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Hi, I am Jackie Capers-Brown, owner of Slay Your Greatness Academy and Creator of the D.R.I.V.E. Method Advantage.™

I have come a long way since I took my third-grade picture many decades ago. I share these photos of immediate family members and several memorable experiences that have occurred in my life during the past five years to allow you to see that just like you, I'm a woman of color who loves her family and who is passionate and purposeful towards making a positive difference in the lives of other women of color.  

I grew up in a working-class family. My parents, Willie Mae and William often shared two nuggets of wisdom that shaped how

I viewed work. First, they believed that instead of complaining about our circumstances, they said, "Play the hand you've been given to the best of your ability." Second, they said, "Do your work in such a way that you would sign your name on it." Their farmer's work ethic and personal standard of excellence towards the jobs they held which were not glamourous, to say the least, inspired me to adopt the same approach toward every job I"ve held in my life.  

Both of my parents had died by the time I was 20. They never had the opportunity to witness how I had used these two principles, my faith in God, intuition, street smart strategies, on the job training, and college classes essential to my next level promotion to build sustainable success for more than 20 years in the hospitality industry.

My parents weren't alive to provide me with the support and encouragement I desperately needed when I was living on government assistance in a Section 8 apartment with my two children. They didn't see the impact of being in a domestic violence relationship on how it had diminished my belief and confidence in myself. They didn't see the years that I struggled with self-defeating thoughts and beliefs about myself because I felt that many people in my family seemed to have written me off after dropping out of college.

Fortunately, my older sister Sallie invited to a bible study being conducted by Evangelist Cynthia DeBerry. Her spiritual teachings became the catalyst for helping me to see myself from God's perspective of unconditional love. She taught me how to use God's word in my life in practical ways.


Over the course of several years, this spiritual awakening activated my leadership potential and reminded me of the dream I had in the third grade to one day become a leader who makes a positive difference in the lives of others.


I went from living below my potential to taking advantage of every opportunity I had to learn and grow on the job to become the kind of leader I dreamed I could be. In the process, I was able to provide my two children with a better life.

Just like you, my leadership journey required me to figure out how to overcome daunting odds and systemic obstacles and barriers to my advancement.


I know that experiencing adversity at a young age and listening to the "knowing" in my BEing helped me develop the self-assurance in my ability to figure things out and the tenacity and resolve necessary to run the race that was set before me in order to succeed.

It was through personal challenges and adversities I was able to get up close and personal with the power and strength within my spirit. As a result of tuning into my inner compass, my leadership ambitions began to be inspired by a purpose bigger than providing for my children. 

When I began to notice that there were few black women leaders working in the full-service Marriott hotel in leadership positions, this awareness deepened my commitment towards becoming a successful leader with the purpose of inspiring women, especially black women, with a vision of what was possible within the company.

Not only did I train, and mentor several women of color who positioned themselves to take a seat at the leadership table in several organizations in which I worked during my corporate career, I trained and mentored several women and men of diverse races who became successful leaders.


Our inner greatness isn't defined by the color of our skin. It's defined by the strength in our spirit and the wisdom in our soul.


I believe every person has a unique code of greatness that seeks to be fully expressed.  it's our soul's way for liberating us from the spiritual, mental, and emotional shackles that tend to bound us to a limiting way of thinking and living.

I am by no means perfect, nor do I strive to be. I believe in making progress. I had a lot of rough edges in my personality that needed to be polished in the early days of my career. They could have easily caused me to get in my own way and deny myself the level of success I aspired to achieve had it not been for many of the great leaders I had the privilege of serving and who modeled effective servant leadership. They each showed me what servant leadership looks and feels like.


My humility and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those I served and the organizations in which I worked inspired me to continue to level up my leadership capability from one level to the next level. I didn't sit on my laurels expecting what got me to one level would get me to the next.

This desire to go from good to great challenged me throughout my career to learn, grow, and evolve as a leader who was committed to building winning teams and successful departments and businesses. 

I had the good fortune of working with many progressive thinking men and women who recognized my passion and desire to succeed.  Many of them provided me with the additional training, mentorship, allyship and sponsorship that played a key role in me being prepared and positioned for stretch opportunities and management promotions.


Unfortunately, based on numerous research studies, many women of color, especially black women, in today's modern workplace are not provided the same level of care and support that I received during my corporate career.


Today, a part of my company's mission is to build a bridge of services and resources that educate, equip, and empower black women working in corporate environments with the leadership mindsets, habits, and skills essential to closing this gap. This program is designed to help black women strategically advance their vision, voice, and value to create space for their greatness at the leadership table in the workplace and marketplace as a start-up business owner.

This program represents one of the tools I will use to achieve this mission. It is designed to provide black women with the know-how to leverage their experience, education, and training with "street smart" strategies and spiritual manifestation principles to help them strategically position themselves for opportunities that advance their leadership influence, impact, and income.

