thrive After Loss


Your Second Act

Rediscovering YOU to Embrace the Next Chapter of Your Beautiful Life!


Bounce Back Better

How to Develop the Mental Agility and Emotional Resilience to Successfully Navigate Your Way Forward

Are you looking for a speaker or trainer who motivates and energizes an audience while capturing their imagination with what is possible when they fully engage their best self?


Jackie Capers-Brown connects with audiences through her willingness to be vulnerable and share personal and professional experiences of both failure and hard-won successes. Drawing on her personal and corporate experiences as an award-winning leader and trainer, she shares tangible takeaways and step-by-step strategies that build upon one another, helping the audience connect the dots to how they can implement them immediately to create progress, build momentum and succeed. 


Her gentle and wise truth-telling helps audiences get to the heart of the matter in order to experience the breakthrough that’s possible for them.

Jackie’s expertise was built as she worked her way up from an hourly position to become a “Best of the Best” manager,  and an award-winning executive leader of high-performance teams and several successful 7-figure businesses.


Her responsibilities included interviewing, hiring, terminations, training and developing hourly team members and salary managers, employee performance reviews, inputting payroll, and the enrollment of employees benefits, and scheduling. In addition, she had the responsibility of managing department and business unit’s P&L, creating yearly budgets and capital budgets, and conducting outside marketing initiatives aligned with each business goal to increase market share.


She was a charter member of the Courtyard by Marriott’s Mid-Atlantic Diversity Council and a member of the division’s opening hotel task team. She mentored and developed future leaders for each organization in which she worked during her corporate career.


As an accomplished business leader and mentor, she brings enormous awareness, understanding, high-performance strategies, and energy to her presentations. Because of her humble beginnings and diverse experiences, she is able to connect with hourly staff members to executive-level staff members.


During the years when she worked as a sales professional while building her business, she delivered empowering messages to entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to women leaders working in the criminal justice industry to women events and family reunions. She facilitated several multi-week mastermind groups during this time as well.


Today, as a full-time business owner, she's excited to expand her opportunities to motivate, train, and empower diverse individuals, leaders and organizations. Jackie has proven that she is able to deliver customized presentations based on the theme of an event to support the goals established by event planners and their organization.ner's goals for the event.

Success Stories


Interested in Jackie speaking at your next event (either in person or virtually) get in touch with her directly and she'll get back in touch with you to discuss the details.