The Success Becomes You Seminar

Own the Game You Most Want to Win!


Success leaves clues. You have a distinct pattern for creating success in your life. When you are attuned to your unique pattern of success, you are more apt to leverage your unique ability to achieve meaningful goals aligned with your dreams and goals.


On the other hand, when we are disconnected from our unique ability to achieve success, we are more apt to live day after day frustrated over our lack of results and progress. If we do not disrupt this pattern of frustration, it could become a way of living that we tolerate as the best that life has to offer.


There is a way to position your strengths and leverage your adversities as a competitive advantage while developing the success mindset, habits & inner-fortitude essential to staying on track to achieve your goals and soulful purpose.




When you create a plan for goal achievement success built on your unique ability, passions, and values this heart, head, and hands approach to develop the effectiveness of your self-leadership cultivates a growth mindset, courageous confidence, resilience & grit. These are essential skills to nurturing inspired thoughts and actions that will help you maintain the focused concentration, passionate determination, and flexibility necessary towards the achievement of your goals.




The Success Becomes You Seminar supports your ability to tap into your highest skills and abilities to achieve your desired outcome while helping you assess where you are compared to where you want to be and how to close the gap between the two by prioritizing what matters most to your goals now and taking decisive action to leverage your current resources and develop new resources that assist you in creating “what could be” regardless of “what is”.


During this interactive presentation, I will guide you through a three-part process:


Awareness - Alignment - Ascension


This wholehearted approach towards the achievement of your goals enables you to leverage your unique abilities to create and sustain success in life.


At the Completion of this Seminar, You Will Be Able to:


  • Clarify values to build alignment of actions, routines, and habits

  • Customize your next steps using the Success Becomes You Blueprint

  • Identify key performance metrics that drive results toward the achievement of goals 

  • Tap into your higher strengths and abilities to achieve success on a consistent basis

  • Learn how to leverage your adversities as an advantage


The Success Becomes You Seminar is available to groups and organizations. This is a half-day seminar which can be divided into segments based on the time constraints of a group or organization. 


It is available to youth groups and students in a six-hour format that is designed as a self-discovery and self-empowerment program. Segments can be 1 hour or 2 hours based on the needs of the group and availability.

Contact Jackie Capers-Brown for additional details about the program, fee, and availability.