If you have reached the point

where you know your fear and self-doubt 

is creating the inner-struggle preventing you

from taking decisive action towards your dreams and goals,


you're fed up with spinning your wheels

trying to create positive momentum in your life or career


you're ready to live forward with

greater clarity, courage, and confidence


Join me, Jackie Capers-Brown

for the

Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Series




Hello Success Seeker,


I’m Jackie Capers-Brown, CEO of Slay Your Greatness Academy, founder of The Leadership Table for Women and author of Get Unstuck Now. I’ve helped hundreds of individuals during my twenty-year award-winning leadership career, corporate training presentations, small group training, coaching clients and my books REDEFINE WHAT’S POSSIBLE in their life by equipping them with life-tested success strategies that enabled them to navigate a success path defined by whom they aspire to become and goals that reflected what mattered most to them living a meaningful life. I’d love to help you do the same.


This program is your opportunity to end your struggle trying to figure out your next moves to build the positive momentum you want to experience, join the upcoming session of the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Series. Let’s make 2018 the year you make the SHIFT towards living the next level of happiness and success that’s possible for you. Get to know Jackie.


Join Us in the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Series













Great question! This three week webinar training series will serve as is an incubator for helping women get up, close & personal with their potential and possibilities This program helps women go from confusion to clarity, from doubt and delay to decisive action, from feeling stuck to creating positive momentum that produces tangible results relevant to a short- or long-term goal.



Here’s What Will Happen In the Program




Activate Your Personal Story Power



First, I’m going to help you reconnect with your inner-authority.

From this point of power, you will activate your personal story power and begin to expand the perspective 

you have of yourself and what's possible in your life. You will then commence identifying and nullifying

the limiting agreements you have bought into that creates internal barriers to your success.




Create Goals with Soul


Second, You're going to identify your core-desired feelings.

Then you'll decide which of your goals will help you feel how you most want to feel in your personal and professional life.

Once you get clear about your goals with soul, you'll create a blueprint for success relevant to a short-  and long-term goal you want to receive support and guidance for during the program.



Unleash Your Inner Greatness


Third, You're going to learn five power practices that equip you to unleash your inner greatness.

This inside-out success system will support your efforts to win from within and go from a-ha to breakthrough.

You will experience transformational shifts that inspire a passionate determination to live your life as an expression

of the best of who you are, who you can become and what you believe you can achieve.





Execute Your Plan & Receive Supportive Feedback


As your success partner, I’ll be sharing high-impact tactics and strategies for success and supporting you

throughout the program, helping you implement what you’re learning to develop the mindset, heart set, and soul set necessary to build upon the success that you achieve during the program.













All of This Leads to Achieving Results


Join us in the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Program.




When You Join, You’ll Have Access To:


  • Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Your new slay squad

  • Accountability partner

  • Weekly email support



I’ll be right by your side helping you step into your greatness to grow and flourish in life. You have the opportunity to pick my brain and learn from my diverse experiences. I’m happiest in roles that that help me support the success of others.



Ultimately, you’re going to develop success habits that help you produce relevant results essential to the achievement of your goal.



Instead of spending your wheels, wondering what to do, join us in the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Series. Together, members of the program will challenge each other to achieve weekly milestones while supporting and celebrating one another’s progress, week to week.



What would change in your life for the better if you had the help and support to navigate your way forward in life with a greater measure of clarity, courage, and confidence towards the achievement of dreams and goals that light up your soul with an aliveness that satisfies the hunger in your soul? A lot, right?




This program will be conducted as a webinar training online using the Zoom platform. It will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm – 9 pm starting on June 12 – June 26.


Join us in the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Program. I look forward to supporting your next level success.


Registration for this session of the Step Into Your Greatness Webinar Training Series ends Friday, June 8th, 2018.