I look forward to becoming your ally on your journey towards advancing your vision, voice, and value at the leadership table.

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Dear BraveHeart Woman,


There are moments in our lives when we begin to sense that there is more that we're capable of. We begin to have an inner knowing that there is more we need to do in order to continue to move the wheel of progress towards a more just and equal society where all people are respected and valued.

In this historic period in which we live, my mission of developing the leadership capacity of women of color has become crucial to the well being of our families, community, country, and world.

What I have come to realize is that the season in which my career with Marriott Hotels began was ushered in by cultural shifts and policy changes that encouraged businesses to provide opportunities to minorities.

This moment will usher in cultural shifts that will impact our country and world and benefit minorities.

Those who are ready and willing to prepare and position themselves to meet this moment with a forward-thinking perspective are more likely to be the ones who will have what it takes to leverage new opportunities now and those on the horizon.  

It's Your Move. Aspire Higher.

Jackie Capers-Brown

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Leadership Coaching for Growth Minded Black Women Leaders

What You Get When You Enroll in the Level Up HER Leadership Group Coaching  Program

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Program Goals

The Level Up HER Leadership Program aims to:

  • Create a safe space for black women  to communicate their leadership aspirations and the challenges they face on the path to achieving them

  • Provide mentorship and strategic coaching to black women leaders with the purpose of developing their capability to lead and inspire others on what it looks like to show up in service as your best self

  • Coach black women who are high potential employees, emerging leaders, and middle managers on how to leverage their education, skills, knowledge, and strengths combined with "street smart" strategies to achieve personal best "wins" that help them to stand out and build influence 

  • Help black women understand why it's important to learn how to navigate the politics of workplace cultures to be successful within them

  • Deepen connections with other growth-minded black women leaders to build a supportive network and foster collaborative projects

Program Offerings

  • This four-month program consists of eight modules that are facilitated on a bi-weekly schedule.

  • Each module consists of leadership training that helps to build essential skills for leaders navigating the rapid influx of change and disruption taking place now.

  • The bi-weekly training agenda provides leaders with the opportunity to implement what they are learning and share their progress and challenges during the bi-monthly sessions.

  • Six hours of executive coaching for each participant. These are 90-minute monthly coaching sessions with Jackie.

Participant Criteria

  • This program is best suited for high potential employees, first-time supervisors, and middle managers who are currently working in a corporate workplace environment AND women who are in the first three years of building a start-up business.

  • Must be able to attend all eight scheduled training sessions and all four executive coaching sessions.

  • Be open to embracing the self-leadership process taught in this program.


  • A working camera on your computer (so you can be seen)

  • Working mics on your computer (so you can be heard)

  • Good connection to the Internet (so you don’t miss out on experiences).

Program Dates

The dates and times for the first cohort of the  Level Up HER Leadership Training &  Coaching Program In 2021


  • Module One and Module Two: Wednesdays, February 3 & February 17 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm ET

  • Module Three and Module Four: Wednesdays, March 3 & March 17 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm ET

  • Module Five and Module Six: Wednesdays, March 31 & April 14 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm ET

  • Module Seven and Module Eight: Wednesdays, April 28 &  May 12 from 10:00 am to  12:30 pmET

  • Vitural Celebration of Completion w/family & friends on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 from 10:00 am  - 12:30 pm ET

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Program Curriculum


Module One: In this module, you will identify the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influencing your present model of reality as it relates to how you view yourself as a leader and possibilities within your current workplace or start-up business. This awareness will help to set the stage for you to exercise your freedom to choose how you will begin to show up for yourself and your dreams with intention. You will set goals that you want to accomplish during this program.  We'll share facets of our leadership journey, and the challenges faced while supporting one another and creating bonds that will enhance this learning and growth experience.

Module Two: In this module, you will learn ways to identify and embrace the strengths and traits of your feminine badassery. You will define and clarify how you can be more intentional towards utilizing your feminine edge to build a personal brand of influence and impact that advances your vision, voice, and value at any leadership table in the workplace or marketplace. 

Module Three: In this module, you will learn how to develop and embody highly effective emotional intelligence skills and social intelligence skills to build trust within your workplace or marketplace.  You will learn the leadership traits and communication styles that are essential to building trust with those you serve. You will deepen your understanding of what trust looks like and feels like for those you serve and work with. This understanding will help you to dial into the pulse of those you serve and impact your leadership has on the level of engagement demonstrated by  peers, team members, customers and decision makers. 

Module Four: In this module, you will complete a simple assessment of your knowledge of diverse cultures. Your score and insights from this assessment will define the topics of discussion during this group conversation. The focus will be on developing leadership traits that help you create and sustain a workplace culture of belonging for all team members and why it is critical to achieving business outcomes and leadership success.


Module Five: In this module, you will be asked to reframe your perspective about workplace politics as a tool that when used effectively can result in you reaping major benefits, such as gaining mentors, allies, stretch opportunities, sponsors and promotions. You will learn specific "street smart" strategies that will enable you to use workplace politics as an effective tool to achieve your leadership goals. 


Module Six:  In this module, you will learn how to redefine change as an opportunity in order to tap into a greater measure of your potential. We will discuss the mindsets and behaviors related to leading with curiosity, creativity, and courage in the face of change. And, we'll discuss a powerful way to reframe fear as a gift. You will identify how to incorporate these mindsets and related behaviors in ways that will enhance your leadership effectiveness and success amid change.

Module Seven: In this module, you will undergo training on how to read and understand a fictitious business profit and loss statement. You will also review the customer ratings and employee opinion scores of this business in order to connect the dots to all the moving pieces that make up the financial success of a business enterprise. We will discuss your current level of understanding of how your role impacts the achievement of the financial goals of your organization and its impact on the financial health of your organization.

Module Eight: In this module, you will learn how to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset towards your leadership aspirations, and why it is so important to increasing your ability to build sustainable success for years and decades to come. We will discuss an empowering way to handle negotiations that help you embody the clarity, confidence, and courage to effectively communication to achieve win-win outcomes.

What Others Have to Say About Jackie

Deanna haywood new photo.jpg

Deanna Haywood

Deanna Haywood Fitness 

Life-enhancing experience!

Jackie is a phenomenal woman, who is devoted to helping businesswomen achieve success in their business by setting realistic goals, having a higher standard, and building meaningful connections in one’s network.

I’m thankful for the Slay Your Greatness Academy’s transformative services in helping me develop myself as a bold, compassionate leader.

I highly recommend that everyone take the chance to experience greatness with the help of The Slay Your Greatness Academy.

Gigi Brown FB.jpg

Gigi Brown

Author, Courage to Sit

Jackie Capers-Brown is committed to assisting others to grow their leadership skills. She has a vast amount of knowledge on leadership and self-growth. Her mastermind presentations are thought-provoking.

You will be presented with opportunities to brainstorm, stretch yourself, and develop strategies that you can apply in your career. I'm grateful to Jackie for the work she is doing with Slay Your Greatness Academy.

Jessica Green Girl You Are Amazing.jpg

Jessica Green,


Girl, You Are Amazing

Jackie is the absolute best! Her approach to helping you dig deep and slay your greatness is unmatched. She has a genuine interest in your success and proves it with her continuous support and consistent pushing you to the next level.


She is the leader you need, best friend, mother figure, role model, and truth-teller, everything wrapped in one. If you are looking to take your life and business to the next level you must connect with her.

Connect  to Grow and Flourish

Website Black Women In Group Black & Bea

Preparing leaders for the 21st Century require that leaders understand their role in developing themselves to create high-trust workplace cultures. Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine reported in their latest research that those organizations that are more consistent and inclusive are more likely to create a workplace culture of high-trust and they outperform their peers in revenue growth.

The black women in this leadership program will learn and practice proven ways to strengthen key leadership skills that ‘level up’ their performance and improve workforce engagement by developing a culture of high-trust that consistently helps them deliver results that support their organization’s success.


This virtual group training and coaching consist of eight weeks of training and coaching that is spread over a four-month period of time. It's dedicated agenda has been created to direct each woman's focus, attention, and energy, build connections with growth mindset leaders, mini hot seats,  mastermind opportunities, peer support over an extended period of time, weekly accountability, and no travel.

In this training and coaching experience, you will experience a safe space to dream big and strategize how to overcome your present challenges while pursuing the achievement of your leadership goals. Your investment provides you time to focus and strategize with growth-minded women of color, a high-performance leader and coach who will provide you with objective feedback, fresh perspectives, breakthrough insights, and actionable strategies aligned with how you want to grow as a leader and where you want to go relevant to your current challenges and aspirations.

This training and coaching program will change how you show up for yourself and those you serve. it will change what you believe and think about your capacity to succeed as a leader. It will change how you create an inclusive workplace or business culture that enables you as a leader to tap into a greater measure of the potential of your team.

Increasing your effectiveness as a leader to influence others and galvanize the best of who they are towards the achievement of common goals and overcoming challenges starts and ends with your capacity to leverage the best of who you are and what you stand for as a leader.


As you develop this awareness and be intentional towards how you show up to build your influence and create the impact you want as a leader, you will ignite the greatness within you and make decisions that level up your commitment towards a specific direction that increases your growth and success, and your team and organization's growth and success.

What would it feel like for you to bring about these changes for you and to help bring them about in the minds and hearts of  those you serve?

The Application Process for the First Cohort of This Leadership Program for Black Women

Starts November 6, 2020. 


The Last Day for Your Application Submission 

Is January 8, 2021.

The First Cohort of This Program 

Starts February 3, 2021 and Ends May 12, 2021

There Are Only 16 Seats Available.

Program Fee: $ 1800